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  1. Hi all, long time no type I have a HP generation 8 nas 16tb that I use for running plex with xpenology. I'm running out of space. I need the forums expert knowledge on whether to get another HP or a Synology DS418 Play? Or would you recommend something else such as Qnap? Thanks WD
  2. Well ManxTelecom don't do loan routers anymore, maybe they should tell the rest of the staff especially the ones who are on the support first port of call if your having a problem. Anyway I took the router to telecom this morning who plugged it in and said it's not my router causing the problem.
  3. Nope just lost the connection again. Will head to Telecom in the morning to get a loan router to try, at least I can rule the router out then.
  4. I think I've sorted it by rolling back the firmware. I'll let you know tomorrow night. Joey Concrete can you recommend a Thomson (Broadcom) router? I don't think it's the vectoring as according to MT, I was only switched onto that last Monday. and according to them I;ve been getting drop outs before that.
  5. Thanks for the reply SWD. Can you or anyone else recommend a router apart from the new technicolor router that will work with MTs ultima broadband?
  6. Is anyone using the Technicolor TG589vac v2 Dual-Band VDSL/ADSL2+ router provided by Manx Telecom, if so has anyone had any issues with them. Are they suitable for streaming plex from a server? I use a Fritzbox at the moment but I'm having a few issues with disconnections usually any time from 6pm until about 9.30pm. I know it could be my line and it probably is even though I haven't had any problems in the past. If I get a new or loan router and that works fine I know it'll be my router that's faulty, If the new router has problems it will be the line or the box has a fault. If it turns out to be the latter I can get an MT engineer out and it won't cost me. Thanks in advance. WD.
  7. I've decided to go with the HP microserver with 4 x 4 terrabyte hard drives. I also have a memory upgrade. Hannay was going to build it for me but he seems to have dropped off the radar. I really don't want to mess this up, especially installing the new memory. Is there anyone out there that can help me build it and give me some advice on setting up FreeNas?
  8. Oh right! I thought it was sub-contractors doing the pavement there? According to past posts on this forum sub-contractors/the private sector are much quicker and quality of work is superior, or is that what you mean't by 'they'?
  9. WilDDog

    Ripsaw Mhk?

    I wonder if that snowdome ever got built
  10. WilDDog

    Ripsaw Mhk?

    Good Luck Ripsaw. I hope it goes your way.
  11. I thought it was worth testing the water so I plugged an external drive into my router and accessed it wirelessly through a laptop running a 1080p movie downstairs a Macbook running a 1080p movie upstairs and an ipad running a 1080p movie upstairs, these were running fine until I ran another laptop downstairs playing audio, one of the movies dropped out on the first laptop and browsing the internet was virtually non existant.
  12. I don't have the experience of setting a server up or the time to maintain one. I wanted something that's powerfull enough to stream movies without the necessary headaches that's why I thought the Synology route would be best for me. I don't know have a clue what to do now.
  13. Hi all, help needed please. I want to purchase a NAS for the above reasons, there are so many out there, synergy, Buffalo etc. I also don't want to have a pc or laptop/desktop hard wired to it. I want to add a NAS to my Fritzox router to be able to stream movies I've read reviews until I'm blue in the face and they contradict each other. I'm hoping some of you tech savvy forum user can help me out Lets say 2 to 4 people could be streaming a movie or listening to music at any one time. I need somewhere to store data, movies, audio, photgraphs., also need piece of mind if one HD breaks I won't lose data. I need something compatible with windows machines, apple tv, ipads. I was looking at the Synology DS415 4 Bay or the Synology DS214 2 Bay along with WD 4 TB harddiives. Any advice will be most welcome. Thanks in advance.
  14. I got sick and tired of buying earbuds, so went for these http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bose-SoundSport-Headphones-Apple-iPhone-Blue/dp/B00M7XZPKI/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1417644922&sr=8-6&keywords=bose+earphones I've used them everyday for well over a year and they still work fine.
  15. Apple Ipad 1st Generation 32gb WiFi 3G in excellent condition, will come restored to defaults. You will need to buy a charger and lead but these are cheap enough in Faze 2 or on ebay. £115
  16. As new Samsung NC10 Atom Netbook 2gb memory, Processor 1.6gh, Harddrive 160gb. Running windows XP. All original disks to format/reload windows etc. Battery is brand new, never been used. £100 ono.
  17. Five times? Really? So when you were plodding away in your £20k a year job all the people who left to go to the private sector were all earning £100,000 a year? You're talking totally through your arse. Nobody is getting paid 5 x more for anything, and survey after survey has shown that average salaries in IOMG are higher than in the private sector. Of course you deserve your pension. Just pay for it in a fair way without expecting other people to pay it for you is the basic point. At the moment it's other people who are topping it up out of their taxes but you seem to think it's fair to continue to ask them to do that? If you want to have a go have a go at the MHKs who have had a free ride for 25 years and because they are now having to put their hands in their pockets they are going to impose higher rates on everyone who works for IOMG. Yes five times. I'm not talking about five years ago, I'm talking about twenty five years ago when I was earning 80/90 pound a week in the public sector and the building trade private sector were earning 400/500 pound a week. I know because I went back to the private sector. So before your mouth/ fingers on keyboard sound off again, can I suggest you at least try and know what you're talking about.
  18. PK, "I'll take this on"? Who do you think you are, some higher power? You have some duff information from somewhere, you really need to get your facts correct. I have always paid into my pension and can prove it. So you're wrong. Oh! I haven't been there for 40 years and never said I had. As for the sick pay etc, etc. Like I said Private sector was making 5 times what we were back then, so they should have saved some of their cash for a rainy day instead of getting drunk every night and pissing there pension, sick, leave entitlements up the wall of some dirty boozer. When I was in the private sector I paid into a pension, paid holiday stamps so I had cash when I wanted time off or was ill and didn't spend all my hard earned cash in a fucking pub as most did back then. Spook we have been cutting back for years so don't give me that rubbish about sharing the pain. Ballaugh Biker I think you'll find that a number of contractors have and are still doing very well on .gov contracts, you only have to look who's doing the work. It's certainly not the Government manual workers, there aren't that many left of them.
  19. I work for Government, I'm certainly not lazy. I've paid my tax, NI and paid into a pension for 25 years, not 3.5% but twice that, now it will be going up considerably more to help pay for the state pension. Some of you think I don't deserve my pension and don't want me to accrue what I'm entiltled to. My back is bolloxed, my knees are bolloxed, my wrists are bolloxed, my bollocks are bolloxed, I signed up for it, yes. I signed up for it when the private sector were on 5 times the pay of what I was on. I signed up so that I would have my pension after contributing for 40, probably more fucking years of hard graft being out in all weathers. I didn't agree to anyone using the pension fund for anything other than paying pensions, pensions that have been paid in by the employee, unike the Civil Service who will take a much larger cut out but haven't been paying into it for all that long. This is where all the money is going. Remember they used the pension fund to build the hospital that is for everyone, not just Government employees. Who knows what else they've dipped into the pension fund for and not told anyone. There are men and women who work damn hard in the public sector and it's unfair that they are all constantly criticised and slagged off all the time. By the time I retire, if I make it, I'll no doub't be full of arthritis and lucky if I can still walk. The money I've paid in will be gone, my terms and conditions will be gone, infact my fucking pension will probably be gone. Yet joe bloggs who has paid nothing in will be entitled to more than me. So to all you pompous, arrogant, self righteous morons who think I don't deserve my pension. Fuck you I hope you end up destitute living on the streets. Oh wait! silly me, you'll be provided for out of the money I've paid in for the pension I won't get.
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