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  1. Imagine Corbyn and Covid. *shudders*
  2. A very effective cock up, that sent exactly the right message about coming to iom. Doubt the mainstream uk press, would revisit it to say the man actually handed himself in!! Good way to get digs of your own for 14 days!!
  3. steam packet refunded me travel costs -today, no problem. £377 for car travel this Friday back Sunday. although their 661661 number didn't work, had to use the number from a google search - 645645 oh, and the insurance issue, depends very much on policy wording. My wording seemed pretty clear for stays in paid accommodation for at least 2 night - if you cancel because there's a pandemic in the place you were due to visit, then that's insured. However, gave up trying to get through to them after 45 mins on hold. Plus I'd booked it for a family gathering of 20... I organised and paid for it all (extended family have not reimbursed) but unclear whether I'd get full amount back, or just amount in relation to my family.
  4. 14 days isolation for anyone arriving from tomorrow 11.59hrs if I heard correctly
  5. Patient zero has been identified in China. Mr Ah Chu
  6. Absolutely agree, was also flabbergasted at that.. Crass, unsensitive & completely unnecessary to say that in the public domain.
  7. With Derek and Albert's very sensible points, to me, it is now manifestly obvious that the TT should be cancelled. This decision doesn't need to wait any further, and should be done today, why wait till Tuesday? Leadership is required. However, transport restrictions on ferry and planes is a much trickier question...
  8. But why can't iomg impose a travel ban itself? Surely this is possible? Or would that take leadership?
  9. Announcing the 4 candidates for the Douglas south by-election Buster HM Sole (Ian) Nick Crowe COVID-19 Tough one, but I'd probably go for COVID. He'd definitely shake things up a bit.
  10. Kevin-Elephant-Smith... pretty sure that's the fella!
  11. Doesn't sound like much of an expert to me.
  12. Ms Hoosen got no votes. Mr Miah got 11 and came 5th.
  13. With his track record, I would be incredulous if he is allowed to stand and seen as a fit and proper person to be elected as an MHK.
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