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  1. Be carefull now Skeat, dont get dragged in or you may find that your identity will end up in the hands of a MHK. That seems to be the sneaky way out of getting rid of forum members. Some like to give it out but cant take it
  2. crumlin

    Want A Bet

    Crumlin stop using 2 names! Im not. Hey it was busy down at the courts this morning, two TV crews, local/uk press plenty of spectators and loads of school kids???????? also spotted the builders but no Neds unless they were slipped in through the back door. On the way back in the car Manx Radio news had the story of further charges, christ Im going to miss all the fun if its true, off the rock again in the next few days, hope its on in June. Knoxy dont forget to donate the £20 see ya all, happy easter
  3. crumlin

    Want A Bet

    Your back..............I've missed you so much! I'll have a bet with you, £20 it does? Only till Easter, and thats to long Your on make your cheque payable to ManxForums social club, and if you need more info ring the DTL cos they are saying its off
  4. crumlin

    Want A Bet

    Manx radio, Border TV, BBC news are all saying that the Neds Trial is to start tommorow, who wants a bet that its not going ahead
  5. Heres who I think will go Cretney Corkill Bell Rimington Duggan Also Quayle might of pissed in his own boots one time to many, Earnshaw may go to,hes dog locked to Corkill Possible new ones David Buttery because he serves up a good fish dinner Steven Pitts he has plenty of spare paint left so could paint a good picture David Quirk The new teflon Don of Onchan, because he knows all the scams. David Christian, **************<removed>****************, and may just be the new right hand man for Dan Edited by mod: Please don't post libellous allegations. Last warning.
  6. Yes 22.5% Eddy Lowey gets hitched to Allan Bell and will be the first GAY marriage on the Isle of Man Adrian Duggan gets Pam Crowe pregnant while having a snooze And a successfull operation will take place to seperate Corkill and Earnshaw for the hips Peter Karran will be the Next CM Julie Corkill will be the first female Prisoner at the new Prison
  7. Yesterday, booked to fly with AirArran 7 am Liverpool, checked in only to be told that the flight has been scrubbed only 3 booked on (no cheap tickets on this flight either), had to pay for a ticket 7.20 Euro Manx whos flight was operated by Emerald and this plane was empty to, how cant they make the service pay, why have 3 flights by different operators at the same time. Last Thursday on 6 passengers on the flight to Birmingham
  8. And Id like to be the Doctor who has to stitch your Balls back on, just to see the look on your face
  9. A friend of mine comes straight to the point whens she had a few to drink and being chatted up, she just shouts out Come on then show us your Dick
  10. Cheeky git I aint got dentures,
  11. Give us your address then Dont forget the Choclates and flowers
  12. Best bet, get yourself a beat up old car, stick a tacky light on it and cruise the streets at night picking up drunks, drive them home the longway, turn the clock on an hour, charge them double, put the cash in your ass pocket and tell your mates your out of work and grab some dole
  13. Since you clearly do this on a regular basis - why don't you just tell us and save us the bother? Go and beep your horn outside some little old ladies house
  14. Not if your senior staff and been offered a lower grade post in an other department
  15. Or he could just get a life? Why dont you stick your head up your ass and see what your brain looks like
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