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    The cost to do the landscaping at the wedding cake is to cost £70000+ thats £10k per planter
  2. crumlin


    The cost to do the landscaping at the wedding cake is to cost £70000+ thats £10k per planter
  3. crumlin

    Free Drinks

    It would be better if the Taxi firms cut their prices by half instead of ripping every bugger off, but they wont cos they would have to work hard and that aint in them
  4. The AG is spending a few days in New York Xmas shopping and because he bought so much he needed his wife to come along and carry the bags
  5. crumlin

    Free Drinks

    Publicans on the Isle of Man are to give one free soft drink per round this Xmas, to help cut back on the Drink Driving
  6. I wonder how many car showrooms will go to the wall in the new year, I had a dream that some off the Banks were calling in Stock loans B)
  7. As long as they dont give the pensions aways as cheap as the post offices, they may have a few quid left
  8. Tunnel, give the job to the Neds they seem to be dab hands at digging holes
  9. I counted 8 Manx registered cars in London City Airport last Friday night, I wonder why, noticed it quite a few times recently
  10. Two Casinos in the same area thats going to be nice, but one might have a head start with a £6million DTL Grant
  11. The Isle of Mam Post has the highest pension fund within Government departments and central Government have been trying to get their hands on it for the past couple of years but have come up against a good battle from the trade union rep from the UK. This was posted up some time ago. Its about time it was checked out to see if the Government have repaid the loans they took out from the DHSS pension fund
  12. Better still make it Roy Gough, FCM, Roly Drowler, it would never happen the Mea would shut down, MR would run out of Derv for the Genny and MRs staff would sign on the sick
  13. Prove it have a head to head with Roy Gough Live if you have the Balls, sorry if the Government let you
  14. Stu I know for a FACT that the Neds tried to stop MR reporting on their case two weeks before the mannin line was cut back, stop taliking shit you are paid by the Government with our Money, but only do what they say not what we say
  15. Stu Tell that to Roy Gough, you can kid most of us but you cant pull the wool over Roys eyes. And maybe you can tell us why the reporters did not cover the Neds case in court last week
  16. Manx Radio only report what they are told to
  17. Maybe we should ask the staff of the Midland Bank can they afford to go on the jollies, or is the bank payin their way to Jersey
  18. Please direct your questions to Dazza, you know Mrs Neds brother in law
  19. They are my trees so i can burn them dowm, stop taking the piss, freedom of speach
  20. What I cant understand is that on Tuesday Neds advocate said they were ready to go to trial next week(manx paper) and now they are saying they need another 4 months to prepare for trial, suely if she is as innocent as shes been stating she would want her day in court to prove it, its just another way to beat the system, the system for them and the one for us. Manx Radio said that its to go to trial in April 06 yet witnesses have been informed that it could be August 06. The civil case that was due in court January has also been put back. Its also been said that the DTL have hired in Advocates
  21. How about telling them all about the ex CM and his wifes fiddles for a start, The number is 0012023346000
  22. Its only been 3 years now, and Ned only has to survive until November 2006 to pick up his big fat state pension and payoff
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