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  1. Is George Best the first sportsperson to have his picture printed on a British Bank Note.
  2. The Christmas Drink Driving Blitz started this week and one motorist has allready been caught and charged, Looks like the Police are out to make an impresion this year. The first to be caught and charged is a Ramsey based traffic Cop, he will appear before Mr Moyle on December 12 charged with drink drivingfollowing a one car accident.
  3. Ned must be serious about going to Legco, he been approaching MHKs asking for their support already.
  4. And ive just seen my mates wife (manx) speaks very good English, very polite, not a bad looker, has a house to pay for but is now out of work as a flight attendant due to cheaper labour from eastern europe, whats wrong with that just before Christmas.
  5. Why dont they take some of the bloody cats of the streets and use them for experiments. Im conducting my own experiment at the moment, trying to find out if a size 12 boot will launch a cat further that a size 9
  6. On opening my manxnet account I too am getting a message to change passwords, its seems to be a total mess still.
  7. Why are the Manx registered airlines now using, Polish,Rushian pilots and first officers on nearly all their flights, Whats happened to Manx Bomber Command
  8. MR said the new year, but the Civil case is due to start ??? or should i have said was, and it all depends if another case shes invoved with gets going.
  9. Horse trading, thats what will happen, JS will get the CM job, DC to treasury and Mr Rodan stuck at DHSS thats if they toe the line.
  10. Quote: MHKS RECEIVE INFLATION-BUSTING PAY RISE MHKS have received two inflation-busting pay rises in just five weeks. It takes the basic salary to £34,152, from £31,651. Members of Tynwald are also entitled to expenses worth £5,790. MHKs and MLCs serving on government departments will take home £50,188, while ministers will receive £57,018, more than £4,000 extra. Last year's earnings survey revealed the average annual wage was just £25,428, and half of all full-time workers earned less than £21,736. In early March it was agreed to hand members a salary increase worth 4
  11. http://www.positiveactiongroup.org/html/ty...pay_levels.html
  12. FFS if this is right!? he has some brass neck His statement is posted in full on the Julie Corkill Appeals thread
  13. I know I'm sorry, just when you thought it was safe to go back in local news! Hey this could stretch for years..... Well I cant see it going ahead in the near future, Chief witness Willy Kelly,s doctors have said it could take up to a year before he would be fit to attend court, and this is before he has open heart surgery. FROM TODAY,S PAPER.
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