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  1. Bugger. I had phoned most of the dentists on the list before I phoned them and they accepted me. Maybe they can put you on a waiting list or something?
  2. Which bank issued the card? And what type of card is it? Visa, Mastercard etc?
  3. btw, there's a full list of dentists available here: http://www.gov.im/dhss/health/practitioners/dentists.xml Just make sure you get signed up as an NHS patient rather than a private patient.
  4. Is that Craig End Dental practice? I signed up with them a few years ago and as they weren;t registering new NHS patients, i had to pay a private price - something to the tune of 60 quid for a check up and scale and polish? Haven't been able to afford to go since then, but i'd be interested to know if they went back to taking on NHS patients - she was a really nice dentist too... Nah, they're in Woodbourne Square; couple of roads up from Craig End (in Kensington Road). I had tried CraigEnd first, and the first thing they did was send me a price list of all their services!!
  5. Yup, I registered with the ones in Woodbourne Square a couple of weeks ago. Their phone number is 621440
  6. Ah .. but Moochers don't sell any of these: *grin*
  7. Anyone have a car for sale? I'm looking for something under 5 years old, 4-5 door; not too expensive. Owen
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