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  1. I looked at going to see the killers early June and the tickets were £105. I think the pricing for TT week is good especially as it will be (in relative terms) a smallish stage/gig. Sitting on the prom just won’t have the same atmosphere or energy as being in front of the stage. I hope it’s a massive success and opens the door to a more permanent venue or at the very least a high calibre of acts for future TT’s
  2. Not the first time Dr drama would have been wrong in her opinion. As others have said, I had family who were really ill at the back end of 2019 after they had not long traveled back from Europe and have not managed to pick up Covid or test positive for it anyway.
  3. Thus not taking sick days and on paper having a much better record from a HR point of view or for those self employed & customer facing - lost revenue
  4. It’s been the topic of discussion at work for a while as the landscape has changed a little for those who are customer facing. usually, a bit of a cough wouldn’t mean someone calls in sick, they would lash some cough medication in them and crack on. Now there is a worry that if they come into work, they might have covid and spread it around not to mention from a customers point of view they maybe worried that they will be infected by a staff member with a cough. Sickness days are expected to rise as a result for those of us that can’t work from home is the bottom line.
  5. Yeah because that happens every day.
  6. I often wonder why more advertising wasn’t a thing for the horse trams. Sponsor a tram for a season, lots of publicity, more so than a digital sign above everyone’s eyeline in the street. I don’t understand the purpose of a modern carnival, there are bits through the year with parades showing off dancers, motorbikes, tractors. I understand pride to be fair, a celebration and big turn out to get out there as a community.
  7. Time is ticking on and no sign of a decent size bin for recycling if that’s the strategy DBC wants people to get on board with. If the cost of supplying a 2nd bin for recycling exceeds £25k someone needs binning off the panel
  8. I don’t think it’s covered in the report but how was this cretin allowed to remove his vehicles from the pound and the same ones be pulled for not having tax? I am assuming they left the pound untaxed by the report. If they were taxed for a year and they lapsed again, still a dickhead but at least they left the pound taxed. If they are not taxed, they are likely uninsured aswell. Lash some breadcrumbs and seeds on the roof/bonnets and let the shitehawks cause havoc with the paintwork.
  9. To say drugs were not a factor in crashes before they could test for it wouldn’t be a level playing field. Currently (and right in my personal opinion) driving while you have drugs in your system is illegal. When weed is legalised, I would hope it follows the same foundations of drink driving where judgement is impaired.
  10. Isn’t this the one that’s up for £30,000,000 ETA - it’s not, that one is Arragon Mooar
  11. Makes sense to me, there will be a period after all restrictions are lifted and the world isn’t back to normal where things might change at a very rapid pace. Having information to hand to put fast mitigations in place seems quite normal.
  12. We are in the habit, that’s the point. Recycling isn’t new, a bin instead of a box will help but there is still 2 weeks of rubbish to fit into a bin on top of our normal recycling.
  13. Don’t understand “it’s the same amount of collections, just split between rubbish and recycling” either. We have had kerbside recycling for years, that’s a box or 2 every fortnight. Weekly rubbish is a full bin that’s going to still be full but an additional week of non recycling rubbish.
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