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  1. hi my father is looking for a puppy his long term border collie has recently passed away so hes looking for a new puppy he is use to livly dogs hes looking for ither a border collie,a spaniel, or something similar he will also consider a young dog that needs a rehome pm me if you know of anything thanx
  2. ooopps thought it was on there 1500£ono
  3. vw golf mk 4 1,9 gt tdi 150 ltd etd 6 speed 2002,125 tho mile , good service history, cam belt done last year, just had recond turbo with 3 yr guernetee new oil feed, egr delete kit,new oil, filtr jamex air filter, service, recent replacement windscreen, new brakes discs n pads less tha 4 k ago, new air flow metre, power steering, central locking, twin front air bags, side air bags , leather interior, heated seats, air con, electric windows front and back, electric mirros,hid light kit, fully loaded, 18 in alloys good tyres good condition for year, real eye catcher, serious enquirious only and check the insurance taxd till jan 17 may px or swopo???
  4. small elecric camping hob as new odeal for boat, camper etc 15£ono
  5. bet they wouldnt buy some of the cars ive had ither lol
  6. hi there are there any antique experts or any one good with that sort of thing am just after some info on something
  7. hi just a genral question i have a old clock from the 50s that doesnt work does any one on the isle do clock repairs or even if some one in the know could look at it and let me know if its viable to fix it any advice gratefullt received
  8. Was the dog a Rottweiler by any chance? no it wernt it was a grey hound
  9. is a bad bit of path that i always tidy up after my dog what i seen the other day was more shocking though. down st pauls square right out side the bookies in the middle of the day a guy was walking his dog it shite on the pavement right out side the bookies in the mall and he just walked off with loads of people stareing at him
  10. You have done incredibly well but don't lose any more weight fella, you're as slim as you need to be now. Good effort, you look like a different person now. thanx yer am not tryng to loose any more just doing the same things and trying to stay the same, i have a plan for the winter to do some weights etc to tone up. i have a dog and yer walk with him but dont mind walking on my on infact most of the miles ive done have been on my own
  11. theres a weight watchs group but in the end i found out its best you do it you self i changed my diet and started walking a lot and cycling and in 1 year lost 7 stone i was 21 stone so if i can do it any 1 can
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