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  1. Good to see MIRAS being reduced. It should go completely next time.
  2. This pathetic effort will come from our existing Overseas Development Aid budget. It doesn't disguise the fact that the island is giving less than .07% of its income whereas the UN recommends .7% of GDP. There was a campaign to increase the amount but it seems to have gone quiet after the initial launch. Let's see what is in the Budget later this month.
  3. .........hmmm, maybe there aren't many women who want to be firepersons, I understand that the equal opportunities are there.............there weren't any women miners down the pit with my grandad either..........equal opportunity is there, I don't understand the term, 'equality at work'. For example I had to wear a suit to work when the women could wear what they like, not much equality there............. Is IOM government actively encouraging women to join the fire service or work for the MUA (except as 'girls in the office'.
  4. The IOM government could give a prize to the department that encourages equality in the workplace. I understand there aren't many women in the fire service.
  5. And why do they have to employ 'events organisers' when they already have paid staff who could organise events?
  6. I buy imported meat for no other reason than because its cheaper, a lot of the local butchers sell mostly imported meat aswell, just because your 'local' butcher is 'local' to you, doesn't mean the meat is! 'Locally sourced'
  7. They They should move the whole car park away from the front of the cafe. Whoever did that and spoilt the view needs shooting.
  8. If the Manx Co-Op opened a large supermarket with a car-park they would do well. Who wants to carry their shopping home these days?
  9. The Isle of Man government needs to get out of the market and stop giving subsidies. Otherwise farmers and others get used to the support and continue to be inefficient and poor at marketing their produce eg If people can get a better price by sending animals to UK good luck to them. If customers want to buy Manx meat they will probably be willing to pay a bit more than for imported stuff.
  10. Maybe they can get the new superyacht Quintessentially to call in at the Isle of Man for the TT after has been to Cannes for the film festival and Abu Dhabi for the F1 Grand Prix. That would up the numbers a bit. And if they are paying £2,000 a night surely the passengers would be quite happy to buy he odd keyring and T shirt in Douglas.
  11. Did anybody go to the meeting last night? If so what was said?
  12. I'm ashamed of some of the attitudes that have emerged over this discussion. If there was a refugee family on the island most people would never come into contact with them and yet they seem to feel threatened by the very fact that a family might come here.
  13. Because there are lots of vacancies.
  14. I suspect this budget was well under preparation before the election. So the present administration will have had little effect on the overall tone.
  15. Most crimes are not committed out on the streets and detected by 'bobbies on the beat'. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/01/19/fraud-cyber-crime-now-countrys-common-offences/
  16. Oh that's what it is. I thought it was a piece of modern sculpture.
  17. I assume she was pretending to be an accountant too? "Mrs Stewart also applied for a permit to work as a self employed accountant, only to be told in the permits office: ’There’s no call for that service here" Never actually made any reference to pretence in the story. Do learn to read But I know plenty of self employed accountants. There is lots of work for self employed accountants here. I employ one myself. It is a rubbish response. Surely also you shouldn't need a work permit to be self employed so it's none of their business. And there are lots of vacancies for accountants on the government's own website. So how can somebody say they are not needed?
  18. Phil Craine has had experience working for Christian Aid in various countries and I suspect he has more understanding of the problem of refugees than most people. There are families on the island who are willing to host and help any refugees who choose to come here.
  19. Of Hmmm. I just went to this page: http://www.whereyoucan.com/how-we-can-help And clicked "Find out more" for my "company" with 100+ people. I wonder if Howard will be in the paper tomorrow bragging about 600 potential jobs? Of course they can sniff out the promise of money. I wonder how many local companies are included in that figure? I suppose they are entitled t some of the £50 million on offer.
  20. http://www.laxeyglenmills.com/about-us.asp?more=true I can't work out from that whether government is still involved, & - if it is - to what extent Laxey Glen Mills subsidy this year £40,800 It's been getting these subsidies for years.
  21. It's what they have always done-meat plant-Laxey Flour Mills-etc etc It would be much better to put £50,000 million into good infrastructure on the island and let companies look after themselves. We could even pay to have some white lines painted on the roads.
  22. So they book So they book a foul-mouthed comedian for TT week. That's hardly culture.
  23. Existing people changing jobs wouldn't create 500 new jobs.
  24. We can't really offer workers as our unemployment rate is so low. They will have to be brought in. There is 'potential' for many things to happen. There is 'potential' for some companies to leave the island as Nationwide is doing. If you tell people there is £50 million available in subsidies there is 'potential' for lots of promises to be made about jobs.
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