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  1. Agreed; I did say that was what *I* liked about the phone, but that doesn't mean there aren't other reasons to like the phone The thing that worries me about jailbreaking iPhones is that your "standard user" you speak of above has no idea what he/she's really doing to their phone or even that they're veering off a supported path. In truth, most of the people with jailbroken iPhones I know don't really care about their security and privacy, as long as they can play games they download off the usual torrent sites. The great thing about these iPhone/Android handsets is that they have really pushed the game forward as far as mobile technology is concerned. I tried using my old WinMo 6.5 XDA II the other day .. felt exactly like switching back to dial-up after getting used to ADSL
  2. Nexus just going on sale in the UK: http://www.meetandroid.co.uk/ What Google announced yesterday was a change in their selling strategy (to work with network providers instead of selling the phone themselves) From: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/nexus-one-changes-in-availability.html I've had an N1 since January and it's the most awesome phone I've ever used. Specs match and exceed the iPhone (though I fully expect future models to incorporate more features, that's what innovation is all about at the end of the day). The iPhone does have an easier adoption model with more supplier support and a better consumer perception, but that gap is closing. What I like about my phone is that I can really play with it. I'm running a custom OS build with root access to the actual phone and I love the fact that I can write an app and publish it for the world to use without any restrictions. Not the sort of requirements your every day user has though (oh, I also love the 5MP camera with flash, but that's not really all that unique)
  3. In related news: Pope Vows to get church paedophilia down to acceptable levels: http://onion.com/bT5PEv
  4. Watched it last night and really enjoyed it. First time I've seen something with polarised specs. Much more effective than anaglyph 3D, I must say.
  5. Never had any problems tethering with both WinMo and Android. Actually Android has this cool tethering trick that turns the phone into a Wifi hotspot
  6. You don't realise how good having Internet on your phone is, until you actually have it. Sure, I don't use Google Maps much on-island, but I now use my phone for browsing, Twitter, Facebook, downloading and listening to podcasts, streaming Absolute Radio or last.fm when I'm sick of listening to podcasts, playing games and a bunch of other stuff stuff I couldn't do if I wasn't online Owen
  7. http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moog...clip_id=1924722
  8. I guess an important question would be: what sort of site are you planning to build? Is it just a catalogue/static kinda site or where you looking to be selling things or allowing people to comment on stuff? Regards Owen
  9. They're actually Andy's photos not mine, but yeah, the photos ARE really awesome. Anyway, next step is to try and find a way to approach Microsoft and get them to add on this page : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows...ads/personalize They have a number of international themes, but none for the Isle of Man. Bit ambitious, but would be great if I can fix that
  10. I was going for Manx Flag Red with the Windows Colour, but it looked too Porchey, so I turned up the transparency ... resulting in the "blushy" colour you're talking about. What colour do you think matches the theme best?
  11. Just assembled a theme pack for Windows 7 with some Manx sights: http://www.u-g-h.com/2009/12/04/windows-7-...-man-themepack/ Any feedback appreciated
  12. Yeah, it's a serial (Female to Female) I'm after. I bought myself one off eBay, but it will be a few days before it gets here. I messed up flashing my Dreambox and can't get to over its network connection any more, need to reflash the bootloader and I can only do that over the serial port.
  13. Confirmed then, shopping for a TV in Tesco or M&S contributes fuck all to the islands VAT take. Buying it from Waltons does. This needs shouting about. Are you sure about that. Looking up definition of GNI on Wikipedia: The GNI consists of: the personal consumption expenditures, the gross private investment, the government consumption expenditures, the net income from assets abroad (net income receipts), and the gross exports of goods and services, after deducting two components: the gross imports of goods and services, and the indirect business taxes. Wouldn't personal consumption be the same whether the cash is spent at Tesco or Waltons? (p.s. I do claim a certain amount of ignorance in the matter. Need to learn more economics ....)
  14. We actually use Tesco Home Delivery quite often, even before the twins were born (a shopping trip with twin newborns and a toddler is something that redefines one's view on shopping). Shopping at your convenience and getting it delivered to your door is pretty convenient, especially when you factor in the lack of parking and trolley jostling aggravation. Then there's the point LDV mentions, you don't have to face the crap you never intended to buy, but just couldn't resist .. Actually most fresh fruit we order is spot on, better than the Shoprite melon I bought with 3 days left on the date which was rotten ...
  15. Was playing with streaming video using VLC to my Dreambox .. I might just give this a whirl .. could be fun
  16. Here's a local customer service story for you: We're expecting a delivery from Island Express today; we bought a tumble dryer from Tesco and they're the local couriers. After making enquiries with Tesco they phoned us up this morning to tell us where it was and get us the number of Island Express to check when they were getting it. "We're on our way" we were told at 10:00 this morning, so I cancelled plans so I could make sure someone was at home. It's almost 18:00 .. and guess what .... we're still waiting! I'm not expecting them tomorrow as it's Sunday ... It's not that hard to set a customer's expectations and stick to them, or is it?
  17. Awesome, isn't it? I'm coming from WM6.5 and Android just feel like it's a generation ahead. When you get bored, check out the custom ROMs you can download for it down at xda-devs: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=493 I'm on CyanogenMod, which is way quicker than the standard build and includes some cool bits from Donut (like VPN connectivity) and inbuild compcache and apps2sd to make best use of memory (no more annoying waits for home to reload) If that's a bit too intense there's a more friendly forum here: http://androidcommunity.com/forums/ (I'm on both forums) Let me know if you get stuck with anything
  18. I'm getting 12276 down and 613 up (WiManx speedtest)
  19. Buona fortuna. Spero che trovi un lavoro che ti piace. (haven't used Italian in ages; I'm actually Maltese, most of the TV we used to get as a kid was Italian)
  20. Good luck Salamandrix. The one thing I recommend is to familiarise yourself with the Work Permit system. It's a barrier to businesses that makes it harder to employ adequately qualified people who haven't been born here. A prospective employer would have to get one for you, but if you know how it works it can help set your expectations: http://www.gov.im/dti/employmentrights/workpermits.xml I'd recommend checking out a couple of the local recruitment agencies and the Job Centre. You can get an idea online at the following URL's but it's always best to go have a chat with the recruiters and build a relationship with them: http://www.abilityplus.co.im/ http://www.miracles.co.im/ http://www.hamblin.co.im/ http://www.ambitions.co.im/ http://www.link.co.im/ http://www.gov.im/dti/jobcentre/ In the meantime, I'll keep an ear open and let you know if I hear anything Owen
  21. Last time I got insurance on a Japanese import it came from Tesco Insurance. Dunno if they still do them though
  22. Owen

    Car Insurance

    Thanks for this tip. I've just saved £265 on my home insurance by cancelling my renewal and buying the same policy online. I got their renewal quote a couple of weeks ago for my home insurance coming in at £560. I checked online and was quoted £270, so I phone up to check what was going on. The girl at the other end said they couldn't match what was on their own website, so I just cancelled the renewal. I ended up paying £277 for their home insurance plus product, which also includes travel insurance for the whole family (worldwide + winter sports). I just can't believe that instead of rewarding loyal customers they try to mess them around ... but they're still one of the cheapest insurances around. I've also claimed on my insurance a couple of times with them. It wasn't anything major (needed dental treatment once while travelling and last year wifey dropped a brand spanking new phone in the bath). Both times they took all the details over the phone and just sent me a cheque! So, based on efficiency and price, I'll keep going back to them, BUT I won't fall for the renewal thing again
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