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  1. Yes, you were a total flop. You don't need women when you've got a good hand.
  2. When you get into bed and the sheets are cold
  3. I fuckin love this thread.....especially Uncle Ronnie
  4. Cats don't have owners....you can run over one reverse over it and then back over it again....fair game. Dogs you have to report. ...and sheep you have to pay Farmer Giles 30 quid It's the law
  5. Agree with the Sloc and Dalby, but there are so many breathtaking vistas. It is difficult not to take for granted how lucky we are, but I do try not to. Let's just agree that the Island is generally beautiful. (And for the naysayers, yes I do agree that other spectacular views are available elsewhere in the world!) There's good views elsewhere in the world too ya know? Anyways....I agree that the road from Sulby Claddaghs through the valley and up the mountain makes me smile every time I drive it (although a fair bit slower than in the video). I also like the drive from the S
  6. We were coming over the mountain on Friday and saw a massive trail of disturbance off the Point of Ayre. We even stopped the car at Guthries and wondered whether it was a large school of fish.
  7. He just looks like he badly needs a shit. Is it me, or does he look a little like Hannibal Lecter?
  8. I thought I read somewhere that the tax revenue from alcohol and cigarettes is far greater than any cost to the NHS. Smoking in particular is great for the economy. The average fag hound pays a ton of extra tax over his lifetime then will die of cancer or heart disease. Not only has he paid for any hospital treatment many times over, he wont cost society an extra 20 years of pensions, bus passes, winter allowances etc. Don't forget, EVERYBODY will get ill and become a burden to the NHS, not just the smokers. It's just that the cleaner living amongst us will probably multiply this burden over
  9. Is the bearded lady back from Eurovision...? Foxdale I believe
  10. I think maybe it's indicative of this government trying to gain every fiscal advantage it can. A bit like using one teabag to make two cups of tea whilst having a big Mercedes parked in the drive......with the engine running.
  11. Joe Public


    I had in the past thought about nuclear waste storage , but not about fracking. Let's go for it, God knows we need the money. How about Wind turbines too? We've got wind, we've got lots of coastal water compared to say Birmingham, not much shipping. we could surround ourselves with windmills and sell the excess to the UK. It would rejuvenate our tourism as people came to view the pretty spinny towers and we could hold them buggers across to a king's ransom once Russia cuts off the gas supply. We'd also have the upper hand in future VAT agreements. I think shale gas would be an excellent
  12. Of course this was said about Geoffrey Howe by Denis Healey in 1978. He could at least be original in his put downs
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