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  1. Headline data is still available for those that want to manage risk according to what’s being reported. The problem of course is that there is still an under current of people not reporting their results. Having the test volume and working out the positive % seems like a nonsense to me but that’s what the crusty miserable lizards on Twitter seem to want. I believe that we are at the point where we understand on the whole where it’s appropriate to manage risk and put in mitigations (care settings, vulnerable people). I think that will be with us for the foreseeable future and it’s not a bad thing at all.
  2. Did I imagine reading somewhere local that someone was calling to test waste water for a more accurate picture of who has what/surveillance testing?
  3. I was happy with what Alf said about reporting numbers but hadn’t considered that the knock on effect may be people relying on the figures to make informed choices. What’s the compromise? A state of alertness/number trigger like a traffic light system maybe (Red +3000 active cases etc etc)
  4. I have to say I don't really follow the numbers in the UK anymore but there does seem to be a focus on case numbers rather than deaths. More sensationalism in numbers being higher I suspect. Same here to a degree, fixation on case numbers and active cases which I totally get from a point of view of the impact this may have on people isolating or looking after kids who are isolating meaning some places/services are going to struggle in the short term. What we need is a numbers man to make some wild predictions using an incorrect R number so we can all point and wave or use up our daily emoji count.
  5. Peak sometime in the next week do we think is the collective opinion based on previous surges? Work discussions and down the pub chatter seems to be focused on a circuit breaker type thing but as we have seen in the past, that hasn't worked so there is little point. Things grinding to a halt based on no availability of staff seems to be the more likely route for the next couple of weeks but I see that as riding the current wave out rather than more mitigation.
  6. Having to test once sometimes twice per day gives my colleagues creative license to explore things to do while testing.
  7. Yes, and strangely one nostril positive and the other one negative
  8. Redeployment at short notice, additional responsibility without new role profiles/job descriptions being updated, aswell as the rest of the BAU pressure cooker. Very much supportive of the NHS on this
  9. Disappointed Alf didn’t get his Sandhurst chop AKA knife hands out while covering the key parts. He also failed to say the mission twice.
  10. I am quite surprised and reassured by that conference to be fair. Accepting that Omibollocks is the dominant flavour of Covid and self management of testing and symptoms. No way of telling which flavour of Covid you have but accepting it’s irrelevant. I can see some people going into meltdown over this, especially the ones who already moan about LFD tests etc. Great result all round.
  11. Waiting patiently for the good Dr to wade in with her chastising of the NHS lab etc etc
  12. If vaccinated people have mild symptoms of Omicron and are not that arsed about or put it down to a cold as with the time of year, I don’t think we (UK at present) would have noticed at all. There was always a prediction of more cases as the winter came around. I suppose now it’s a chance to galvanise support for the booster program and extend the yoofs vacination. As Delta is highly transmissible, I am struggling to fathom how Omicron is much more transmissible. I keep seeing news reports about a person or persons in quarantine hotels managing to catch/spread the new variant yet not being in physical contact and socially distanced (separate rooms) I guess the change in transmission may have alerted us to something being different to normal Rona but then again, we may just pass it off as winter again.
  13. Booster today, thanks to whoever reminded to have your consent form filled in prior. In and jabbed within 5 minutes while a colleague took nearly 30 mins pissing around with paperwork and queuing.
  14. Alf is reporting that the lab at Nobles can now test for the new variant. Time to find out if its already here or not
  15. I don't think its to get out of paying for parties, I think for some of the bigger organisations they are worried of the bad press if one of them turned into a superspreader event. I know my partners do was canned because they were worried about the risk of the majority of the company in a single place where at the moment they have a balance of WFH and in the office with regular LFD and good ventilation.
  16. I was reading some of the Twitter responses to Alfs briefing yesterday. One particular post had a lot of anti-Vax types orchestrated in the belief that the vaccines are somehow reducing our immune systems rather than our bodies naturally learning to fight the virus off. They have come along way from chips in the arms and spoons sticking to peoples arms.
  17. Seeing a lot of company parties postponed today.
  18. The good Dr made a blog post on Friday and continued today essentially saying in house, Manx Care don’t have the expertise to run genomic sequencing. Dr G has also just announced that her company will carry out sequencing on LFD results to see what flavour of Covid you have (positive tests). The motivation seems to be that Manx Care don’t want to use the Dr’s lab so she is going to offer the service to paying customers to satisfy their curiosity.
  19. If we have a track & trace system set up, there should be a picture of how/where things are spreading and more insight around potential mitigations. I don’t get the impression that the data is going to drive what announcements come later. I really don’t want mandates forced on us again to keep a minority of shouty people in a perpetual state of fear happy.
  20. I agree with this although I am also an advocate of bringing in the best talent for the role which sometimes means someone that "commutes" or at least works that way in a junior role and is groomed for the CEO position.
  21. Yes, easy done. As other have mentioned, smart life is probably the most known. it will scan your network, attach all your smart things and away you go. you could do it via the Alexa app on your phone if you wanted to.
  22. There are a few phone apps that you can use unless you specifically want a speaker unit?
  23. Wholly depends on the type of device/devices and the complexity of the build. Vest/rucksack combo with a deadman’s switch would be a bit difficult to sit down in without arousing suspicion. Also if it was just a vest loaded with shipyard confetti, that’s going to be a heavy bit of kit, again causing suspicion.
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