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  1. Fairly new Sorry mr blonde, but you could say that I've been sort of trolling when you look back at my past history, but I've been replying to a specific and much bigger troll when you look back at his past threads and unfortunately, the majority of threads get derailed with this type of interaction, slanging match, grammar, spelling and so on. I don't like people who try and intimidate others by calling them rude names and I'll stand my ground any day of the week, although this would be regarded as trolling as it takes it off topic. http://curezone.com/forums/troll.asp
  2. No I said that you are a very poor troll. You are not winding me up and you couldn't hit a raw nerve with anyone here as you're so grossly illiterate that I doubt that anyone can read more than the odd word of what you post. Your a very bad advertisement for the Manx education system if you have actually left school with such a rudimentary grasp of grammar and syntax that you come across as a complete fucktard despite only posting very tiny sentences about very little. Why not try some big words, and then try joining then up in a way that they form sentences that people can read rather than posting what look like texts bashed out by a retard with parkinsons. Gosh, you are tetchy. Who are you to question what I write on here, do you have qualifications to your name and if leading by example is anything to go by, your own grammar is needing attention too. Big words, small words, use of words and the way they're wrote, doesn't matter on here and I challenge you to prove it in the terms and conditions of this forum. Well...... am I correct or not? Thought so.... Obviously I wouldn't expect an apology off you, because I've noted in past threads that the Manx education system must have slipped by you too, or you wouldn't need to resort to nerdy comments, swearing or being rude to people on a regular basis. Check your own history as my programme has picked out an unusually high frequency of negative comments and it probably isn't too late to seek psychiatric help for your increasing insecurity and emotional problems.
  3. That is the message board equivalent of doing a Bobbie Sands (ask a grown up to explain that one). Well done. I know all about Bobby Sands but i dont get what that has to do with this dot matrics thing saying 'orly'? Could someone explain? Psychologically its the digital equivalent of smearing shit on your cell wall - ie. doing a Bobbie Sands. RU4Real is obviously the worst troll that MF has created in recent years. Bring back keyboarder! He was much much better to wind up than this semi literate humourless fucktard. O Rly and Bobby Sands is your personal interpretation, whilst my version seems to be hitting a nerve or two, but it does seem that you just couldn't keep away and had to come back like I said you would. It also seems that because I've wound you up due to your very poor postings, you've had to resort to losing it on the forum. You really need to stop being hypocritical and write more constructive stuff LOL, this is quite funny
  4. And how would you describe shorthand?
  5. why and who are you to tell me what to do?
  6. That is the message board equivalent of doing a Bobbie Sands (ask a grown up to explain that one). Well done. I know all about Bobby Sands but i dont get what that has to do with this dot matrics thing saying 'orly'? Could someone explain? I have always known it as this way below and do not know the connection between Bobby Sands and the picture image, but have removed it from my postings as I do not want 2 post bad things as associated by formaldehyde man http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=o%20rly Internet slang, short for "Oh, really?". Used in the following ways; often sarcastic: 1. In response to someone who has said/pointed out something very obvious 2. In response to someone who has insulted you or has aggressively disagreed with you 3. In response to a boring, nerdy comment you don't understand or care about (i.e. a peice of trivia) 4. In response to a comment that seems hard to believe or a lie
  7. (Does this look better?) I was going to find fault with your username, but that would have made me just as bad as formaldehyde man and so I won't, but I have to ask as you brought it up, why can't I tell him to act like a grown up, because of the different way I use my words? The words I use are accepted as being quicker to write, more economic with space and in various reference books. I have read the terms and conditions now (sorry mods for my earlier mess) and see that he breaches many more terms and conditions than I've done, but I can't see anywhere about spelling mistakes or good grammar. With reference to the words I've used previously, I must admit that it's hard in NOT writing words like "wot, 2, B, cud" and so on, but I have to say that these words might just be regarded as slang words to you, but they are also new words and whether you like them or not, they are here to stay until they get outdated. A bit