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  1. You can’t discount that the timing is very suspect though isn’t it? Manx Gas has never had an MD who has resigned (the last one got promoted and moved to Guernsey) but we get a Gas protest, some very bad PR for Manx Gas, and a lot of political pressure and all of a sudden he’s off for personal reasons and there’s a new guy parachuted in almost overnight. Still it seems there’s many on here who can’t put two and two together even if they were hit on the head by a breeze block with ‘four’ carved into it.
  2. Agreed, but then again I haven’t seen anyone speculate on the court case or its potential outcome. All that seems to have happened, as per the Juan Watterson thread, is that people have mostly used the event as an excuse to insult the person involved.
  3. I’m sure keeping warm in winter without being bankrupted is important to many people.
  4. Thanks, no surprises there but appreciate your view.
  5. Exactly it’s a load of bollocks.
  6. But going back it seems it was fine to slag off Juan Watterson over hundreds of pages. In the interests of balance did anyone check on his family status at that difficult time? That thread might have really upset him in context / mitigation.
  7. I’m guessing it needs a massive survey. That 200 year old retaining wall seems to be holding up half of Prospect Hill and Finch Road.
  8. Everyone has mobiles. I haven’t used my landline (despite paying for it to be connected) for about 18 months.
  9. Every extensive benefactor of the Manx establishment should be able to work out their own personal sell by date.
  10. I wonder what gettafas view is?
  11. Other than a press article by the nations favourite radio station linking the two .. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-gas-protest-as-md-departs/ I see Barry has posted now anyway. I’m sure his protests, which should be applauded, have helped in no small way. To believe otherwise is just being stupid. At least he has got off his ass and done something unlike you and some of the other anonymous whingers on here who have achieved very little at all despite being online all day whining and talking bollocks. It would seem that it’s easier to moan on Facebook or Manx Forums than actually do anything tangible that might change anything about the IOM.
  12. Are the two links posted by two separate posters to Manx Radio reports saying the MD is resigning not enough? I’m not playing this game as I’ve seen Woody logic in force before. Go and start a fight with someone else.
  13. I can’t see how they would have failed. Even if the price doesn’t change they’ve forced the MD to leave the company thereby creating quite an effective resolution to changing the companies strategic direction under his leadership.
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