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  1. b4mbi


    Utterly bollocksie
  2. b4mbi


    It bothers me that someone would pay for this utter nonsense as it would seem to me a complete waste of money. But perhaps you're right, as it's not my money, I shouldn't be bothered, rather I should be impressed that the marketing company managed to persuade someone to sign off on such bollocks.
  3. b4mbi


    Local company rebrands here Within the press release In that context, we felt it was appropriate to recognise the revitalised nature of the group with a modern brand that better reflects the dynamic business we are today. The new name reflects the culture of commercial balance that has driven these achievements. The energy of the sun and the grounded reality of the earth symbolise the constant, constructive tension between responsibility and ambition, prudence and passion, heritage and vision. We see this as our mission both internally with staff and externally with clients: to empower responsible ambition in everything we do. This has to be the worst marketing drivel I have ever seen. Incredulous that a) it was paid for b) signed off. Plus they've spelt terra wrong if the earthly context is being applied to the new name. Or am I just not getting it?
  4. Only if someone tells him they're made from potatoes.
  5. It may have been a way to lessen the PR disaster of branch closures.
  6. You can pay money(cash/cheques) into your Barclays account at the Post Office. Why can't Post Office's do this for IOM Bank where branches are closing? Win-win in my book. IOM Bank customers retain local service, Local Post Offices have more reason to stay open and gain extra revenue, costs reduced for IOM Bank.
  7. b4mbi

    Ready Steady Cook

    Watterson taking part?
  8. Thought by the topic of this title that they'd finally given up on the NSC slides and were going to convert them into vertical gardens!!
  9. was it one of those new hybrid buses that she didn't hear coming?
  10. b4mbi

    MT 4G Broadband

    Obviously, it'll be the DoI - in line with their mandate to inconvenience the whole Island. They've cut the big shiny cable in the void they found in the prom that said "Isle of Man Internet - Under any circumstances, do NOT cut" Either that, or it'll be the flies.
  11. IOMSPC are massively constrained by the terms of the Sea Services Agreement. In this extraordinary situation, I would have taken the initiative and cancelled the totally unnecessary passenger sailings to save costs/reduce environmental impact citing all too believable technical issues.
  12. b4mbi

    MT 4G Broadband

    I find it more crazy that the resiliency of the network is not there, is there a single point of failure? Gary Lamb this morning on manx radio, saying the fault hasn't yet been identified.
  13. Sea Services Agreement, but yes, this is likely to be the position. As soon as borders were effectively closed, IOMSPC should have been screaming at DoI for suspension of the terms of the agreement due to the situation. Absolutely no requirement for a daily passenger service on the fastcraft, maybe once/twice a week. Then at least the fuel costs could have been saved, if not the staff costs.
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