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  1. I'd rather see an index of health and well-being. This government is obsessed with money.
  2. You can find this information on their website.
  3. Community hubs around the island were promised several years ago. Once a month in Castletown and Peel can hardly be called 'hubs' of the community. Ramsey could lead the way here with a real community hub where people can go for information and events.
  4. I wonder whether Phil Gawne considers himself to be a journalist nowadays. It seems to me that he will be unlikely to ask any difficult questions or search for information.
  5. Quite refreshing to have some real debate on Manx Radio rather than government spin. Let's have more of that. I notice the latest publication from Bus Vannin doesn't include timetables for the trams or the steam trains. So much for 'integrated transport'.
  6. Douglas Corporation never said it would take ALL your green waste.
  7. Central Douglas Master Plan-see the future come alive before your eyes.
  8. Central Douglas Master Plan-see the future come alive before your eyes.
  9. Manx Care have a mandate from DHSC which defines what they must do.
  10. Yes there must be as the Mount Murray had a battle to get advertising boards put up.
  11. But they've got plenty of Visions for the Future.
  12. Rob would have been well advised to write that letter and then tear it up. He has only made things worse for himself and others. Getting lots of emails and letters from residents about the health service is not the same as devising policy and bringing about 'transformation' which he should have been doing.
  13. If you read the full report there is a long list of recommendations. Presumably she will set these in motion. But as a Member of Tynwald she should not be chair. DEFA is the regulatory body.
  14. They also said Members of Tynwald should not be on the board.
  15. https://www.gov.im/media/1378260/isle-of-man-meats-final-report-birnie-consultancy-published.pdf This is a very good report and well worth reading to see the full extent of the failures at the Meat Plant.
  16. Items collected in the recycling boxes are sent away for recycling. 6% is a pathetic recycling rate. It's much better in Wales and Scotland. Wales is a world leader with 65% recycling.
  17. Yes That group used to publish the minutes of their meetings.
  18. According to a reply in the House of Keys this morning this was decided by the Chief Officers Group.
  19. I thought Josem worked for the Co Op.
  20. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) define a refugee as ‘someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war or violence’.
  21. The trouble is the numbers include people who are not actually working in classrooms. So staff to pupil ratio can look good.
  22. I didn't renew my credit card with Lloyds International and was later told they no longer issue them on the Island.
  23. IOM Creamery grated cheese packs are only 200 g. It's a way of disguising the price rise.
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