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  1. The MEA has fuck all to do with the Corpy, the staff at the Corpy all put a few quid in the Kitty and go on a pub Crawl. If your interested in the Corpy spending, check out how much the Mayors bill is for Booze each year and thats paid by the rate payers
  2. You want someone to cut his head off and bury it in the sand? Why that's absolutely.... errr... d'you have any particular beach in mind, then?
  3. Just starting to enjoy this and its kicking out time, goodnight all
  4. PK I sent you a PM to meet up for a beer last week did you get it
  5. Don't get mad - get even. Anyway I, for one, like your posts.
  6. Thank god, you've taken my advice and are now leaving the Island on your little boat, watch you don't get fogbound or run over by the Ben My Chree, I suppose you'll be posting under the name Dummyspitter-Warner shortly as well as all your other mates!!!! Chucking the toys out of the pram now are we
  7. crumlin

    Mea Probs

    I believe that a letter of complaint about the AG is on its way the the Constitutional Affairs Department in the UK as we speak
  8. crumlin

    Mea Probs

    Have you just woke up
  9. Is there any internet pubs/wine bars on the Island
  10. crumlin

    Mea Probs

    £150K isn't that many first time buyer homes. Maybe 2 at a big push. Not saying that the Barclays loans weren't very iffy, of course. Should of read 600k + 150k gets you a lot of first time buyer homes at the cost the ex CM gets them built for
  11. Strand Street of the future, should blend in nicely
  12. Whats wrong with having a Bazaar, I thought the Island was a multi national place now, you have to think of the coloured locals as well as the others you know
  13. crumlin

    Mea Probs

    The Treasury Minister of the Island has admitted that the Government got shafted by the bank that loaned the money to the MEA. Because the MEA did not get the Guarantee from the IOM Government a higher interest rate was charged on the illegal loan, Now that the Government has paid off the loan they should have got the same rate as that on the loan they guarateed, but guess what they forgot to put this in order before paying off the loan costing the taxpayer an extra £600k, what a bunch of tossers. And they lost a further £150k on the Manx cable loan, thats a lot of first time buyer homes.
  14. YES The Ben did not arrive in the Island untill after 9am MR news Papers expected in shops at 10 am. MR news They allowed the boat to dock in Douglas late to off load the latest batch of foreign labour, rice and curry powder, but the boat was not expected to depart to the UK due to problems ( checking to make sure that not too many MHKs were escaping from the rock)
  15. Public records state that a Mr ***** of Onchan Commissioners issued the completion certificate for the whole project
  16. Is it right that the Island is shut today due to the Manx Boats being out of service
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