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  1. There was a bar down the side of the building last year when they played, I suspect the same will happen again.
  2. I’d struggle to count any kids in my extended family/friends and neighbours who haven’t had covid yet. Must be nearing the point where the Yoofs have all had it
  3. There are around 10 sponsors each paying quite a tidy sum.
  4. There are some musings on the Twattosphere around a 24% positivity rate for covid testing. Does this not outline triage by 111 working correctly or have I over simplified my thinking? People being asked to take LFT’s which come back negative, not being asked to come forward for a PCR test. Those testing a positive LFT being asked for a PCR test and likely to test positive meaning a higher positivity test rate. The good Doctor is having a rant about not enough testing being done. Usual chirps by the miserable folk on there as expected.
  5. Credible threat of violence Viable device found Body More than plain curiosity as one of my kids attends the school. Staff were great at the evacuation and keeping kids calm etc but still no idea what was involved.
  6. The names were 2 doors out on each of the addresses. Other candidates were correct
  7. Yeah cheers for that psychological evaluation based on a couple of sentences.
  8. So many posts about Josem, no wonder he has stopped advertising when so many people have his name in the public domain. I have had a few interactions with him and find him to be a sound, genuine fella. He was hosting open invitation BBQ’s and networking with people long before his political ambitions started to come forward. cringe as fuck at some of his social media posts and that video though….
  9. I really wanted to like John but there are some holes in his manifesto that simple research could have addressed. I missed his visit when he was on walkabout last week. He does however pick up on some points that none of the others want to try and tackle when I have asked in the past simple stuff, the pavements and roads in the area are so neglected its difficult to cut around with a pram/wheelchair which we do on a daily basis. Ashy called a couple of weeks ago, I used to bully him in School and have never liked him so it wasn't a lengthy conversation. Ralf messed up his post drop so he got fucked in the bin straight away. Our street talks quite often around the candidates and its quite split at the moment. Not seen anything from the other candidates, I am open to which way I am going to vote at the moment but its not going to be DA or Ralf
  10. To be fair, I wasn't a fan of LFT's until my recent experience where my partner returned from the UK and went on to develop symptoms (quite bad, couldn't catch her breath after coughing). She had a positive PCR and our children were using LFT's to monitor if they had contracted and were asymptomatic. There are people receiving cancer treatment in the wider family so we wanted to be sure after my partners isolation that the household were not incubating the virus. I can see how some of the jittery people wanting masks mandated would be testing themselves every day for shits and giggles.
  11. Will be nice to see how your comments age over the next year or so.
  12. Must have took some blowing up….
  13. Terry playing a very clever game knowing that the world is watching. Maybe they have learned some strategies to help them push through the short term before silently bringing back the old regime. Or, maybe they are going to surprise everyone and show they are committed to some sort of obscure mixture of the old guard with a more reasoned approach to the modern ideology of Islam. The latest pictures showing trigger discipline compared to 10 years ago might be sleight but it shows something has changed. Now just to try and fathom the pictures showing Terry at the funfair!
  14. Seeing lots of the global do-gooders chatting shit about how the US and UK have done a shit job and are backing out far too soon. The harsh reality is that there has never been full co-operation with the locals and the corruption in the county is so rife its farcical. I don't think there was ever a belief that things were going to really change over there. Ben Anderson did a lot of great work in Afgan, this 3 parter is a really good introduction to how we were doing back in 08/09 and not a great deal had changed.
  15. All for fortnightly bin collections, when are they swapping the bins for bigger ones then? As for the Statue, I had a brain fart at the weekend thinking I would take a picture of my boy next to it and forward it to my step dad who is a big Beatles fan with a sarcastic quote like “Staying alive”, then I remembered it wasn’t of the Beatles….why the fuck would it be of the Beatles….so I took one with a quote of”Imagine all the people” Step dad took the bait.
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