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  1. It’s a very well timed recording. There are a few different scenarios that you can choose to play out.
  2. It’s a prank app, loads doing the rounds. The convo is recorded and sent back to the person who put the number forward.
  3. Was away at the weekend and on the bus journey through Garston I noticed a Newish KFC drive through. I assume it will be around the same size judging by the plot. It looked stylish and modern. The last KFC I went to was in Blackpool a couple of months ago and was a complete horror. Reminded me of the one we had in town. starbucks will be interesting as a drive through.
  4. Domestic incident that the police attended where (presumably the gobbing off/effing and jeffing took place) it wouldn’t have mattered if it was her home or not.
  5. Pretty sure there was a bizarre cus word/phrase in Manx, something like take a shit in my hat.
  6. Used them a few times in South Armagh for various reasons. Not an absolute show stopper if the driver is determined to make good their escape, certainly slows the vehicle down to a more manageable level. Glad to see them used, can’t see this happening very often though.
  7. Which is ironic as Cisco has more back doors than canal street
  8. Japan hasn’t stopped 5G, it’s replacing core elements due to political issues.
  9. So where are the credible links that it was 5G testing that killed the birds?
  10. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/5g-cellular-test-birds/
  11. Still don’t know why you are using the JSY comparison. They (Sure and JT) are preparing to launch 5G in the next 6-12 months. The IOM is part way through a Fibre roll out. Not much talk of a full 5G launch as yet but it will launch at some point. Possible LTE or 5G FWA to more rural areas which has seen success in the UK rural areas, it’s not economically viable to put Fibre everywhere unless your funded by the government. So Fibre, 5G in populated areas for connected city/IOT and rural 5G FWA - lots of changes to the current connectivity in the UK, will be interesting to see how the Manx Providers build their networks out. Either way and coming back to my first point, Fibre is not an alternative to 5G, JSY chose to crack on and push for 100% population coverage as they were backed by the Government. The networks are still going ahead with 5G.
  12. Really early on it was stated that the Telco’s work to the safety guidelines both globally and within the EU. This was scoffed at as the WHO and ICNIRP were paid off by the Telco’s so even by following what’s lawful based on credible scientific fact, it won’t be good enough for a very small minority of people.
  13. It’s not either or though. Fibre is coming as is 5G, they serve different purposes. You linked Jersey in an earlier post, they have 100% FTTP and are launching 5G shortly. Pretty sure nobody on the adjacent isle has sued the network vendors using 5G that’s been up for the last 6 months.
  14. Direct fibre started 2 years ago, it’s a completely different market than 5G. 5G is the gateway to autonomy which will compliment IOT/ITIT technology aswell as fibre in the home.
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