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  1. ade

    Decent gardener

    Lxxx, I own How Does Your Garden Grow? and I actually love taking pride in the gardens I do. Tradesmen who don't turn up when they say they are going to annoys me massively so I can promise that I'm punctual. I am confident that I will complete the required work to your satisfaction. You can find me on Facebook under How Does Your Garden Grow Isle of Man or mail me on adrian@howdoesyourgardengrow.im to have a chat about it or indeed arrange a visit to your garden.
  2. I couldn't disagree more with censorship - or declan for that matter. I think that Derek Richardson is in exactly the right time slot on 3FM. Inoffensive, pleasant and polite, he makes for a good DJ to chill to on a weekend morning. As for the creative media website , what's wrong with projecting a sense of fun and enjoyment of the workplace to people on your website? The only thing I thought when reading the staff profiles was that it sounds like an enjoyable place to work and that if I needed some creative media company to help me then I think I'd rather choose a company like this that comes
  3. I may be able to do that for you. Can I pop up sometime and have a look?
  4. I'm sorry you feel like that. We, like many others , had a team of walkers who managed the full 24 hours, for which we are extremely proud. I felt the event was a complete success. Rightly or wrongly (but clearly wrongly), I was under the impression that, although 3FM weren't the actual organisers of the event, they played a more important part than just playing the music and that they would have certainly been able to point the MHK in the direction of the organising committee who would have explained the situation in a way that Mr Corkish would have been able to answer to his constituents' (u
  5. Just reading this for the first time. I was just outside the NSC Grandstand gate when Mr Corkish arrived. He introduced himself as MHK for the Ballabrooie area and said that some of his constituents had been complaining that the music was loud and that the same song was being played over and over again. I think he thought I was a doorman of sorts. I was just there to do some laps for Team Samaritans. I directed him to the 3FM stand.
  6. Bah, would have liked to see this but Mannifest calls!
  7. I was at the bottom of Bray Hill watching him come past last night. Missed him sliding due to location, but he was just starting to do something odd as he passed me!
  8. We had a brilliant night, thanks to everyone who came down to the Villa on Saturday. Yeah, we decided to leave "For those about to Rock" out due to the lack of cannons and the effect on the song itself. We've already had a chat about doing it in future... No, the band on Mad Sunday last year (and this Mad Sunday) was/is A Little Bitta' Rosie. Same singer, different band. We're doing a double header with Ed Force One, so if rock is your thing, then you could do worse than coming down to the tent this weekend for a bit of Maiden and 'DC
  9. OK, I'll bite. If you, or someone you know feels that suicide may be their only option, the Samaritans are available to listen and to offer emotional support. The Isle of Man branch can be contacted on 663399 or you can drop in for a face to face chat (opening times are in the Courier each week). If you'd rather not speak to someone local, the national number is 08457 909090 or you can email jo@samaritans.org
  10. ade

    F1 2011

    Do the quali as normal, then Charlie Whiting flips a coin to see whether the grid is reversed or not. Plenty of action and overtaking, but you'd always want to be fastest in quali just in case. Simple, cheap and potentially fun!
  11. Yeah, it's down to subsidies given by the UK. I started a degree course last year and found that my module fees were about 2 - 3 times the cost of the UK prices. I eventually found a section in the OU help guide that stated that UK residents receive subsidies for the courses while the likes of the IOM don't. It's the price that's specifically made me stop studying my course. My next module was over £1000 but if I was in the UK, it was something like £360. Just can't afford it.
  12. ade

    Snow !

    Yeah, same happened on Friday afternoon, I saw two cars coming to the junction and sliding straight out onto Bucks Road. So slippery.
  13. ade


    Had the same problems last night Cret, I thought it was just me at the time. It got to the point that I got fed up with waiting, must have been nearly 3 minutes watching the GT logo after pressing the home button. It seems that most are having this issue. It's to do with the game accessing Sony servers, even if you are playing in single player GT mode. Gran Turismo It appears that the simple solution to fix the waiting time is to disable your online mode on your dashboard.
  14. If.....in Abu Dhabi this weekend, Vettel wins Webber 2nd Alonso 5th They all end up on 256 points. Countback? Vettel will have won 5 races Alonso will have won 5 races Webber will have won 4 races Vettel has 2 2nds Alonso has 2 2nds Vettel has 3 3rds Alonso has 3 3rds Do they keep counting back until a winner is reached?
  15. Before you go rushing in, at least have a look at this guy's site. I'm sure he'd get a quote to you in no time. His work is properly good. Pete Williamson
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