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  1. Power surging is one thing but if there is an electrical event where you have devices connected to a copper line, the cables can conduct the surge from outside and blow the device(s) An example from 2020 - surge came through the external copper line, through the router, blew TV connected via Ethernet to the router aswell as the phones plugged into the telephone sockets. Lightening protection on a network level exists to protect the core infrastructure. Electrical surge protection (plugs) are easy to get hold of. Disconnecting everything from the phone line is the thing people forget to do. Fibre doesn’t conduct externally so surge plugs should be the only thing you need.
  2. Ours are always full or overflowing when collection day comes around (same as the rest of our estate)but we aren’t recycling enough is the patronising message from DBC to justify the cost saving measures they are bringing in.
  3. It’s a different proposition. MT now have on site configuration, maintained mesh and a rented router as part of their contract. I have seen some ISP’s in Europe doing this where they support the end users home network which is a very different model than not supporting anything beyond the socket or demarcation point.
  4. So in old money the profiles on MT are: 30mbps/100mbps/200mbps/500mbps
  5. There is no 1Gb package for MT anymore, they post the average speeds at peak times rather than the max obtainable speeds. So the average peak for a 500mbps profile is 475mbps for £100 per month. telco’s are supposed to be advertising real speeds at peak rather than up to or max obtainable but I don’t think it has been pushed through the coms commission yet.
  6. Get yourself out to Peel. The local female population love having the willies put up them.
  7. Kind of related - we had griddles which was ace, but I also remember somewhere in town across from the leisure that was called the Golden Grill. Work colleague seems to think it was the Golden Egg but I can’t remember that place. Early eighties. We were both in agreement though that griddles burgers/chicken and shakes remain unmatched and should be brought back!
  8. The App shows the same prices through the different stores. 10% blue light discount aswell , happy days.
  9. I am guessing most people got infected on Friday as did I and a lot of work colleagues. Thankfully mild and nothing more than a sweaty sleep and bit of a bark. Most of my coworkers work outdoors and in pairs and those that have it are taking precautions. Those wearing masks have reported being heckled quite a bit which hasn’t been seen since the start of the pandemic. Symptoms have all but gone for most of us which is why I am assuming it was Friday when collectively we likely picked it up.
  10. It’s fairly subjective, moving from London back to IOM is very different from moving back from somewhere like rural Wales. Low crime rate, great sense of community, rich history and always things to do if you look. That’s what brought me back years ago.
  11. Liz gives them City status and all of a sudden one of the bellends wants a republic! Good luck with that one.
  12. I have the TT+ thing as part of an IPTV package, the quality is spot on as you would expect. Whilst the footage from around the course is good, I was expecting more footage due to the number of camera stands and Bluewave FWA dishes dotted around the place. Maybe more for race week? it’s interesting comparing the bray hill pavement footage from a few years ago to this year, night and day!
  13. James bay was a great gig, plenty of people but not rammed, conservative estimate around 2500/3000. There was a lot on last night (Thursday) and crowds in bushy’s, along the prom, up at trackside aswell as out of town.
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