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  1. The jungle drums are now saying that the expected criminal case that was due to be heard next week has been put back a further 5 months ???????? also that further charges were made at todays court
  2. Mrs Ned is praying for this, its the only way to wash all the facts away
  3. A landlord of a pub in Lancaster is to be prosicuted, he had 10 illegal Polish workers living in his basement, they are getting a bit close to the rock now.
  4. Just heard she pleaded not guilty this morning on two charges, both charges mentioned sums of money in the region of over £140000, this is starting to get big, are they not due for trial next week
  5. G-Chart cartrige for a Garmin GPSMAP225 Irish sea area
  6. In London its the Lithuanians and Poles that run the prostitution. And a lot of those that were on the Tonight program were employed as casual labour,cash in hand Nice place to live
  7. Zero Limit would not work on the IOM or UK as it take 24 hours for alcohol to clear in a persons body, all the police would have to do is test every driver in the morning and have a field day. One of the best little things Ive ever bought was a Breath tester from boots and if ive been drinking the night before I will test myself to see if im over the limit and Ive had a few shocks from the results.
  8. Its the same imigrants that now run the crime gangs in most of the big cities in the UK and Morecambe is only a boat trip from the Island, remember the LEGAL cockle pickers that were killed
  9. Just proves the point these Poles come in and undercut the British workers, pay no Tax or NI but when hard times come expect to be paid out by the DHSS
  10. So you are prepared to drive the following morning after having a skin full, how do you know that you are still legal to drive. After posting this topic ive checked up on the costs my mate pays in Dublin and he tells me it works out cheaper than getting a taxi home, and he can stay in bed a bit longer too at the weekend. If it stops drink drivers it has to be a good thing, but in reading the manx paper drink drivers dont give a dam
  11. For what a polish person can claim in benifits in the UK per week is more than they can earn in one month in poland, fact
  12. I think if it was in our area I would use the service, nothing worse than taking the car out and having to leave it and then having the hastle of going to collect it the following day, it would be as cheap as getting a taxi home. I bet the taxi drivers would be shouting about it
  13. A mate of mine in Dublin has been telling me about a new service that a couple of girls have set up in Dublin, they are called Car Angels and what they do is provide a service for car owners that have had a drink. What you do if you have had a few drinks and over the limit to drive is ring Car angels and someone arrives at the pub in one of these fold away motor bikes, they put the bike in the boot and drive you home in your own car and the cost is min 10euros and 2 euros per mile after that. What a great idea and from all accounts they are very busy and making a few quid.
  14. This was deleted dont know why Manx workers/passports
  15. I'm with nipper: Keep it up, crumlin! But regarding your post above: It's called the EU and any citizen of a member country can come to the UK and work/stay/live there, in the same way that you can move to Poland, Germany, or any other EU country to do the same (in fact, I remember meeting many people over here, mainly builders, telling me that they used to work in Germany) If the guys from Poland or anywhere else work harder and/or are more skilled, then its their good right to make use of a free market - I think it's the Scallies that live of benefits in the UK that you should be wor
  16. access55, I dont know what you work at but lets put it to you this way. You are employed at a business and earning £10 ph and you employer has an increased work load and needs more labour but has not got the profits to pay another man the same £10ph so he decides to sack you and employ two polish workers for £5.00ph each who wins and who loses. The boss wins as he has doubled his labour force for the same cost, you lose as your out of work and the pensioners that have paid into the DHSS lose as you will be another strain on the DHSS money pot
  17. I dont know if any of you watched Trevor McDonalds tonight program lasts night , but was interesting to note the the UK accepted 250000 polish workers to the UK in the last twelve months. Poland has the highest unemployment in the west but one of the best education systems. Most of those coming to the UK were highly educated but were prepared to work at anything. In the program it expplained that a lot of the Polish workers were doing two jobs, 16 hrs plus per day at an average wage rate of £4.55 ph hours. When settled they expected to bring their families over to the UK and those families wou
  18. No and its a pity to many of you fucking stopped
  19. The Islands DHSS has just announced that its to make cut backs, no new staff,No new capital projects, and best of all its to close one of its community homes in a bid to save money. For an Island thats brags to have no or little unemployment whats happend to all the monies paid in each year by the working population in the form of NI payments, is this a knock on from the MEA scandal. Maybe you should ask who got all the NI payments from the builders of the new hospital,peel baths,iris, villa, treatment plant, government buildings, sulby water treatment plant,summerland and the new prison £500
  20. George suffered from an illness and has now lost his life to it, lets hope that the loss of George may force the Government to spend more on the treatment/cure of this social illness. RIP ,you wer the best
  21. Its up on Little Mill Road Onchan I dont think Mr & Mrs Corkill would be to happy about you walking about their property
  22. Then they are breaking the law, you should report them not only to MT but also the police. The laws on harassment cover this (any action which causes concern, fear or distress) Harassment calls from a known person now come under the new Stalking laws and is a criminal offence. Do not post the callers number on a forum as you would also be breaking the law, Provocation laws.
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