like the words here, you, where, will, done or as they used to be, (hither, thou, whence, shalt, wrought). These and many other new words would be equally as strange to those who used the Old English dictionary or language and if you don't accept the words I've used previously, then you must also discount the modern words that replaced the Old English ones. I will say that I do question authority, as those in control or power are doing such a lousy job and seem to me, stuffing their wallets whilst other poorer people do without. There's something wrong there and I'm a little amazed that with so many people grumbling all the time, that no-one seems to do anything? It might well be that people are scared of losing their jobs, their house, their possessions, but for people like me who are on the lower end of the pay scale, I do not have a house, have few possessions to talk of and find that a job is for as long or as short as I want it to be. My life in some ways, is far simpler, less stressful than that of people struggling to pay the bills who are mortgaged up to the hilt and living on the edge, dreading for the next overpriced utility bill and wonder as to why this happened? My parents always used to tell me that I have to enjoy this time now, because it gets harder from here on in and in most respects, I do enjoy my freedom, the lack of worry and wonder as to why people burden themselves with so much debt and drink their sorrows away? If you're not happy, then do something about it. If life was better at my time than at your present age, then I'm not saying that you travel back in time, but look at what you had then and what you have now and ask if it's worth it. If it is, then Bingo and if not, then time for a change and get out of the R*T race. Yeah, yeah, I know that I've hit a few chords with some and the replies will likely be plenty, but thats fine, I don't care about what they say, it's their view and if they get a good feeling out of it, then great, I've made them happy one way or another. (Can I write my usual way again, because this took me ages)
  8. That is the message board equivalent of doing a Bobbie Sands (ask a grown up to explain that one). Well done. I see wot it means now and hadn't heard of Bobby Sands until now and have taken the image off coz of the things it represents, but I C from ur reply that U congratulated me on my error, knowing full well wot it meant. Formaldehyde man is maybe not as bad as these people R, but I have read his posts and he is defo a sad man, choosing 2 sneer & pull people down at every chance, like sucking the blood out of them like a leech. He does not say good things about others and I question why that is or wot he gets out of it? Why? Power, confidence, lack of humanity, other? Why do u do that formaldehyde man, can u not behave like a grown up is supposed 2 do?
  9. Have you been drinking meths again? How can I when you drink them like a tit Actually, you are not a meths drinker, you are just a retard aren't you? Takes one 2 know one formaldehyde man hahah this is great from a crinkly ... lol Still can't believe u replied back which means ur hooked and so ownage is mine Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! u cud reply back of course, 2 try and not lose face, but hey boy, doesnt matter coz i pnwed u gud style and now its up 2 u, 2 see if the hook is still there (Mods, soz 4 being off thread, but the waiter at the last supper started it) (picture removed after learning wot it meant)
  10. There's a big diff between a hacker and a cracker.

  11. Have you been drinking meths again? How can I when you drink them like a tit
  12. Agreed, absolutely daft. "Any person who vitiates the atmosphere in any place so as to make it noxious to the public to the health of persons in general dwelling or carrying on business in the neighbourhood or passing along a public way shall be guilty of a misdemeanour." They should check their mouth, coz its saying the same noise and must be a prob when they go 2 loo wondering which end 2 use first. I agree... daft - better out than in my dad said
  13. Looking at past threads, I saw lots of views that slagged peeps off coz it didnt suit their view which 2 me is all about trying to own and 2 fudge their point away, when I'd prefer a diffy view even if I didnt like it. I'm not sure how it works, but if porridge man lived in the South, who can he vote 4? Is it where he lives normal or 4 where he is in the North? If its 4 where he lives, does that mean that other peeps from other countries have also a choice of a vote in their country or here and what happens 4 the council? I see peeps go 2 jail for not paying fines for loads of reasons, sum cant pay and some cant read or write and is it true that retired tax peeps get other jobs as taxidermists because they still like to stuff things? Oh, B4 slaggers pull this 2 pieces about my writing, I write like this coz I want 2 and if U dont like it, then so wot? I dont care coz its a forum and if you dont like it, dont read it and if U wish 2 pay me 4 writing proper, then say so.
