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  1. Yes, working from home is a far more efficient method of working. Opening a new bank account now only takes 8 months.
  2. It's a variant of the Brazilian strain.
  3. Perhaps they don't have a CS pension.
  4. Self-isolating reduced from 14 to 7 days now.
  5. After many years avoiding it, it's Anchor butter for me from now on.
  6. Needs to be outside a sportshop surely. Less distance to run from with few pairs of new trainers.
  7. https://www.ft.com/content/5eb0a90b-ceb5-4441-9456-e30f9a2a7028
  8. Scientifically and strictly speaking, there's no such thing as a Manxman. Archeologists have proved that prior to the Ice Age, the Island displayed no form of human life. Therefore, we're all "Comeovers" in one form or another.
  9. I like the way it appeared in the IoM Today front page: Isle of Man News: Reveller clamped in leg irons after refusing to leave Douglas nightclub Woman who hurled glasses at man in nightclub is handed suspended sentence Coming soon: Pride in Mann 2016
  10. Just used Spectrum. 2 days start-to-finish. No complaints.
  11. Did you decide to have an extra bowl of stupid this morning? Pan - Kettle - Black Think you mean "pot"
  12. Did you decide to have an extra bowl of stupid this morning?
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