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  1. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just unproven sudo-science with no credibility within the actual scientific community. Where are all the UK lawsuits instead of all that US shite?
  2. 5G won’t help people’s internal network set up or with a signal penetrating external walls. Fibre and mesh networks are the future in home. Sure have been setting up micro cells on top of buildings which has largely gone un-noticed but their network is a lot better than it used to be. MT have not put any new kit up and the signal seems much worse than it used to be. The days of additional masts are gone as so many people cry about it so it’s all about the smaller cells IMO. with regards to the UK networks, in particular motorways - that’s where the focus of the infrastructure is so it’s no wonder the signal is much better than here. The UK still has massive spots with no GSM let alone 3/4G although most main supply routes are covered.
  3. You mean clamping down on fake news?
  4. Shinobi double dragon (?) track & field
  5. I wasn’t aware of how high the call has to be made but I am suggesting that there are some or at least one within the force who is keen to get the toys out quicker than anyone else Which is a frightening thought. I am a big fan of COC though so if the call is being made in puzzle palace, great to hear.
  6. Rewind 12 months and a copper would have just went up to the farm land for a chat. It’s not going to be long before the ARU make a big mistake
  7. I am guessing it’s a 2.2 privately owned rifle on private land and our newly qualified ARU officer wanted to try his rural kit out.
  8. immortalpuppet


    Not sure what yesterday was like but the quiet session this morning was dead (fittingly). The 10:30 session was busy though, good to see the pool back in action. Peering over into the little ones splash area, it is going to be fantastic when it’s finally opened.
  9. Fixed ip? If you transferred the fixed ip from your DSL service and it wasn’t recovered then it’s possible that there was a conflict between the 2 which would mean rebooting the router would establish the ip session to the correct router/username.
  10. The time saving will be around back office processes. If it’s fairly new, it will likely need bedding in and refreshing a couple of times before it’s an effective time saving customer side. whenever I see people scanning, I assume it’s a small step away from self serve or automation.
  11. Had a letter drop in Laxey from the 5G aware lunatics yesterday. What a fantastic waste of their own money. No information, credible facts or even common direction. All over the place like a mad woman’s shite. Aside from the obvious 5G stuff, there are no facts around the claims they are making (still banging on about changes to planning and Sure launching a test bed) but still telling people to sign a nonsense petition and get involved.
  12. yep, that addressed the point raised. Eagerly awaiting the next instalment of ill conceived random crap with no real substance.
  13. Boils my piss to see things like this. I despair that the father has taken the time to capture this at the expense of his daughter. wank-flannel
  14. Why the US shite again. There is plenty of local info regarding the placement of masts that’s still fresh from when a mast failed to be erected in birch hill. One point from that asked for evidence that a mast would cause a decrease in housing prices. Shock horror, there wasn’t any. 5G penetration is going to be shit indoors so having a cell site within 100m (who guidelines) may actually be a selling point.
  15. Of course it can. Microwave links to masts and then wireless links to the smaller cells (MiMo)
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