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  1. Just smashed my freestanding mirror Does anyone know where I could get a new sheet cut?
  2. Hi Need a band for Sat 9th August 9-11.30pm for a work summer party. Would prefer a covers band. Family event in a marquee with unlimited food and drink. Give me a call asap if interested 489112 or jenstowell@hotmail.com Cheers Jen
  3. "Tomas is ranked second best two-wheeler in the whole of Hungary, marvel as he drives the car on two wheels, over and over again" The human cannonball just flopped out onto a net directly below it. So disappointing on every level. When the monster truck came out and just drove slowly around the arena with waving children on the back of it, we made a hasty exit.
  4. Utter balls. Total waste of an afternoon.
  5. Does anyone know what time the billown circuit road closures are for Saturday? And also, suggest any good viewing points? Cheers
  6. AH thats a shame! I have someone coming over for TT Fri night to Mon morning, wanting to experience the TT festivities. Any suggestions? All I've got so far are the practices on Saturday night and the charity aid event! There must be something else on..
  7. Any other Manxies going to Rock am Ring in 2 weeks?!
  8. Does anyone know when it opens? Will it be open this Friday night per chance??
  9. Does anyone know the opening hours? Is it still just Saturdays?
  10. Because the online booking site is what the woman at the booking office uses to book as well.
  11. I just rang the booking line to buy some tickets for Sweeney Todd. Am I the only one who's had to deal with this ridiculousness?.... Woman "The internets saying its sold out." Me "Oh..I rang the palace direct yesterday and they said there was 200 seats still free for that night" Woman "(Sarky voice) Well the internets telling me there's no tickets available so im guessing that means its sold out!?!" Next thing I ring the Palace Me "Is there any seats free for Sweeney Todd?" Woman "Yes, 40" Me "The booking office says its sold out and wont let me book any" Woman "I cant help you, we dont take bookings here anymore. Bye" WTF?!
  12. manx national heritage have a hoptunaa day at cregneash where kids can carve pumpkins and do other halloweeny stuff. i think its on a sunday, not sure which one tho.
  13. The yellow stand by the entrance to the beer tent does nice hotdogs. The manx carvery one gave me a mixture of fried and raw onions, it was all very stressful
  14. Its a tiny yellow tent next to the metal Rumbles van, practically impossible to find. Nah its not mine! We just discovered it last week and have been back about 4 times since, the guy in there is so sweet and gives you free testers.
  15. Chips ON the pizza!?? The noodles stand is nice but a bit spicy if you have a wimp's palate like me!
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