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  1. I think her addition was good, a break from the norm and I hope she learns from this and try's again, I say that for them all. We need new faces and new ideas, the reason the island is in such a mess is down to the short sighted yes men. Like her or not she got people talking and for that I say well done Amy
  2. One mans windmill another mans phallus No wonder the island is in the shit with these boys, we need leaders not sheep
  3. Good on her, at least she stood and the same for the rest of them, but I have to say its about time the whole political system needs shook up. 33 mhk's and 13 mlc's I was hoping the german guy got in as I think he would have been good for the island.
  4. Give them time they have just got in, I cannot imagine Bill has grown a spine since his last appearance in the pantomime. I guess the nations gain is the washing machines loss
  5. Just opening a few eyes, or is that what you don't like ?
  6. a sad day for democracy two more brothers voted in
  7. FFS there goes the free fucking spray tan
  8. Its ok they just increase their charges to compensate, and the con carry's on
  9. Come on they never jail their chums, its a rule for one and fuck the rest of us
  10. Problem is that its a money pit, they want to spend £1 million on new stables, if they are going to spend this type of money maybe they need to have some kind of tour that visitors can do to see the horses in the stables ? one way to get some more money and the kids and horse lovers would enjoy it. I think they need to be relocated mainly on safety grounds and also to ease the traffic, we either see it as a loss and a tourism asset or get rid. I wish the old steam trains still ran to peel and ramsey, that would make a great asset
  11. Fingers crossed she gets in, this is definitely going to send a message, she might even get spray tans on prescription ?
  12. This is political gold, scandal and fake tan, it get more like the pool every week. I just want to see her get in and totally upset the apple cart, we need people who speak before they think
  13. I think the bay web cam activates when the steam packet boats move now
  14. lol I thought she did candle light swarays and church functions ? never knew Pam was that talented, poet hey. Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to fetch her poor dog a bone. But when she bent over, Rover took over And the bitch got a bone of her own
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