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  1. Maybe you can share some of your "very good independant [sic] websites" .. The one I found is http://www.wrap.org.uk/content/plastic which seems quite comprehensive and lists things like mixed polymer bottles at £52.50 per tonne and coloured PET at £27.50 per tonne just to quote a couple of examples ...
  2. Got them all over the house, they're awesome. We use them for getting questions answered, timers and alarms, playing music, etc. Kids even used them as timers when practicing music. Oh, and we use them to control the lights and turn on heating etc Biggest pitfall is it needs an internet connection... so if yours is flakey you might have issues ...
  3. Don't suppose anyone has a copy of the article. Tried clicking on the link but ....
  4. I have had a refund from AirBnB when I had a problem with a stay. So, I'm curious, with the Homestay scheme, will a guest get a refund in the case of an issue? Does this come from MiQuando or IOMG?
  5. It has a secondary (guest) network that is segregated from the rest of the network (seperate Wifi SSID with optional bridging to main network). I use that for devices I don't trust, and usually set the guest network to not broadcast it's SSID so that family members don't connect to it by mistake. I haven\t come across a consumer device that gives you the ability to have multiple NATted subnets, but if you know of any, I'd love to have a look. I would guess you'd need to assign fixed IPs to the devices though, unless you can allocate them to a particular subnet based on MAC address.
  6. A quick Google throws up a couple of reviews (including one by Netgear (who make Orbi) claiming the Orbi is better ). This one looks pretty comprehensive: http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-wi-fi-mesh-networking-kits/ i think Orbi scores consistently better there, but it's a great read
  7. After years of faffing about with WIFI extenders, Homeplugs and secondary routers I bought one of these recently: http://amzn.to/2vW4MlX It's not cheap, but I'm pretty sure I've spent more than that over the years and still had aggravation with wireless printers not wanting to connect, bridging issues, kids complaining about slow ping speeds etc. Since I bought the Orbi, nobody's had any problems in the family, I have Wifi in house, garden and even at our neighbours and it does everything you'd expect (separate guest network, awesome range, etc)
  8. We've been helped out by Moovers ( 287287 ) at short notice and they were absolutely awesome! (in case you forget the number, here's an aide memoire ... https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fmoovers.im%2Fvideos%2F697388513773316
  9. I'm using Three as my secondary SIM too. I tend to use my phone pretty much exclusively for data services, with a couple of phone calls and SMSs thrown in. What normally happens is that I top I my MT PAYG with £20 and get enough 20Gb for a month, but if I use my credit for data it gets eaten up in around 20 mins. So, once the month is up, I switch my phone to my Three SIM (which is a prepaid data SIM with 12Gb on it http://store.three.co.uk/Mobile_Broadband/Plans?includedInternetAllowanceInMB=12GB ) while I use up my MT credit (usually takes around 6 weeks or so). Once the credit is used up, I top up my MT SIM and switch back. Been doing this for around 6 months or so without any issues so far ... I love the fact that my One Plus takes 2 SIMs .. just have to change one setting to switch data from one to the other, and the arrangement above also means that when I'm off-island I can just switch to the Three SIM and keep that as my primary. @Bigclive my APN settings come down automatically, but essentially the APN name is three.co.uk with no username or password (there are MMS settings too, if you want them)
  10. I got myself MiHome sockets ( gateway and 3 sockets RRP around £70 but were £38 on Black Friday! - http://amzn.to/2hjXF0r (currently OOS) and additional sockets are £7-8 each ). Had avoided because of the cost previously ( £40 to control one light is silly ). I like the idea of the Hue colour changing bulbs too, but they're ridiculously priced too, like £150 for the 3 bulb starter kit. Oh .. another cool thing Alexa does: you can get it to read Audible books to you.
  11. I got one when they were released in the UK and the whole family loves it! It's used to play music, check the weather forecast, listen to news and I now have the lamps in the living room and the Xmas tree controlled by voice commands. Next step is to get the TV/Satellite/Kodi voice activated, but that's a project for the holidays. Biggest impact for us has been that we're listening to more music. Asking for a particular track, some Xmas music or just 'Play some music' has made it more accessible somehow and we're still using it daily even now that the original buzz has faded away. I bought a bunch of Dots over Black Friday so will be spreading them around the house (another holiday project) which means kids can listen to different things (no more Frozen vs Everything is Awesome battles by our 6 year olds!) Here's some fun stuff you can do with it: https://turbofuture.com/consumer-electronics/200-Amusing-Amazon-Echo-Easter-Eggs Only catch with is: Had to change the wake word as with a son named Alexander it kept getting activated at the wrong time
  12. LG G5 from Manx Telecom: £45/month for 2 years = £1080 LG G5 from Virgin Media: £26/month for 2 years = £624 Cheapest Manx Telecom Sim-Only contract £15/month for 2 years = £360 Return flight to Manchester = £69 Total = £984 Flight was leaving Thursday 1st Dec, returning Saturday 3rd Dec. Wouldn't it be simpler to just buy a SIM-free phone off Amazon? https://www.amazon.co.uk/LG-G5-32-SIM-Free-Smartphone/dp/B01CDZYXXE/ref=sr_1_4?s=telephone&ie=UTF8&qid=1479403327&sr=1-4&keywords=lg+g5 LG G5 : £400 Cheapest MT PAYG £15/month for 2 years: £360 Total: £760 Granted, you don't get a weekend away for the pleasure, but hey, it's 25% off MT prices
  13. This is why the Isle of Man needs maker-spaces like in America, where locals can use a common workshop with lots of machining and technical facilities. But on the Isle of Man where even the most crumbling shack is apparently a "development opportunity" for freeloading hovel-builders and commands unrealistic value, it's not likely. The court house in Ramsey would have been an interesting option. But apparently someone sold it..... Currently involved in a project that's looking to put together a FabLab in some factory space we have access to. We're still building partitions, etc; so haven't got any equipment in, but yeah, hopefully should have a maker-space like facility available on-island. Pictures showing what we have in mind on the Code Club website here: http://codeclub.im/2015/10/of-paintboxes-and-fablabs/
  14. Owen


