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  1. Can't see them matching myself. Many of us on here tend to know what's going on in the island and what the present incumbants in Tynwald have achieved and been up to. Most voters are apathetic granny farmed ignoramuses - who haven't a clue yet what's about to hit them over the next couple of years. That's first hand knowledge by the way. First hand knowledge from where ? If you are so well informed let the rest of us Manx Dimbo's know, and we will dutifully vote accordingly, thereby bowing to your superior knowledge, we have been good at that over the last 30+ years. Because it will be us that have to live with what's coming over the next couple of years, and for the rest of our lives afterwards.
  2. Yet again a 'Knock the Council House Tenants' comment. Why should they not run for the Keys. I suspect this comes from a dislike for so-called 'subsidised rent's' but how many people on the Island live in houses bought with Government loans/mortgages. Where dose that money come from, I believe it to be the Government [iE Tax and Rate payers] I think you will find quite a number of Council Tenants pay those as well as the rest of you. At the end of the exercise the people on those Government loans will own their houses, a privilege not afforded to Council Tenants, who will never own their houses, which many spend long thousands on maintaining over the years. I think the contributor may find that a large number of excellent MHK's and Local Commissioners have come from Council Accommodation
  3. Has anyone ever been to a Requision Meeting where any of the 'Panel' have given a proper answer that all can understand. I have been, and each time left with no more information that when I arrived. Its all bluff and tripe, with the assumption that they are doing us a favour by allowing us in the room. More assertive and neutral Chairpersons might help, instead of ex MHKs and Captains of Parishes. The amount of credibility and time Manx Radio are giving Hugh Davidson is disgusting, but I suppose he's getting publicity, so mission accomplished Written questions? God forbid someone should ask them something they haven't had time to think about.
  4. Why do you state these things with such certainty when you do not know that they are correct? The position is set out here: My link "Except in the case of a small number of occupations (see 1.4), anyone who is not an Isle of Man worker (see 1.3) requires a work permit to take up employment (including self-employment)." "It is an offence, punishable with a fine up to £2,500 or custody for up to 3 months or both, for a person who is not an Isle of Man worker to undertake, or become or be engaged in, any employment in the Isle of Man...except under and in accordance with the terms and conditions of a work permit" Dose anyone know if there have ever been any successful prosecutions , and has anyone ever been fined £2,500 If not, pointless legislation again
  5. Somewhere along the line the point of my original comment seems to have been lost, but in the meantime the Hugh Davidson Roadshow rumbles on. The latest finding is the support of 600,000 Englishmen not living here. What is there to say except that there will be adequate flats [ English speak - Apartments] for them to have one each at the present rate of building. Yet again nice to see Mr Davidson roughing it on his Bradda Estate on Sundays BBC Programme. Apart from Manx Radio do people really take this man seriously. He will probably be gone again before to long. Depending on the result of the Election, which judging by his vast knowledge of Public Opinion he already knows - 'moving forward'
  6. Yeah dilligaf, fucking English cunts. Coming here feeding the seagulls, piss off home. THE MANX DON'T FEED SEAGULLS like you bloody lot. You're right dilligaf we should kill all foreigners. We could burn them and stab them. Nicely put
  7. Yes. Don't know about Gladys. But if you are upset about people talking aout the 36% drop in revenue and its impact on tax etc...etc...it might have been better just to have not bothered reading this thread. BTW I always note as I travel around how the golden age of the Island was in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. That is when the infrastructure was built, when the best civic buildings were consructed and when the grand mansions mostly appeared. The finance sector, as in the UK, has been a welcome addition to employment but what real enduring legacy has it provided to the Island in the last 25 years that will be admired by folk in 100 years time? Tesco
  8. Tail wind for tomorrow, time to charter a boat for all those deserting the 'sinking ship'. You will all be back in the Land of Milk and Honey in no time at all. Only drawback, you will be paying English tax again. Mus'nt grumble. Good luck, I'm sure the Manx Gov will inform you in plenty of time for their next 'Boom'. Space Flighst from Jurby ? Must be votes in that Eddie and Alan
