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  1. Try telling that to every bugger who insists on adding 10 quid to every parcel force quote when you order online.
  2. Haha, reminds me of ' photos - do not bend ' stickers! Only to have a kind postie write on it .. ' oh yes they do! ' I had a package of co2 jackets and cylinders and auto inflate tabs sent here once. The package said on the front ' co2 cylinders do not fly '. The well known UK carrier wrote on it ' oh yes they do ' and every single one was dented and the autos and jackets had bits broke off. Sometimes, you just cannot win.
  3. It can be connected but that's not what I was taught or have read anywhere. In simple terms inflation is a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money. Inflation means INFLATING the money supply. You really are an idiot, step away from the window.
  4. Inflation, the rise in price of goods and services, which leads to less spending power in the economy. inflating the amount of money is a method to make money cheaper so goods and services can be purchased, money loaned at a cheaper rate and therefore more goods produced = more money for the producers who in turn can pay a better wage. Better wage means more money in the economy, more money in the economy means more taxes paid in vat, fuel duty etc, which means more money for the gov. Which means better services, better benefits and better pay for gov. workers. The balance is to not spend so much on gov. services and wage bills, which increases gov. balances which can be saved until someone in America sneezes again and the world catches a cold. The other major point is for the banks not to fuck up the whole system by lending to people who cannot pay it back and not to pay themselves so much of the money is does not get to filter down to the wallets and purses of the men and women on the street.
  5. In March they announced the possibility of scrapping whit c and brining them and the cs under one banner. One would assume that doing this would wipe out any vote and promises given.
  6. Sideshow Bob Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs The latest bad guy in Skyfall
  7. The new radar is about as useful as the one in Spain, maybe if someone went over over and stole that one it may have a chance of working.
  8. probably on a google sky drive somewhere!
  9. Breeches in the UK are handed over by the cps to the ctd (counter terrorist division ) in relation to press breeches, so, one would assume other cases would be handled the same. These would probably go unreported unlike the recent case of cyphers being stored and recorded, which , the story was probably leaked and the leak dealt with under the act.
  10. Not really, you would be surprised at the number of jobs and volunteer positions that require you to sign the declaration that you have seen or are aware of a section/s of The Act. I signed as a hobby bobby, retained fire service personnel, supplier of services, driver of UK gov. vehicles, the catch all list is endless and includes some really basic posts in a wide variety of jobs. some of the time you are just given a pile of paperwork to sign for a job, in that pile could be a simple ' I declare I am aware of the The Act in relation to .... Blah what ever ...
  11. Sell Gov. House, save some of our cash and let us just Skype The Queen if we needed anything (or text her, she may be busy on the 'throne' and I'd hate for her to think if us as an island that calls and interrupts the royal poo.)
  12. He gave me a medal .. and some cheap plonk
  13. I'll just start this one now so it's ready for GP race week.
  14. Spare a thought for all the little darlings in a certain new school on the island. But it did cool to a chilly 34 degrees C by 6pm Monday.
  15. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/kentish_gazette/news/3000-worth-of-gardening-equipment-1143/ I'm sure it couldn't possibly be, but if you are offered a cheap lawn mower, pick up from the north or Douglas, just beware.
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