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  1. Last week on BBC news Jenny Hill said that with the start of the German football league their balls were going to be disinfected at half time!!
  2. Anyone know if any pubs will have Moto GP playing on Mad Sunday? Thankyou
  3. Large quantity of 40mm waste pipe maybe 100+ 3 metre lengths now surplus to requirements any reasonable offer accepted.Available for collection from Peel on Easter Saturday
  4. Thankyou Triskel....Good to see at least one sensible person in here!
  5. A large gold hand has appeared in the garden of a house in Cregneash! Whats that all about?
  6. I was looking at a picture of this very vehicle yesterday! I went to Patrick church to see the photo exhibition (old photos of Patrick and Glen Maye) but also there were several scrapbooks full of photos from the newspapers including the electric vehicle owned by Clucas' laundry.Beware the scrapbooks are very adictive and you may find yourself there for hours!
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