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  1. Fairly new Sorry mr blonde, but you could say that I've been sort of trolling when you look back at my past history, but I've been replying to a specific and much bigger troll when you look back at his past threads and unfortunately, the majority of threads get derailed with this type of interaction, slanging match, grammar, spelling and so on. I don't like people who try and intimidate others by calling them rude names and I'll stand my ground any day of the week, although this would be regarded as trolling as it takes it off topic. http://curezone.com/forums/troll.asp
  2. No I said that you are a very poor troll. You are not winding me up and you couldn't hit a raw nerve with anyone here as you're so grossly illiterate that I doubt that anyone can read more than the odd word of what you post. Your a very bad advertisement for the Manx education system if you have actually left school with such a rudimentary grasp of grammar and syntax that you come across as a complete fucktard despite only posting very tiny sentences about very little. Why not try some big words, and then try joining then up in a way that they form sentences that people can read rather than po
  3. That is the message board equivalent of doing a Bobbie Sands (ask a grown up to explain that one). Well done. I know all about Bobby Sands but i dont get what that has to do with this dot matrics thing saying 'orly'? Could someone explain? Psychologically its the digital equivalent of smearing shit on your cell wall - ie. doing a Bobbie Sands. RU4Real is obviously the worst troll that MF has created in recent years. Bring back keyboarder! He was much much better to wind up than this semi literate humourless fucktard. O Rly and Bobby Sands is your personal interpretation,
  4. And how would you describe shorthand?
  5. why and who are you to tell me what to do?
  6. That is the message board equivalent of doing a Bobbie Sands (ask a grown up to explain that one). Well done. I know all about Bobby Sands but i dont get what that has to do with this dot matrics thing saying 'orly'? Could someone explain? I have always known it as this way below and do not know the connection between Bobby Sands and the picture image, but have removed it from my postings as I do not want 2 post bad things as associated by formaldehyde man http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=o%20rly Internet slang, short for "Oh, really?". Used in the following ways
  7. (Does this look better?) I was going to find fault with your username, but that would have made me just as bad as formaldehyde man and so I won't, but I have to ask as you brought it up, why can't I tell him to act like a grown up, because of the different way I use my words? The words I use are accepted as being quicker to write, more economic with space and in various reference books. I have read the terms and conditions now (sorry mods for my earlier mess) and see that he breaches many more terms and conditions than I've done, but I can't see anywhere about spelling mistakes or good gram
  8. That is the message board equivalent of doing a Bobbie Sands (ask a grown up to explain that one). Well done. I see wot it means now and hadn't heard of Bobby Sands until now and have taken the image off coz of the things it represents, but I C from ur reply that U congratulated me on my error, knowing full well wot it meant. Formaldehyde man is maybe not as bad as these people R, but I have read his posts and he is defo a sad man, choosing 2 sneer & pull people down at every chance, like sucking the blood out of them like a leech. He does not say good things about others and I que
  9. Have you been drinking meths again? How can I when you drink them like a tit Actually, you are not a meths drinker, you are just a retard aren't you? Takes one 2 know one formaldehyde man hahah this is great from a crinkly ... lol Still can't believe u replied back which means ur hooked and so ownage is mine Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! u cud reply back of course, 2 try and not lose face, but hey boy, doesnt matter coz i pnwed u gud style and now its up 2 u, 2 see if the hook is still there (Mods, soz 4 being off thread, but the waiter at the last supper started it)
  10. There's a big diff between a hacker and a cracker.

  11. Have you been drinking meths again? How can I when you drink them like a tit
  12. Agreed, absolutely daft. "Any person who vitiates the atmosphere in any place so as to make it noxious to the public to the health of persons in general dwelling or carrying on business in the neighbourhood or passing along a public way shall be guilty of a misdemeanour." They should check their mouth, coz its saying the same noise and must be a prob when they go 2 loo wondering which end 2 use first. I agree... daft - better out than in my dad said
  13. Looking at past threads, I saw lots of views that slagged peeps off coz it didnt suit their view which 2 me is all about trying to own and 2 fudge their point away, when I'd prefer a diffy view even if I didnt like it. I'm not sure how it works, but if porridge man lived in the South, who can he vote 4? Is it where he lives normal or 4 where he is in the North? If its 4 where he lives, does that mean that other peeps from other countries have also a choice of a vote in their country or here and what happens 4 the council? I see peeps go 2 jail for not paying fines for loads of reasons,
  14. This forum is so funny Listening 2 people getting freaked out about those who smoke. I have cut bits and pieces from the posts and put them into 3 parts. smoke - none smoke and middle. SMOKE: Smoking is legal and smokers pay more tax. Typical yanks biggest polluters in the world and they worry about a bit of ciggy smoke (I like this point) ---cause all that smoke is so bad for you, but we wont worry about all them cars will we (side issue) There is no good reason for legislation. (Interesting point) ---Depends what reason its being done for?, America seems to enjoy being the first
  15. Why don't you just fuck off then? LOL, I didn't even have you in the running, but goes to show that even Micky Mouse has his moment. Past events TODAY - Whinge 1 I think most people are getting tired of this now and sympathy has dried up. What a fantastic world to live in during a recession. The chance of a job ring-fenced from everyone else in the real world if your role is made redundant, or a massive redundancy payment if you even fail that test, or perhaps early retirement on your guaranteed pension if your over 50. Then they say that we don't understand how working for government h
  16. I joined this forum for a laugh and I'm still rofl now having read article after article where it seems the same people whinge time after time. Looking through the back threads, there's deffo a pattern emerging with certain 'saggy emo's' not liking different government departments like the DOT, MHK's oh and Tax and pensions, can't forget about them. Some into drugs, some anti-drugs, some gay, some anti-gay, some religious, some anti-religious, but unbelievably for old codgers, there's some who seem to do some research before writing and they get the thumbs up from me as its facts and not g
  17. errr ok. bring bring... gov: hello this is jim from the gov how can I help? me: why the f are you wasting tons of money doing unneccessary work on the roads? gov: We aren't, we are doing necessary work. thank you goodbye... me.. errr.. hello?? hello??.. yeah great plan man that would work. have you talked to the right people and not the samaritans?
  18. I can't think of the name of him, but he was an MP who got put into jail for fraud i think and after selling a book, he made some programs and one of these was what was the best way to kill someone. it worked out that it was some type of laughing gas which made them happy as they died. depends on offence i suppose, but two for one. they're happy, we're happy, how good is that?
  19. lol I find it funny when people say why this or why that on a forum when the obvious answer is to ring them up and find out in the first place. It's as if the land is full of 'Nints'
  20. - seaweed, pebbles, effluence, empty cans, used condoms... I mentioned about horse trams and seaweed etc is a side issue to me, although just as important in its own way. Maybe the threads title should say, 'Sort tidiness up along the prom first before replying to goodbye to the horse trams' but reading past threads, some crinkly will just add another side issue as well.
  21. Keep the trams but move them closer to the sea, thereby letting traffic flow better. OK there will be problems with bad weather, sea spray but most people will get something back from it - car drivers get their freedom of road again, visitors get the view of the beach
  22. But the Island doesn't have a huge amount to offer for tourists. Certainly a lot of the reason why they come is for the quaint little things about the Island. They are the things that make the Island unique, however, unimpressive many residents might find them. Though I think the Island would certainly be less interesting without these things. EXACTLY
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