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  1. I read Angels and Demons this summer,although i have to admit i wasn't thrilled to carry on after i realised this was no fiction about angels and demons per se, it was actually a conspiracy set against the Church - a good piece of literary work,though, I can recomment it. I haven't had the pleasure of reading any other of dan bronw's works,and there seems to be many contradicting views on the Da Vinci Code - should i bother??
  2. I cannot believe there is a conversation of these proportions on POTHOLES of all things!!
  3. Oi! This is a private industrial zone, no sex toys allowed on the premises - unless you have special permission form the boss, wahey!
  4. That worm was totally sick! I remember i was forced to watch a video in science about this woman who had a real larvae wriggling around in her head, and a man who willingly had all types of lice crawl up and down his body, but perhaps the worst was this man who would be payed if he willingly ate tapeworms to see how long it wold take to feel anything in his stomach!!! Needless to say I was grossed out by the end of the lesson, and decided to always avoid all types of insects.
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