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  1. We will need more than 70,000 trees to counteract the effects of 70,000 cars on the Isle of Man.
  2. Glass is not shipped away. It is sent to Ballaharra Quarry for crushing.
  3. According to some surveys the UK is 40,000 doctors short. For too long we have relied on importing them from other countries. Time to train some of our own.
  4. Why does this site show American dates ? November 18th 2020 as 11/18/20
  5. It seems that this funding is being given to Isle Listen before the Transformation Team decides what sort of health service we are going to have on the island.
  6. This initiative or should I say following of the UK seems to have come from nowhere without any discussion. Tristan Llewellyn Jones won't like his data being collected.
  7. What better than our little trickle of green energy at Sulby?
  8. China also has the most solar power in the world and the most hydropower.
  9. That's the point-the harm is done elsewhere. It seems we can develop a relationship with China and have Confucius room etc but when it comes to Saudi Arabia we are at the mercy of what the UK parliament wants to impose on us.
  10. I'm waiting for the 'action' to begin.We've had enough promises about how wonderful it will be in the future.
  11. Alcohol seems to be the common factor but wasn't 24 hour opening supposed to solve fighting after closing time?
  12. Yes So did I. He was supposed to sort out the overspend at the hospital.
  13. Agree. There must be somebody out there with experience who has had success elsewhere.
  14. The sooner we get auto-enrolment here the better. Then everybody will be building up their own nest egg.
  15. Is this why they resist the idea of a public register of beneficial owners?
  16. 1.3 million pounds in 2013 (timed just before TT Races) IOM government has agree for the loan to be carried over to the Douglas Hotel Holdings Limited.
  17. They have been trying to sell the executive suites for some time now.I think they were created using a government grant. They are on the market for £395,000 each.
  18. I think he's been everywhere else.
  19. Maybe after an interval of some years and several false starts Douglas will finally get a town square.
  20. I thought this thread was about young people not engaging with politics.If this government has got £3.8 million to throw at SUSTRANS for an active travel policy surely they could find a few quid to fund a funky publication and website to explain Manx politics.
  21. I wish they'd stop talking about how important the 'tourist sector' of the economy is. It's a very minor player these days.
  22. I happen to know that the chartered accountants Crowe, Clark, Whitehill changed to CROWE some time ago. But that's only because a friend uses them-no thanks to their useless advert.
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