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  1. It’s a great point as we will be losing sight of how many people are infected coming to the island (and that should form part of the border phasing) it would be a tough ask for people to volunteer though given how intrusive the tests are if the sample people are not symptomatic. There is also the risk of someone testing positive on day 13 where they will then have to self isolate from that point for another 2 weeks. If testing isn’t mandatory or because someone is symptomatic, I think they will have less people coming forward.
  2. All the “Guests” at the prison for COVID related violations are self isolated and on a separate wing to the general population. They wouldn’t need to lock the full prison down.
  3. “police called at her home she was said to have pulled away from officers and swore.” May have something to do with it. Although given the responsibilities placed on people returning from the UK, it wouldn’t have been the smartest move to go into a shop no matter the circumstances.
  4. This why would they even entertain the idea of opening up the borders until there is a large scale vaccine available. There is a lot of anecdotal chat about how effective a vaccine will be but it’s a viable strategy nonetheless. The CI’s can do what they want and have a more risk based approach. Tourism and travel isn’t crippling us as a nation.
  5. The UK including the Island.....MT must be proud of themselves......that doesn’t make sense.
  6. Ok. It will work fine with Fibre as a direct PPPOE router, not sure how to configure for bridge mode fed via a lan port
  7. https://www.asus.com/us/support/FAQ/1042816 Disable the VLAN, stick everything else on auto.
  8. What’s the options it gives for set up? are you on Fibre, VDSL, ADSL?
  9. Those given exemptions have been given guidance on having to socially distance and not go out in public though so it’s not like they come over free from any restrictions.
  10. Which ones did you get? I played around with the RT-AX92U set which are just mesh access points and still need a modem to provide the back haul. There are Ai-Mesh routers rather than just the mesh access points, it should be fairly obvious if you have the router or the access points.
  11. The positive prof on Twitter posted a link to some Italian research that suggested there was a significant % of antibody tests that came out negative for people who tested positive for Covid. The theory was that they were mild cases where existing viral antibodies (flu etc) fought off the virus.
  12. To give a ministerial eyes only brief to Ashy
  13. Man in the pub (landlord) said the team from the Archie are moving on which is why they are not open yet.
  14. Seeing some pics from around the south of the Island in the local pubs with pints flowing. Great to see. Sadleoke is on for Thursday, not sure how many other pubs someone said are not opening up but can’t see anything official so far. guessing or from reliable sources?
  15. The Cat has had various people in for the last week getting things ready, don’t see any evidence of that closing anytime soon. I though the Manor was a corpy building ran by H&B Could be a great happy water type place, not sure if it’s listed.
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