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  1. Most embarrasing was going in to the Outback to tell someone how much I thought of him and that I really wanted to spend a lot of time with him. I worked myself up so much beforehand I'd got sooooo drunk that I had to get someone to come in with me so I could get in. The next day the bloke I went to see told me I was a 'mess' and I knew he was right. Still not got over it
  2. Blakey

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    My Wigo is ace, but not 1GB yet
  3. Double yellows are there for a reason. One of those reasons is because the emergency services cannot reach certain destinations if people are parked on double yellows. Surely that's not a point stretched too far, and a crime some have committed to have received a ticket and will now try and claim back? Some double yellows I have a doubt as to why they are there, but that is not my question.
  4. I'm intrigued, what were you expecting? The course looks like the course and you can tell where you are.
  5. And when the houses were built pre 1900?
  6. If the fire engine or ambulance couldn't get to your house because someone had parked on double yellows, would you class that as 'not a seriously serious crime'?
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    Minxie, she looks lush Congrats x
  8. A load of Chris De Burgh LP's (showing my age now!) to try and work out all the lyrics! That wouldn't be all, but I'd rather argue about what I was taking than the size of my iPod
  9. My friend uses Onetel for all his international calls. He has a box that was supplied free by ontel that he has to conect to each phone he uses. Simple and very much cheaper.
  10. An update from Duke Video
  11. Blakey

    By Gone Years

    Scroll down to third item for Gideon
  12. So which is your fave in 'That Peter Kay thing'? Mine has to be the Ice cream man
  13. This site states 15th October http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...9867933-6113456
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