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  1. On MR there is a story running about drag hunting (in lieu of fox hunting). Other than a few toffs and some wealthy horse owners and comeovers who can dolly off work during the week who cares if it isn't supported. Surely it can't be right transporting packs of dogs from Buckinghampshire to the IOM and back just so some wealthy yahoos can look poncy riding horses. If these hunting types really really are keen to do drag hunting then they will be able to afford joining a hunt in Cheshire or somewhere and go over there to do it. The IOM isn't an English county and there never was fox hunting here so maybe the message will get home - drag hunting's not wanted take it away.
  2. God almighty thanks for the comments from Minnie. I have just learnt how to upload photos from my camera and all I get is harrasement for starting a new thread. As there is another thread on the subject how do I move the picture??
  3. If you zoom in and look at the wheelie bin you can see its got a black bin liner full stuffed in, so how many people usually have a black bin liner in the car to empty a pop bottle / mcdonalds takeaway wrapper?? Not many I'll bet, so it looks like the culprits are people who either live near by, whose bin is already full, or others who live in mobile campers, or others who deliberately want to dump. Whoever has stuffed the bins needs tracking down and prosecuting for dumping or whatever. Doesn't Douglas Corpoartion employ inspectors and enforcers to deal with its bye-laws? What do those Corpy people get paid for? No doubt they sit in their offices and only work week-days, a nice cushy job so they can say "its nothing to do with me" or "I wasn't on duty, it happened out of hours" etc etc - just the pathetic answers you might expect.
  4. where do the Swans come from that do come to the IOM? what other birds migrate here from Europe?
  5. ON MR I heard this morning's news it was sensationalised that Bird Flu is "on the doorstep" with a case being found in Lyon in France. OMG how close is that? Well see for yourself and take a look at the map:- link http://encarta.msn.com/map_701514353/Lyon.html Well? Looks to me like Lyon is nowhere near the north coast of France/English Channel so in my books that's nowhere close as being on the doorstep. Guess it makes for another bit of scaremongering and worry. Is that good radio / reporting ? Surely the UK should now ban outright and immediately the import of any poultry products from France?
  6. the diggers have moved in, so soon there will be a big hole to look into
  7. Its disgusting. There is rubbish all over the place and all the Douglas Head bins are overflowing. Is anyone responsible for making sure the bins up there are emptied every day? If they are they clearly aren't doing the job. Should they be brought to task and maybe even replaced with someone who can do the job? It also looks like the bins might be being used by people whose own bins are full or who have commercial waste to dispose of so perhaps some covert CCTV for a week or so will catch whoever is doing it?
  8. the cars stuck onboard the Ben might have arrived back on shore early this morning but what about the freight on the top deck. I suppose its to be hoped none of it is perishable or time sensative!!!
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