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  1. Happy Valentines day from me and Sheba
  2. You are a very dull sock puppet sheba says wake up.
  3. I feel your pain I feel your shame But your not to blame monkey brain love and light shirley
  4. Shushy The money is in the telly he wasnt dead when you buried him thats what the barking was love and light shirly
  5. Any particular biscuits? I like custard creams.
  6. We could dress up as Wombles and really get a point across Love and light Shirley xxx
  7. Can I have the pelt? Love and light Shirley xxx
  8. One of my personal favourites "Hang the DJ" Love and Light Shirley xxx
  9. I feel your pain I feel your shame But your not to blame Love and light Shirley xxx
  10. Miami Vice, that would be amazing! Everyone in white suits with pink salmon shirts and crocodile skin shoes or loafers! Man, that would be better than some shit band any day. Unless they were the Bee-Gees! Now thats a real Manx band Sharp dressers just like little old me.
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