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  1. The positive prof on Twitter posted a link to some Italian research that suggested there was a significant % of antibody tests that came out negative for people who tested positive for Covid. The theory was that they were mild cases where existing viral antibodies (flu etc) fought off the virus.
  2. To give a ministerial eyes only brief to Ashy
  3. Man in the pub (landlord) said the team from the Archie are moving on which is why they are not open yet.
  4. Seeing some pics from around the south of the Island in the local pubs with pints flowing. Great to see. Sadleoke is on for Thursday, not sure how many other pubs someone said are not opening up but can’t see anything official so far. guessing or from reliable sources?
  5. The Cat has had various people in for the last week getting things ready, don’t see any evidence of that closing anytime soon. I though the Manor was a corpy building ran by H&B Could be a great happy water type place, not sure if it’s listed.
  6. They have been expecting this outcome. One of my family members is a teacher in a douglas primary, before TT the staff from the School were told that it was likely that SD would be scraped by the time the hubs were collapsed so to be ready to go back in. There have been some extra cleaning stations put in.
  7. Seems more like 3 or 4 now, I am naive to it mostly because we had black friends in School growing up and while serving there was a huge mix of race. Spending so much time in that bubble and then coming back here I genuinely didn’t think there was much of a problem here. looking to the US, I think there is clearly a huge institutional problem but I don’t think it’s solely race driven, it’s a nation living in fear and built on lies/corruption.
  8. I take great satisfaction that my kids class has a mixture of race/faith/class and that in a primary school class they learn about their friends backgrounds. There are of course parents who are unashamedly racist although the same ones are thick as mince so there must be a correlation somewhere. I think we need to make more of a point about historical bias and educate not only children but adults about the oppression and injustice of black people. We should only be a generation away from eradicating fundamental racism but events around the world don’t reflect that.
  9. In the UK they were worried about 2nd waves because of the NHS clapping in London, the VE Day Conga lines, the protests. It doesn’t look like the 2nd wave is likely at all here, yes there is a risk of it by the very nature of Covid being such a contagious virus but with no active cases and any Asymptomatic people left being vary rare to pass it on. Another 14 days time when we’re in the same position as now, everything should just be dropped with a focus on hand washing and vulnerable people taking extra steps to limit contact. Thats assuming the march has a few hundred people who aren’t social distancing or taking measures to limit any potential exposure.
  10. Don’t give a fudge what’s happening in Florida, just highlighting whoever is telling you what’s happening here have it wrong.
  11. Stasi IOM? Not sure who is giving you info but things are relaxed AF. Pubs, Schools and dentists seem to the the popular talking points although visits to family in vulnerable places such as care/res homes and hospital are also under debate. There is precious little you can’t do at the moment unless you are cowering behind your net curtains or medically shielding.
  12. I like @ProfKarolSikora’s Musings. It’s not fiat 500 twitter or Karen from Facebook and most of his posts are skewed with a positive angle but remarkably interesting:
  13. There’s a couple of food establishments taking their sweet time to serve food outdoors while patrons quench their thirst! Cheers to them
  14. What are you trying to do on your connection though? What does the download speed matter? How different is it during the quieter periods? Sure has backhaul that’s different to MT so it’s not all about the infrastructure on Island. people get massively hung up on the numbers when the reality is it makes no difference unless there is something quite specific you are struggling with. speed advertising is slowly stopping across the EU and more focus is being put on performance of applications with things like Netflix/Google/Facebook Caches deployed in service providers data centres rather than in different countries.
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