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  1. Any thoughts on the UK opening up earlier than the 21st June. I can’t say I have researched a lot but glossed over more than a couple of articles recently suggesting there is mounting pressure to ease things quicker only balanced really by what’s happening in India.
  2. I went back a while ago and enjoyed casual playing. Shadowlands came out and there was something a bit different about levelling which was nice. 6 Alts later and all of the covenants done for now I am bored. Really dislike the Maw so I guess holding off for 9.1 in a few months.
  3. That’s a really good point, Sure’s 4G/4G+ Seems a lot better recently
  4. If it’s not fixed wireless access backed off to a circuit somewhere, speeds will fluctuate wildly based on loads of different variables. The local cell site might only have a 1Gb or even 100Mb link into the network which is soon saturated with only a couple of additional 4G routers. You will be limited in terms of things you can do to improve performance if it is contention. The signal strength is mostly irrelevant if the bandwidth to the cell is contended. You could try the router in different parts of the property to see if you can maybe pick up a different cell
  5. I had presumed the nod around face coverings and social distancing was referring to how we will likely go through the likes of Winter or Flu season where the expectation is that there will be some variant of virus cutting around. I have to say I don't think its a bad thing at all, just as long as the IOMG don't get any silly ideas of bringing in Circuit breakers every year.
  6. It’s a little more layered than just the fabled passport. Negative testing (or a negative result within 36 hours prior) on entry to events and 5 day follow up. Positive result proof within a time frame (natural immunity) Some of thing things being trialled domestically.
  7. Or a dog that's made a noise and in need of a tazing
  8. Excited to hear what Paul the Aldi Poirot Moulton has got for us this evening.
  9. The T&T process being contacted by 111 and asked to test?
  10. Neither has mine @John Wright. I imagine that's available at the back end somewhere in the more detailed GP notes for them to see.
  11. Nice to see its showing on my 'Patient access' app already. This may come in handy before anyone sorts their shit out in terms of a passport/proof of vaccination. I don't hold out too much hope for the small paper copy
  12. The Sky WiFi between the boxes can be problematic but it’s usually on the 2.4Ghz band which can be disabled in the settings. The Sky boxes need to either see each other wirelessly or via LAN, they don’t like using other mesh networks.
  13. Are the mini boxes in the same rooms that the BT discs are going to be? If so, you can use the LAN port on the BT discs for the Mini boxes. You should be able to inbox and set up your BT boxes now and either use your DSL connection or even just co figure and adjust the mesh network without an internet feed to do some testing
  14. Anecdotally, people are feeling a bit unwell for a day or so after the first AZ jab whereas its the second Pf jab that seems to make people sick with that vaccine.
  15. I don’t know for certain but I saw some social media posts last week inferring that a young person had either tried to or had committed suicide recently which is what prompted the singleton support bubble.
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