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  1. A challenge to a poster we all know is now banned?
  2. He was pretty much bang on by insulting the sock puppet of a mod. The previous 25 accusations of sock puppetry against Faceman accusing him of being TJ don’t count. As most of them were by the sock puppets of a mod which will never get banned or suspended as they dish it out. They dont take it.
  3. I hope you do get a discount on your subscription for having special needs. It’s unfair to inflict it on others otherwise.
  4. Predictable. Nobody can accuse the mods of anything on here. Is this forum run by James Corrin? It seems to ban posters who make pretty valid challenges to the moderators?
  5. Maybe it’s pointing out the obvious here but they haven’t said that they are stopping meals on wheels. They are stopping Help The Ageds contract to deliver the food for meals on wheels. I know people are being distracted by opportunists like Callister blowing this into something else but nobody appears to have said that meals on wheels is totally stopping. They are looking for another service provider and have given the existing service provider notice that their contract will be stopping.
  6. Did he ask you directly did he?
  7. Dont poke the shit troll with a stick. Nobody wants to read anymore of his shit and retarded trolling.
  8. It is obviously subsidized. The government canteen is hilarious though as they all claim they still can’t afford to eat in there on their poor salaries but the food is a lot cheaper than it is anywhere else in town.
  9. Good, fuck off you waste of skin. Your pathetic trolling and need to be a complete cunt every day just to keep yourself amused is just fucking boring. I hope that was a flounce and you won’t be back for a while you tedious cretinous unfunny toss bag.
  10. Genuinely funny that someone like you can be so thick.
  11. I must have got confused. I was looking at a Toyota Hiace that stinks of dog.
  12. You can say that again. Have you still got that shitty Toyota van for sale?
  13. Why would they stock up? Jackson’s will be banging out volumes of VWs from a more convenient to get to base for most of the IOM so no point in over ordering and that leaves Hyundai and Mazda both low volume purchases in the IOM. Surprised they’ve managed in business for so long.
  14. hboy

    Saw This

    After yourself though obviously.
  15. That's really funny coming from the biggest, angriest, big mouthed, pseudo important, cock womble to ever post on Manx Forums. You seem obsessed with meltdowns and yet the only melt down worthy of note would seem to be the constant day on day meltdown of rubbish you post on here and your general delusions about being some important big wig when clearly you have fuck all whosoever to do all day but post angry nonsense on Manx Forums thinking it makes you look clever. What an embarrassment as a human being. People are openly laughing at your totally cretinous and angry views and the clear anger having a small penis brings out in your posts.
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