  9. Yes. Bloody commissioners' agendas and open decision-making and voting ffs. Fucking democracy ffs. What a load of bollocks ffs. We need dictators! Witness the Council of Ministers, Top Civil Servants and the Finance Sector big wigs. We've got them
  10. I've not read the article but it seems that either the journalist has misunderstood or you have. Across the water the UK operate a scheme known as "rent a room". The idea is that if you take in a lodger, you get a little tax break instead of paying tax on all the rent. This consultation here is as far as I understand, is to try and see whether such a scheme would be feasilbe here. Have a look at the details http://www.gov.im/treasury/incometax/ConsultationDetail.gov?id=262 We did this when we lived in England. It was a way of encouraging people to take in students. Many people have spare rooms and if somebody is out at work all day or at college it needn't impinge on your family life. For older people it can provide a bit of company and peace of mind. Sad to have to explain but I was taking the pxxx, but forgot that some people are bound to take this very seriously as it is yet another way to make money. Sorry for not realising how serious a subject it is. Just blame it on me being Manx
  11. Sorry to roll out the old response again, but, I believe the manx boat is about to resume its full speed trips to the UK again from next weekend, so no excuse not to catch the 'Boat in the Morning' if you hate our Manx seagulls so much. They may even escort you there and eat all the crap you drop on the way.
  12. I think people are well able to understand specific ideological leanings and broad policy and vote on them. We read the UK newspapers, watch the TV news and listen to the Radio in the Isle of Man too! Lots of things in the UK affect us not least the growth of ideologically based legislation. You may not agree with Davidson - or like what he is doing. But he is stimulating much needed debate and that is a wholly good thing. When speaking about the UK are you speaking for just England, or do you include Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland, all much closer to the Isle of Man in history, culture and at the risk of being ridiculed 'outlook on life'[Pre Finance Sector]
  13. +1 Love it to death (probably here before either of you were born), but we all, everyone of us, have to make a living. There is no tourism, no industry and no sustainable alternative to the finance sector, so how do we all generate enough, directly and more importantly indirectly, so all of us who love it can continue to enjoy living here? Been here over 70 years then. Congratulations you remember life before the Finance Sector
  14. +1 Love it to death (probably here before either of you were born), but we all, everyone of us, have to make a living. There is no tourism, no industry and no sustainable alternative to the finance sector, so how do we all generate enough, directly and more importantly indirectly, so all of us who love it can continue to enjoy living here?
  15. 'Always Look on the Bright Side if Life' Witness the photo of the Islands new God, Hugh Davidson outside his Mansion on Bradda Head
  16. In todays Courier [8th Sept - page two] I do not profess to understand the workings of Government, and cant afford an accountant to find out, but :- A consultancy report for the Government ['Tax Relief for Letting a Room in Your Home']appears to suggest that one can rent out a room to someone in their house for a period of time, presumably with food provided. Is it me ? or did we not have a similar scheme for about a hundred years up to the 1960s where the home was called a Boarding House and the occupants, visitors [Modern speak - Tourists] May I suggest to the next group of Consultants who the Government employ, that we could call the scheme the 'Tourist Sector 2' Or more likely is this a way to keep the lower earners on the Island out of the view of the high earners, thereby saving the latter any discomfort or embarrassment
  17. Can you dumbos ever think about anything but money. What sad lives you must live, or are you some of the ones that did'nt 'fall in love with the Island' the minute you saw the Tax Rates. If the Island is so well off, thanks to the Finance Sector, then stop bleating, and let the rest of us get on with living in the Island we loved before you arrived and will continue to love after you've gone, and we are left to pick up the peices. Just stop whinging about money.
  18. I just hope the new House of Keys think of themselves as a little bit less important than the last one. Internationally the only things the Island is important for is somewhere to pay low taxes and to hide your money. A little bit less self-importance and greater concentration on looking after its own people would be nice, but I fear that the new boys and girls will be little different than the last, with , lets face it, the Finance Sector and top Civil Servants running the Island. Come down a peg Mr Bell, they are just using you.
