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  1. Tim I was the first on the scene after being told of the fire, A photographer from an other news station was also on the scene some one hour before you arrived, you had a quick look, made a phone call and returned to the Railway, I also told you the name of the dead man, we had the report on the National TV before MR, sorry mate
  2. Stu, how about having ManninLine at 9/10am on a Sunday when most of the Bar room Politicians are still fired up from the previous night and still half pissed. Oh before you do invest in a new BleepBleep machine Id think you may need it. And for another good idea which should make the hair on the back of the neck stand up, get the Neds and the Builders in for a live show
  3. You cant buy Manx Whisky its illegal but you can buy Manx Spitit, and its on sale at the Airport
  4. MR PETERS you are NOTHING without ROY GOUGH he keeps you lot in a job most weeks
  5. But that poor sod got a 500GBP fine. Is that all you'd like for the Neds (if found guilty)? Im not on about the criminal case, this is about planning, this poor sod got fined £500 and has got to knock down everthing he built the Neds did not. And as to the criminal case if shes found guilty they should set an example out of her and send her to prison
  6. The Corkills have 27 breaches of planning but get away with it, this poor sod got shafted.
  7. crumlin


    Government departments have to put all works out to tender, was it the case this time, are Dolge,s own men doing the Job or has Dolge sub contracted the work out
  8. crumlin


    Oh no it aint that comes under ground works in the Contract that O,Hare have contracted to do
  9. I dont know what radio station your listening to - or what time you crawled out of your pit - but MR carried the 17 year olds story (yes 17 - they got it right) this AM, the 42 yr olds fall, and the 4x4 incident. Maybe you should try the 'listen live' link on the web site rather than hitting the refresh button on your browser for the latest news. Im glad you said this AM, UK new had it yesterday, Border TV and radio Mersey, so smoke that chum. As you said it good to get the facts first, I did Yesterday
  10. One of the contractors/developers in the final 3 of this new hotel contract, McCleans has a very cosy relationship with the Profesional Company that is doing the veting for the DTL. the illness must be spreading
  11. Mine was on the School Train from Douglas to Peel
  12. I just remembered, I had my first BONK on the school train, Now that could be an interesting new thread = My First ever Bonk
  13. Er only one and thats Hospice
  14. I used to go to school by train, Peel to Douglas it was great we could smoke our heads off without getting in to trouble
  15. H&B = Adverts = £££££££££££££££££££££££££££s for MR and thats a priority
  16. Its a pity the southerners dont use it to get to and from work and free up the roads
  17. Does this meen that the Sumerland site is not going to be re-developed. Lord street would make a good Shopping Mall
  18. Get Stuffed Thets hope Mr Lacy makes some good use of the Golf coarse, like maybe build more first time buyer homes, With a bit of luck he could join up with Clarksons land and call the estate Ramblers Park
  19. I wonder why MR dont report the current news, in the UK today its been reported that a 16 year old girl has been found dead in Onchan, A Manx woman found drowned in Merseyside, 42 year old man dies after a fall in a Douglas pub. none of the items on MRs site but it does report on *a lady who has crashed her 4x4 on a farm track in Greeba *Edit ref PM - Obs
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    You don't expect Crumlin to tell you that do you? He can't be expected to add any factual detail to his latest ramblings OK its DOLGE
  21. crumlin


    But the gardener is getting all the cream of the cake
  22. crumlin


    And the price of the furniture has gone up by 25%
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