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  1. Throttle works both ways, and it is a shame but the riders know the risks.
  2. Jck based in balthane, phone 720000.
  3. Yes, i work for a civil engineering company. Its just another case of dandara trying to bully their way to the front of the planing queue.
  4. Heard on the radio yesterday that dandara have had to lay workers of due to the planning process being so slow, what a crock of shit. Blackmailing mofo's.
  5. emm colas? you know the tarmacing company, they have one Thats true although i didnt think they did much anymore.
  6. You can get this stuff free from the doi, its just plained up tarmac. It is also very good to make hard standings or tempery roads if compacted. My guess is they have got it from the doi in the first place as there arnt any other companys with a plainer.
  7. I see your point in that the buses shouldnt be getting damaged but it happens alot, the new buses come in a standard merc colour as cretney said to save money on panels as they will come factory painted. the old buses have been specially painted to the goverments requirement, when they need a panel they buy a bare panel and have to have it colour matched and sprayed to match the colour of bus.
  8. The the bridge at the bunglow stays all year but the one at bray hill is taken down and stored at the grandstand. Wilson and collins have the job of assembling and deassembling it, they use their mobile crane and the bridge is moved on artics. Takes at most 2hrs to put it up.
  9. It is manx registered, i seen it pass its manx mot last year. There was also a write up on it in the manx indy. Was one of the cars used in the original mad max film after which it lay wrecked in a scrap yard in new zealand. the new owner had it restored and then shipped here from new zealand.
  10. Nice to see the anti tt homo's sticking together, mf must be were all you sad fucks hang out.
  11. If only the case were as simple as you apparently are. She has a point though, clarkson maybe a cock but he is entitled to his privacy and imo prowl arnt seeing this, so if mr costain has a problem with people walking past his window then fuck him. I may even go for a walk this afternoon and take some pictures of whats inside his house.
  12. you missed the key point that merely creating a 20mph zone via signage alone had no effect - physical measures (ie the self enforcement) had to be in place - my continual gripe about the Island racetrack is that such measures cannot be used in many places where they would be useful - signage alone is useless - engineering + enforcement along with education are needed if the Islands poor RTC fatality/serious injury statistics are to be reduced to say the UK average let alone comparable areas such as Isle of Wight I've yet to see the statistics that show our roads are more dangerous than the UK, what do you base these on? Roads will be dangerous for his mangy mut if i see it, road kill.
  13. Did you go to drag and drift at the weekend? And BR i have said ive done 170mph before and i do like the buzz of the scenery goin past, but tbh up the mountian mile its more than safe to do so And without using both sides of the road, theres no junctions for people to pull out of and visability is great, i dont go out and do it every weekend.
  14. MM, do you really think so? My experience of driving over the Mountain Road on any "good weather Sunday" is quite different to that. Bikes AND a few cars treating the road as a race track when the sun is shining. I do think so yeah, people do ride/drive over the mountian fast, but i believe this is because so much of the island has already been restricted. Just think about a lap of the tt course and think about how much is derestricted, it doesnt mount up to very much. The mountian is the longest stretch of deristricted road we have. Other parts of the course/ roads speed restricted matters not. Why should I be forced to face you, doing over 150mph on your bike, coming toward my family and I, on the way back from the pictures on a nice day? But because the rest off the island is mainly restricted and people know the only place they can go fast is over the mountian. Im not saying its ok to do it and im not saying i dont do it, but i personally repect other road users and wouldnt ride in a manner that i thought may put other people at risk.
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