  14. This forum is so funny Listening 2 people getting freaked out about those who smoke. I have cut bits and pieces from the posts and put them into 3 parts. smoke - none smoke and middle. SMOKE: Smoking is legal and smokers pay more tax. Typical yanks biggest polluters in the world and they worry about a bit of ciggy smoke (I like this point) ---cause all that smoke is so bad for you, but we wont worry about all them cars will we (side issue) There is no good reason for legislation. (Interesting point) ---Depends what reason its being done for?, America seems to enjoy being the first to do everything whether its actually want the majority of people or not! Is it because of littering?, I can't see second hand smoke is an issue when its outside, the health effects would be nil(50/50 point) ---If you and I find two garages, of equal dimenions (say, 12ftx12ft)and no windows, door closed, I will sit and smoke all night long in my garage space and you can sit in yours with a car engine running and we'll see who walks out in the morning (bad aggressive view and a bit like comparing water with acid) ---smoking outdoors does not injure the health of others and banning it is just petty meddling by people with a penchant for interfering in other peoples' lives, presumably to boost their inadequate egos (Questionable viewpoint and argumentative presumption). ---I have yet to see or read of any reliable evidence that "second hand smoking" harms anyone anyway. (View can be looked at the other way to so equal status point) ---What studies and how reliable are the statistics which emerged from them -lies, damned lies, etc. Who conducted these studies and who financed them? How were they conducted - which segment of the population was targeted? Without all this information the figures are meaningless. I guess the answer will be the health mafia or people/organisations in thrall to them - plus the usual load of busybodies who are never happy unless they are buggering people's lives up. As for banning things because they might influence the behaviour of others (I like this view to start with anyway as stats can make anything believable) ---Passive smoking has never been fully proven. You only have to look around at society and ask why more people were never affected by passive smoking, typically those employed within enclosed spaces that smokers would frequent - why were those figures not abnormally high? Why is adult asthma still on the increase even with all those thousands that have stopped smoking? Why is there no decline in childhood asthma? (good debatable points) --- Not all smokers are inconsiderate, as I'm sure you know. It isn't a case of doing what the hell we like, it's more the absurd attitude that all will be well with the world if only we can get rid of those pesky smokers! (good point) ---I have met very few non-smokers or ex-smokers (and they're the worst of all!) that were in favour of the ban. From what they have said to me (non-smokers) is that they were glad to have somewhere to go that didn't permit smoking. Not one of the supported a full out ban (I don't drink so the ban in pubs doesn't bother me but I do feel for those for whom it was their social outlet). (I like this viewpoint as well) NONE SMOKE: Dirty filthy adiction, smokers are killing themselves, their children and anyone that goes near them, And they stink as well (Got a point for most) ---Ah the good old 'two wrongs make a right' argument. Very good. Not that modern cars actually cause much pollution now anyway, unlike say, cigarettes, which are just as bad as they have always been (I like this reply) ---Another good idea from the states. Of course smokers will moan about it, but it isn't just about what other people breathe. It's also about projecting the acceptability of smoking to others, particularly the young and easily influenced. America always leads the way on these things. It's almost inevitable that Europe will eventually follow (Top point to me) ---And I suppose cretins like you will continue to ignore the carcinogens emitted from vehicle exhausts, the adverse health consequences of alcohol, etc. You really have to realise that to persecute smokers without equal action against other, more damaging, things will merely make you a hypocrite.(slagging off/side issue) ---But influencing other's behaviour is, to me, a totally unacceptable justification for placing a ban, as is the concern for the smoker's own health. The only good justification is in protecting other's from inhaling the material from the smoke. I place a much higher value on freedoms - If this were a situation of some 10 year old smoking children and the action of their parents to stop in then I'd think we could agree(fair points although reply edged it) ---I'm guessing from the tone of your emails that it wouldn't matter where the studies came from? Do you need studies to tell you that this kind of thing reduces the number of smokers? The authorities are trying to reduce the acceptability of smoking, it's been going on for years. Advertising bans, point of sale displays, place of employment bans and now the beginning of public space bans. These aren't popular with voters and authorities would only consider them if they were actually effective at improving public health. Smoking is harmful, and these measures reduce smoking. (Mint viewpoint) MIDDLE: According to the studies, smoking in these public places does cause harm to others even if it's just to influence their behavour, but this is about the health of the smoker also. The city's authorities has the power in these places to influence the health of the population, including the smokers themselves. They've reduced smoking massively in the city with previous changes, and this is an extension of that. You can't drink in this kind of public space, you can't run around nekkid, etc. This isn't just about passive smoke (good point) ---I think attitudes and laws regarding tobacco in the region are becoming more like those in the west..(needs substantiating for me to agree one way or another) ---An adult, sitting on the pavement with three under age kids, passing around his can of Bud AND a cigarette. Welcome to the Isle of Man. I might be a non-smoker, but who are we to preach??? (nice bit of pooing) ---(Q)Why is permission for free usage withdrawn? What, in your opinion, is the driving force to make them unaccessible to the general public? (A)In this case to improve the health of the cities population, which so far has turned out to be effective. (also)according to the same article 350,000 fewer smokers during Bloomberg's time (If there is a ban and no-one smokes there, then this has to be a fact also) ---smokers will obviously hate it as an infringement on their right to do what the hell they like, non smokers will largely not give much of a hoot but probably be in favor of it for the sake of the children and unsightly cigarette butts. There's really not a lot anyone can say that'll change any of that. (arguable but see point of view) SIDE ISSUES: Cars/PC/petty slagging off/alcohol/brakes on bikes/political/spelling So thats the topic so far and my spelling might not b good as i noticed in nearly all the topics, but so wot, i dont care and if u do, then so what, get a life! Just cant see why people lose their cool over smoking. Trying 2 look from a wrinklys point of view tho, that if ur brats smoke, then i spose that if u didnt try and stop them, then u'd look as if u didnt care, but 4 those whos candles cost more to buy than their cake and smoke, then if u die, then so wot? Ur relys might ave a weepy but we all die sometime and if they were arsed, then dont do it....simples
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