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  1. Exactly... I would guess that a significant number of forum members (myself included) are not familiar with the techno jargon used by others when explaining things. In the past I have asked for (and been grateful to have received) advice relating to various computer problems I've come up against, but I have to admit I do struggle to understand some of the advice given.
  2. It was there in '72 for sure. Incidently, I'm not sure when it changed, but in 1972 Ballakermeen was still divided into 2 sections, girls/boys, with no-mans land in the center patrolled during break times buy a member of staff from each of the 2 sections! Ist and 2nd years spent in Balla, 3rd, 4th and 5th years spent at St Ninians(boys) and Park Rd. (girls)
  3. Just had a look at that, it does seem a pretty remarkable ending to the game. Clearly Kramnik hadn't even spotted the danger. I can only think he must have been so caught up in his own attacking startegy he completely forgot to look at what the computer was doing. Bloody amazing given his stature within the game.
  4. Tried sending them one at a time, 2 of them send ok the 3rd doesn't. The 2 that do send ok are a small photo 4KB, and a short letter 24KB The one that wont send is a Ms word document size 616KB. A few minutes after trying to send the 3rd attachment I'm getting an error message saying the document contains no data.
  5. I've been trying to send an email with 3 attachments but it just wont send. Anyone got any idea what I'm doing wrong? Tried sending it via gmail and also manx.net without success.
  6. Basic? Like basic grammar and spelling?
  7. There was a row of shops at the bottom of Victoria street behind the Villiers hotel, one of them used to sell kippers and shellfish but I think it was open in the summer only. Curtis's fishmongers was at the top of the street opposite Colbourns.
  8. No, it was in curtis's shop in victoria street, had the pleasure of working there for a short while during the school holidays a million years ago!
  9. Having installed Thunderbird I now need to provide details of the pop mail server and the outgoing server (SMTP). Now while that might be easy enough to understand by those who know what the hell a server is, to me it's a complete mystery. Can somebody help please?
  10. It was brand new when given to me and the batteries came with it, I assume the batteries are ok as I have had less than 3 or 4 days use out of them.
  11. I was given a cordless keyboard and mouse a while ago and have had nothing but problems with it. All was fine for a day or 2 and then the keyboard stopped working and then the mouse packed up. Reinstalled it a couple of times but each time it was the same story, ok for a spell then kaput. Are cordless mouse and keyboards generally unreliable or is it perhaps that I just have a duffer?
  12. Maybe the Berks and Bucks hunt did manage to re-home the hounds, perhaps they were humanely destroyed, does it really matter? I imagine almost all of us exploit animals for pleasure in one way or another, we kill them and eat them or we wear their skins....because we enjoy doing so. In the past we have taken them out of their natural environment, caged them in zoos and circus shows....all for our enjoyment. I think it's natural that we want to kill animals to eat, but it isn't necessary for our survival, we could exist on a vegetarian diet and be healthy, but we kill animals anyway because
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