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  1. If you could transfer anywhere in time (our time/historical/futuristic/alternate realities/etc), what would you choose and why? What would be your aims and objectives of going there?
  2. Ramsey, as a natural area, is beautiful - nowhere on the Island, imo, can match the location and natural presentation of our coastline. What spoils Ramsey immensely, is Parliament Street shops - absolutely disgraceful frontages (20 years ago, this was a lovely little shopping street and many people came from all over the Island to shop there). Also, the moment charity shops move in, you know that an area is in decline. MHKs need to investigate why Ramsey is failing. We have two shores - north and south and what do they look like? Desolate. Why not line the harbour walls with palm trees as Spain does (and if those small areas can afford it, why can't we?) it would immediately life the area. Get shop keepers to maintain a minimum standard of frontages - including any flats/storage areas above the shops. The people of Ramsey can't enforce this - that's what MHKs are paid to do. Why are Ramsey's MHKs letting Ramsey fall into such a state? Maybe the rents/mortgages that are being asked for on Parliament Street needs to be looked into - that will stop many people from wanting to open up their business. St Paul's Square - although not too bad - could also do with a minor tweak here and there. Parliament Square - get rid of it. An absolute eyesore.
  3. I have no trouble in remembering and I would pit my intellect against anyone's on this thread any time you like my failing, if I have any at all, is the failure to realise that I need to adopt a more basic mode of linguistics on MF as you seem to become confused somewhat quickly. What's laughable, is someone who calls himself silent and then flaps his lips on something that he has completely wrong Best live up to your name bob ...
  4. I don't recall saying I was worried I can see that you have misread exactly what I have said. I shall come down a notch or two and keep my speech more basic in order to avoid confusion '(which in itself is rather worrying)' = that a senior police officer would post on this forum - not that I'm worried about what he/she'd see. More why he bothers. Has that made it clearer?
  5. You're the poorest troll I've seen in a long long time. 0/10 for effort. 10/10 for irrelevance
  6. Why do you think that? I don't recall saying I was worried Well, that's cleared that up then!
  7. How on earth can you make such a comment when you do not know the person concerned and have no idea of the experiences which might have led to her comments Her?
  8. The odd thing is, you've talked more to each other without attacking each other on this thread than most of the others You see - trolls can do good things too
  9. Now you're getting close except my first name isn't Joanna
  10. I understand that a certain member of the police force sometimes visits this forum (which in itself is rather worrying). So, I would like to ask him a question: Have the police become too impotent to be effective within and for the community?
  11. Well, Aquarius, that would be telling wouldn't it! Would you agree, this thread turned out to be more amusing than the usual snivelling rubbish posted on here? Such threads, I might add, only prove my point. I prefer to be a person of mystery that weilds a poking stick when necessary To those who chose to cast aspertions on my friendliness I would add this: I wasn't one of the the ones on here talking to someone who wasn't there LMAO Aww, bless. I'm back now - let's see what else I can reel you in with ...
  12. Absolutely. I'm sure "Ben" was expecting lots of frothing at the mouth type replies, I'd suggest that the current level of decorum is a more fitting riposte to his blatant and amateurish trolling. Ah, you see yourself as a good judge of character do you? So far, none of you have got it right yet you are so convinced you have which just makes it even funnier.
  13. Hmmm - case proven methinks. Ian Rush thinks you all live in tin
  14. One can only assume that you have either not lived in too many places in the world or you're easily pleased.
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