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  1. Ha ha, that was quality. Currently explaining to a group of my UK colleagues that the video is genuine and not a spoof, they are having none of it.
  2. it must be lunchtime, I thought they were fancy doughnuts
  3. There was a recent meeting in Onchan hub attended by around 60 Anti-vaxxers (husband of one of them is in our golf group) Fascinating how rational people can have their common sense overshadowed by mentalist views. I am assuming mostly via YouTube and Facebook groups but if people are meeting up in person, this must add more credibility to their cause as it’s taking the discussion offline.
  4. I agree regarding cases as there isn’t an accurate way of tracking and it’s largely irrelevant anyway. Hospitalisations and available beds in the next few weeks is the interest for me and I guess other people too as this could influence behaviour
  5. I think it’s down to a lack of information being provided in the public domain that gives us any idea of what to expect in the short term. Despite the dates constantly evolving, and the potential inaccuracies It’s the only one out there really apart from Danny Winrow’s (again from Twitter)
  6. I see Dr Fairfax has posted some simple projections on Twitter which is great to see. It would have been more enlightening to have these posted without calibration and then actuals plotted against predicted. Still interesting all the same
  7. She wasn’t very attractive…….. Anyhoo, what an absolute shitshow. The fact that there was more than a couple of hysterical lunatics there is a worry. In times of relative crisis people sometimes lose perspective but that was full on Phoenix nights meets the X files. let’s hope the cooler weather dampens their enthusiasm for a while as that display was pure embarrassment. Fully expecting to see that clip pop up on satirical TV shows in the coming weeks saying how crackers the Manx are.
  8. If they are not expecting the numbers, it’s hardly surprising that some venues/services won’t be running full time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I am sure checking to see what’s running and what’s not is an easy way to avoid disappointment but unless it’s prompted or you have super organised holidaymakers, there will be a few confused punters around this summer.
  9. I tried looking at the model on Google docs but it’s all Greek to me. Today is day 34 if June 26th was day 0 or whatever. The request was genuine to see if the modelling is matching up to the reported stats. Part of the reason for my curiosity is around the shift to LFT and people either succumbing to symptoms and riding it out without testing as they don’t want to SI or they use an LFT pathway without calling 111 so they don’t become a statistic on the dashboard. With the above, projected hospital admissions may be one of the only visible markers if that’s such a thing.
  10. That’s a no then? Simple words please Ben, I am thick as mince
  11. Most areas of the Island are spot on. There are plenty of weekend adventures to be had exploring and finding new things to do, mostly outdoors. Its a significant change of pace compared to most UK areas. The Manx are known for our hospitality despite what some may think on social media (it’s not real life). Eating/drinking is getting a lot better recently with some fantastic places opening up across the Island
  12. @BenFairfax - genuinely curious, as you seem to have a very bold statement using your numbers around the future timeline of our current Covid “wave”, has your modelling been accurate to date? Is there a simple graphical format an idiot such as myself could follow depicting your timeline, the factual timeline? Thanks
  13. Seeing people back in work that caught Covid at the nunnery. so, with no exit tests we should be looking at 100+ people a day out of SI which will hopefully help the venues that have been struggling with staff. As many people flapping on Social media about the current situation, out in the real world there is little or no panic and the atmosphere seems really positive. There are even more than a few people casually donning masks when faced with crowded or poorly ventilated areas and nobody is batting an eyelid. I think the people driving the mandate for masks want some sort of fanfare played for attention when the reality is it’s becoming part of normal life and there is far less stigma around compared to the previous waves.
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