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  1. Promises made during elections are made to get elected not to be implemented. That also applies to slogans written on the side of buses during referenda.
  2. http://www.winchester.anglican.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Summary-of-Regulations-for-Churchyards-and-Churchyard-memorials.pdf I imagine there are similar regulations for churchyards in the IOM.
  3. I can't say that DEFA's new provenance label with an outline of the island and the three legs of man stands out on the shelves.
  4. Did you take the opportunity to go to the PAG meeting about cycling this evening and express your points of view?
  5. The only good thing about JWs is that they seem to paint their building on Peel Road every year or two. With so many shabby buildings around they are an example to us all here on the IOM.
  6. Quick bet on how long before Mr Quayle says, 'Going forward'?
  7. I thought he was IOM Government's chief minister. LEGCO is something different.
  8. Refreshing to hear Mrs Beecroft's opinion yesterday on Manx Radio on the planters in the road where she lives in Strang. Ugly monstrosities or words to that effect.
  9. The intelligent woman who can string two sentences together would get my vote.
  10. Yes time for the secular society to be created on the IOM.
  11. I see Keith Kerruish has sold a field for £20,000 to Carnane Farms Ltd. Wasn't the Nunnery sold to an IT company? How does Mr Kerruish come into the picture?
  12. Can't stand Robertshaw's 'sincere' voice. And he acts as if he's the only person who can see that the emperor is wearing no clothes.
  13. I heard a rumour that we are not getting one at all. That's why there is so much scaffolding up and work being done on the churches. In the future money donated and left in wills here would go across to a diocese in England. That's how rumours start.
  14. I see the Welsh speaking gay priest Jeffrey John was nominated for bishop of Sodor and Mann but didn't make the short list by secret ballot back in February.
  15. Well in the interests of balance it should be a woman.
  16. Why don't you just fuck off ? Wow what a lovely introduction to Manxforums. It seems so full of lovely polite people that I dont really know who to go to for advice. You're all so incredibly nice. But I will ask the question again. They should already know I'm here and that my family is here as I was born here and I've been filling in official forms for almost 60 years for a variety of things. Why should I be almost threatened to tell them what they should already know? Because you might have gone off somewhere else?
  17. We Well I certainly didn't vote for him.
  18. They should talk to St John Bates (former clerk to Tynwald). He seems to understand the details of what is going on.
  19. Obviously April Fools Day. After the 12.00pm deadline though 12pm is midnight, 12 am is midnight. You mean 12 midday. https://www.quora.com/Is-noon-12-am-or-12-pm 12am is midnight according to this.
  20. Ask them when Jesus is coming back. It's some time soon I think.
  21. Probably for the Motor Mall people along the Peel Road. You can get whatever you want if you promise new jobs.
  22. I thou This isn't a challenge merely a question, why do we need Liverpool ? what is the business case for Liverpool being vital ? genuine question. I understood the Steam Packet would be content with Heysham as it is the best option for freight. And that's where most of their profit comes from.
  23. W Well done to David Ashcroft MHK for getting clarity on this. Where's Mike Proffitt these days?
  24. We'll Good We will be able to tell him that we're managing quite well without a bishop.
  25. Has anybody else heard that the government is going to bring their printing 'in house' and not use local printers? Somebody told me that last week but it may be half of a story.
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