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  1. For sale is my 2004 Honda Civic Type R. It is Cosmic Grey in colour and has 54,000 miles on the clock. It has been well looked after and is in very good condition. If you are interested in the car and would like to take a look please get in touch with me via pm or text/call 208686 I am looking for £4500
  2. what radio mics do you have, got any specs on them ? thanks
  3. I'm looking for an offcut of carpet, I'm not fussed if it has been used as long as it is clean as it will be used in my van. I need a piece approx size 1.5 meter square. If you know of any getting ripped up, etc then text me on 208686 or pm me on here. Thanks
  4. 1996 mazda mx5 mk1 1.6 66,000 miles recent clutch, cambelt and new hood very good tyres all round new exhaust, air filter and oil change. dark red in colour. £1650 text/call 208686
  5. Sound In Motion www.soundinmotion.im
  6. A bit of both now but yes it is one of the new shape tigras
  7. If anybody has any information on a vehicle that has collided with the rear of my girlfriend's car please txt/call me on 208686 or contact me through this site. Information of collision: New shape silver/blue Tigra parked on right hand side of Palace Road going up the hill. Another car has caught the passenger rear corner of the car and caused damage to paint work and left a nice dint. By where it has been hit it would have been known to the driver that they had hit it. Some dark blue paint has been left on the car from the collision. This has happened between midday Monday and midday today. We just want to exchange insurance details so that the car can be repaired.
  8. Black Iphone 3gs 32GB in very good condition. It has always had a screen protector and silicon skin case. £300 txt/call 208686 or message me.
  9. I have a black 8gb iPhone 3g unlocked. Good condition as it has spent its life in a silicon skin and with a screen protector. pm me an offer if interested.
  10. I don't fully understand the document that this relates to. Is this a one off fee when the cherished number is first purchased? If you already have a cherished number are you required to pay the amount mentioned in the document to keep it ?
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