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  1. The couple of YouTube videos and now the Energy FM interview show Katie Hopkins as an interesting character. Utter gobshite by all accounts but not the raving mad racist bigot I remember when she was on social media. She seems to like the Island.
  2. Solo travelling friend of mine booked the palace through hotels.com and went for the cheap as chips option. They got a cramped little room out the back which looked like it may have been used for staff or something. They spoke to reception and paid a little extra to move to a better standard of room. The manager was quite specific about not getting a free upgrade as it was a heavily discounted room.
  3. Friday was fairly quiet, only about a hundred in the main barn but there are another 3 music tents and a dance/rave stage that had plenty of people spread among them. Yesterday was really busy, the music was fab and the main barn had a few hundred people dancing to the main acts. The bar is amazing, most people brought their own booze but it’s handy having a full bar on site. Scotty has done well for sorting this festival out, the venue is much bigger than I thought it would be. I hope they put it on again next year.
  4. Used to be a free piss up ticketed event afterwards, now it’s afternoon tea…. Bastards.
  5. Connectivity stuff also needs unplugging from the telephony sockets as that’s a copper feed from outside the home all the way around your house. very common for a copper cable to induct static and then pass that through the router, down the Ethernet port and through to whatever is on the other end (TV etc). Surge protection in the external copper network is exchange based to protect the core elements. There are some failovers out in the network but nothing towards the property end.
  6. So glad Adam managed to get this cracked after his previous attempt had to be abandoned. Adam’s parents live here and he is a regular visitor aswell as a massive advocate of the island promoting it wherever he goes.
  7. Roaming again this week, esim’s are absolutely the way to go. I think they are all roughly the same price, currently using Airalo on mine and my teenagers phones. No messing around changing SIM cards, still have the main sim for calls/SMS so people can get hold of us. I think the only limitation I have seen is that the device being used needs to support esim and can’t be a WiFi only like a tablet without cellular slot.
  8. IPTV (illegal streaming) of the TT app fell over a lot last night.
  9. Not noticed anything on Fibre, mobile data has gone to shit already though.
  10. Perhaps they are counting the meals where people walked out after waiting for 2 hours +
  11. It was a pop up in the Jaks basement bar.
  12. Speed is not the difference in the offers, it’s the same network to a point back to the data centres. Sure and Wimanx offer service to the router as a package and a router to purchase. MT offer a Mesh network and router as part of their rental where as traditionally service would only be supported to the demarcation of the internal network (WiFi) that is now being provided as standard. There is a big difference in price, but it’s not like for like. If you don’t need a rented Mesh network, Don’t go to MT. If you do need Mesh, take a look at the options to buy and fit your own or rent some as a package from MT.
  13. They are different offerings which is why there’s a difference in price. Sure have a basic service (Fibre) whereas MT offer a supported Mesh WiFi solution. Wimanx have the best reputation for customer service and technical support over here although I don’t know what their pricing is. Pretty sure if MT have raised pricing they will have done from a wholesale level meaning other ISP’s will raise theirs in turn. Fibre wasn’t part of the price increase from what the reports mentioned.
  14. Victory cafe - seems to be doing well and some amazing reviews, sounds like a great success considering it’s a cafe on the mountain! Douglas Quay - The brewery focusing on entertainment around the Railway/Saddle/Oscars areas. I’m a big fan of the pub culture so I hope that they continue to expand their thinking for this part of town. Hawkins BBQ - recently jumped in with Foraging Vintners down south, sounds like a great partnership. Mad Jacks - slightly away from the axe throwing they have been putting on some niche music nights and have some more in the pipeline. Indy/alt music scene stuff but good fun all the same.
  15. Can only assume they closed the mountain to lessen the chance of people getting stranded up there rather than waiting until it starts and people are already up there.
  16. Remember when there was a couple of inches that fell mid morning a few years ago that caused havoc with the schools closing at lunch time. That was utter chaos so I am glad they made the decision early doors to avoid putting us in that situation again. The satellite pictures don’t look great later on and into tomorrow but I guess we will have to wait and see if that changes much.
  17. If there is something wrong with the service evident by the DSL dropping out, why wouldn’t you get it repaired? It’s part of the maintenance agreement you have with your service provider. The pushback is usually WiFi related but as you have mentioned you can see the DSL flapping, your ISP would also be able to see that and notice a service issue.
  18. Seem to remember the Monkeys would only get involved if it was someone longer than a month. Been sent to pick up lads that had gone AWOL a couple of times as part of a guard shift or covering as duty NCO.
  19. Way back when there were a bunch of college courses provided for free where people could learn the basics (mobiles/interwebs etc). This was also provided with free internet access at Libraries and some private companies offered free drop in learning. Help & assistance for those people who need it has been around for a long time. I don’t think demand is driving this drop in centre, as mentioned more than likely a vanity project to waste money and justify space in the sea terminal.
  20. Clearly not a deterrent for the dullard in terms of fines etc. I genuinely think he wants to keep offending to keep him in the spotlight, kind of an Aldi sociopath.
  21. The whole thing has just been a stress and pain in the ass. The most frustrating part of the patronising way we are told it’s to push people to recycle more. Same farty plastic containers that have been full every 2 weeks since kerbside recycling started. Neighbours are rotating tip runs at the weekend.
  22. Power surging is one thing but if there is an electrical event where you have devices connected to a copper line, the cables can conduct the surge from outside and blow the device(s) An example from 2020 - surge came through the external copper line, through the router, blew TV connected via Ethernet to the router aswell as the phones plugged into the telephone sockets. Lightening protection on a network level exists to protect the core infrastructure. Electrical surge protection (plugs) are easy to get hold of. Disconnecting everything from the phone line is the thing people forget to do. Fibre doesn’t conduct externally so surge plugs should be the only thing you need.
  23. Ours are always full or overflowing when collection day comes around (same as the rest of our estate)but we aren’t recycling enough is the patronising message from DBC to justify the cost saving measures they are bringing in.
  24. It’s a different proposition. MT now have on site configuration, maintained mesh and a rented router as part of their contract. I have seen some ISP’s in Europe doing this where they support the end users home network which is a very different model than not supporting anything beyond the socket or demarcation point.
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