    I'm playing too (green team) Helps me hit my 10k fitbit steps a day!
  15. Yup .. Wix has a free service, then if you find it works for you you can move to a paid service. As an example, Erin Art's Centre use their free service: http://erinart9.wix.com/events While the Family Library use their paid service: http://www.familylibrary.im/family_library.html You'll see that the free service has a banner at the bottom advertising WIX. If you want to remove this, then prices start at $8 a month (more details on pricing here: http://www.wix.com/upgrade/website ) Personally I'm not a fan of Wix, I prefer building my own sites, but if you just want something quick and temporary, nothing quite beats free
  16. Another option is Wix, there's a free tier too and they have some decent templates: http://www.wix.com/
  17. Wife's car broke down and rather than fixing it up we're looking to replace it with a new car, particularly as repairs are going to be expensive, so we're looking to get rid of it. Vehicle is a Hyundai Santa Fe (7 seats, automatic) which should be worth anything between 4,800 and 5,900 in a private sale ( according to: http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/prices/used/hyundai/santa-fe/estate-2006/34116/?yearplate=82 ). Our car is a year older and has more miles than this one at Michael Car Centre selling for 10k ( http://mcc.im/motordetail.php?motorid=156534 ) and is Navy Blue. Damage involved her timing belt breaking which is never a good thing as this would have caused damage to cylinders and other assorted gubbins in the engine. Local quotes to fix could be up to around £1,500! Looking to sell for £2,500
  18. There's a place at the end of Strand Street (Castle Street?) called Butler's Choice which has a nice selection of mugs upstairs. You might find what you're after there.
  19. Owen

    3D printing

    Cret, I've actually backed Peachy printer but they still seem to be in the R&D phase of their project and still far off from delivering. War Baby, I don't know anyone on-island with a service similar to what you're after. You'll need to generate a 3D model of what you need before you can get it printed and that's not a trivial job. If you can get someone to build a model for you, someone like http://uk-3d.com/ can print and ship you the item.
  20. Owen

    Oculus rift

    If anyone is getting a pair, I know a local Hackspace who would love a bit of a demo! Just preempting ... (pair? set? you know what I mean...)
  21. I'll take them off you if still have them
  22. Owen


    How about some Manx dates? http://www.manxinspirations.com/IsleofManCalendars (sorry, couldn't resist) Seriously .. saw some in M&S today .. Shoprite usually has them in too and I suspect Tesco would have too. If you're after a whole bunch, I would go online: http://www.yaffa.co.uk/category_s/48.htm
  23. Another vote for Fritz Box .. Mine takes pretty much anything I can throw at it .. and also handles our DECT phones routing calls across VOIP or landline depending on which is cheaper.
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