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  1. Let's hope the Positive Action Group or Liberal Vannin organise a public meeting so we can at least see and hear the candidates for the Legislative Council.
  2. It must be 3 years since David Cretney called upon Tynwald to take urgent action about suicide on the Isle of Man.
  3. But pensioner unable to purchase ISA and paying tax on interest earned on savings might be worse off here.
  4. Watching Martin Lewis on Money Programme makes me realise i would be better off living in the UK where I could have an ISA (£20,000 maximum), the first £1,000 on any interest I earn would be tax free and I could Rent a Room with an allowance of £7,500 tax free per year. Please convince me -What are the financial advantages of living in the Isle of Man?.
  5. Land has to be zoned for residential before they can build on 'green fields'.
  6. Why haven't we got the will and the funding to build hundreds of new homes?
  7. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/villa-marina-complex-more-than-266000-over-budget-in-december/ Don't rely on IOM government to make the island 'vibrant'.
  8. Mr Thomas is responsible for Housing and Communities but the second part appears to be forgotten. Houses are built without any meeting facilities. Well done to Braddan Commissioners for providing a new community centre in their area.
  9. The solar farm will have battery storage. So will be fed into the grid when needed by MUA.
  10. The connection with Watford was an especially interesting one, as 138.com, operating under the umbrella of another company, Fesuge Ltd, was working in tandem with two Isle of Man-based companies, Xela Holdings Ltd and TGP Holdings Ltd (through its subsidiary TGP Europe Ltd), who had provided them with the all-important UK Gambling Commission licence, and whose most senior executive at the time was a Watford fan named Garth Kimber. Kimber, the Head of e-Gaming development at the Isle of Man government until December 2011, had then transitioned into the private sector to become the CEO of both companies.
  11. I do think manifestos are largely a waste of time because if you're not in a department you probably can't have much influence on what happens. One of my MHKs wants a 'streamlined, efficient and transparent government'. How can they achieve that?
  12. When they are discussing swimming pools etc shouldn't he declare an interest as clerk to Arbory and Rushen commissioners?
  13. I'd prefer a personal 'welcome to IOM democracy' touch.
  14. A solar farm will never be 'up and running'. I do wish they would stop using that expression.
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