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  1. Of course it can. Microwave links to masts and then wireless links to the smaller cells (MiMo)
  2. Away from the Internet, have you spoken to any credible people Manxy? Thats not a jibe, I am interested to see if you have debated your views (not those of interwebz links) with someone with either a polarised view to you or neutral view with an RF background.
  3. This is proper knee jerk stuff though. What about the masts that are already equipped to carry 5G antennas all over the Island. Replacing a mast that is old and making sure it’s futureproof is not an indication of launching 5G in Ramsey. There is a ton of stuff that needs to happen first which will include the service providers holding talks with IOMG and the public before anything is switched on. The fundraiser needs to have a word with themselves.
  4. Ha ha, just read the petition. It’s not the zonal area masts you should be concerned about (if you are that way inclined) as they are well out of the way. It’s the mesh network of smaller cells on top of lampposts and other street furniture within a couple of meters. They will all be very low when it comes to ICNIRP readings but that won’t stop the crazy people arguing about them while using a phone which radiates more RF than a mast at that distance.
  5. Has the spectrum even been sold/auctioned off yet? The IOM infrastructure simply isn’t ready for 5G yet. EE is launching 5G shortly, the IoM will be a carbon copy of that network so you don’t need to start with the pitchforks. There will be a plethora of data from credible sources available from the UK.
  6. Yes, yes although I would say it’s situational. I wear them for running and when I am out and about so I can still be aware of my surroundings. I have my noise cancelling headphones for when I want some escapism or to dive into an audiobook
  7. if that were the reasoning, there should be a corresponding price increase of MT and Wimanx prices. Pretty sure it takes more than a couple of weeks to put together a pricing restructure which would also debunk your reasoning but don’t let that curb your enthusiasm, go get em tiger.
  8. You don’t need new masts, they will be micro cells/picto cells etc on top of lampposts and buildings.
  9. Detection rates or ways to report improving rather than an increase in noncey fuckers I hope.
  10. I'm not on Facebook, what type of personal data would a school Facebook page hold? During school events we are regularly told not to uplod pictures to social media so I'm assuming that works both ways.
  11. Parents/po-po should be able to track the whereabouts of them using phone/map history. Must admit I have seen some of the things happening in Onchan but wouldn't have thought this was kids. I'm probably in the minority though.
  12. Big assumption it's yoofs. Why not an angry pissed adult or someone with mental issues?
  13. The firmware is 16.3 Aqua. It' an entirely different router to the 859
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