  19. Yet another mass of 'if there's nothing in it for me' i'm not interested. Here's a novel suggestion, get Port Erin 'surveyor general' to check on who has made the most out of the Island over the past 20 years and ask them if they would be prepared to contribute more now that we are going through a bad period. I feel sure most fair minded companies and individuals would be more than willing to help. Mind you I am Manx so its possible I may be a bit stupid and have forgotten the 'Building Boom', New Resident Boom', Film Boom', Fishing and Farming Boom', and 'Tourist Boom' - all gone or going. Oh yes and the 'Finance Sector Boom'. For how much longer ?
  20. To get back to the start of this, Hugh Davidson is getting a lot of publicity both in the press and on the radio, and some of this is bound to influence some people. This is steering voters in certain directions, and I believe it to be wrong. After all the responses are percentages of 1,000 people of a population of around 80,000 [OK , not all voters] Who dose he think he is, and if he is so driven in his wish for 'truth for the people' then why not run himself. Or ask the public in a pole if they would support him. That way perhaps we would find out what his policies are.
  21. As usual this subject has honed in on the TT. The arrogance is unbelievable in ignoring the appalling driving during the year outside the TT and MGP. I did note that someone had mentioned that he see's excessive speed on the mountain on any fine Sunday from bikes and cars. As for the idiots who do drive at speeds which may endanger others, hammer them with huge fines and take their vehicles off them for long periods, and save the rest of us paying for crazy schemes like Richmond Hill. I fully expect a response from the worlds most accomplished driver Stu Peters, or mabye he will use his personal mouthpiece of Manx Radio to comment
  22. Just who is this Hugh Davidson and why is he spending his own money on an 'Election Pole' He appears to be getting lots of publicity from Newspapers and Manx Radio. His telephone voters have apparently gone for a 'Tory Government' and Alan Bell for Chief Minister. I take it the calls were not made to many council estates. I believe they 'canvased' 1000 people [ slightly more than 1% of population ] and that about two thirds voted as above [ now less than 1% ] Just what is he trying to prove? Without knowing where the calls are being placed, what are we supposed to gather from this ? because most of the people I know have no interest in English Politics anyway, and judging by the mess they seem to be in why would we wish to follow their example ? I ask the same question that is constantly asked regarding Peter Karran " Who are his backers ' ? Sunday 18th Sept. Just heard on Manx radio that the guest on 'The Mannin Line' today will be Hugh Davidson. How is this farce being allowed to continue. This man is getting more Manx Radio coverage than almost any other News items. Why do Manx Radio hold him in such esteem?
  23. Could I suggest that Manx Radio move to one of the offices owned by the Manx Government. After all there should be plenty of space when the staff cuts are made. Fully heated and air-conditioned, and after all the Government pay half their bills anyway [Or would that be US] The modern conditions could mabye keep even Stu Peters happy.
  24. delighted to see most people seem to agree that asking questions of government when you are a member of same, seems a reasonable thing to do, if you do not agree with policy. I really am sick of hearing the complaints about Peter, he may not be a Merchant Banker or a member of the Islands 'Superarchy' but he rattles the Council of Ministers continually from their arrogance. Also PLEASE stop bleating about the men in the shadows behind Peter who feed him everything, and think about the fact that probably every Member is behing fed by somebody. Keep it up Peter, I hope to God we get a few more like you in the next House.
  25. First time I have responded. Sick of hearing gripes about the TT and the vast majority of the fans who visit our Island to enjoy it. I have been a fan all my life, it brings life and colour to my Island. I have met many many bikers and fans over the years and the vast majority of them are friendly and well behaved.They have plainly upset some of the Islands Boy Racers [cars] presumably by getting in their way or interfering with their domination of our roads. Please dont try to blame the bikers for the Islands road problems. Their are too many cars and too many fools driving them[all year round]if you dont like it take aholiday and let the rest of us enjoy a bit of excitement
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