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  1. Colleague was told to self isolate as his partner was in Java during the time/date stated. Initial test for his partner came back negative, they have both been cleared to end self isolation and go about their normal lives. lots of IOMG people were in Java at the times published Yet the dance comp people and the School contacts are still self isolating after negative tests a week later. I am assuming this is because they weren’t classed as low risk as Java was.
  2. There are some scouse lads (animationfella) that produce these types of cartoons, very funny indeed. I hope the locals put more stuff out.
  3. You might want to check with them regarding support first. They have a TR69 solution which auto configures routers on their network. By using your own, they might limit the support they offer. Disable the native WiFi on the router and look at a mesh WiFi solution in your budget range.
  4. From a simpleton point of view (mine) unless you have symptoms or are asymptomatic, it’s going to give a negative result so big H being happy with the 258 negative results from contract tracing isn’t that much of a thing? I know a couple of people now who rang 111 without symptoms but had been in one of the listed places, not happy with the advice given (if no symptoms, relax) so they called again saying they felt unwell and have since been asked to go and test. Big fan of testing but can’t help thinking there will be a lot of those 1400 that are the same with no symptoms but want te
  5. I do worry sometimes, I didn’t read that as hand-wash and thought it was a bargain
  6. I think you have covered the bit that frustrates me about this whole pandemic from a local sense. Grass roots, basic leadership where we either have a calming influential person or people with open dialogue with our Island. Daily briefings didn’t give us that, they were excruciating. The Covid website was nearly there but it’s a faceless page. Charismatic, honest leadership - a Unicorn in Manx politics by the looks of it but even still, recognising that and having a spokesperson interacting would be a positive step. Facebook is and always will be a podium for flannels and p
  7. To be fair, the UK vaccine calculator has me showing as between July and Sept so we won’t be that far behind the UK. See if things speed up once the Oxford vaccine comes into the mix
  8. Performance indoors will never be as good as a cabled network. There are a lot of atmospheric issues that cause problems with mobile/fixed wireless access not to mention the topology/planning issues for infrastructure.
  9. Not to put duct into customers properties, that’s the homeowners/landlords responsibility.
  10. If it’s buried cable, there is no duct - hence the poles.
  11. General update, doesn’t usually cause people to flap.
  12. They seem to be missing the point. There is an underground network but there is no viable underground feed to their properties. Putting the new network underground means that everyone on the estate would need to create a link into the underground network at their own expense.
  13. Reset the network settings, this should then automatically pull/refresh the settings from the network if indeed that is the problem.
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