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  1. How many Manxmen does it take to change a lightbulb? None. Manxmen don't like change.
  2. Was on Easyjet from Liverpool tonight, had to circle for 15mins as no-one available at ATC IOM until 1700hrs???? Wtf? 16.20hrs was scheduled departure and scheduled arrival 17.00hrs We started circling at 16.45hrs. Why weren't easyjet pilots aware they couldn't land till 5pm before setting off? Surely it's reasonable for them to expect an airport to be open for a slightly earlier arrival?
  3. What hasn't been considered in this thread is how energy security would effect the "independence" discussion. The development of the gas field has the potential to provide government with the necessary capital revenue to invest fully (without borrowing) in making the island energy independent utilising sustainable renewables. We would not be beholden to the fluctuations of the global energy markets, so could provide energy to residents and businesses at a lower, predictable cost. Which has the potential to make the Island attractive for business relocations, whilst fulfilling its climate commitments.
  4. Raymond Raven at FC Isle of Man
  5. Is that the 21 that's closed you're referencing?
  6. Yep, well spotted! You must be very tall 😃
  7. there's a third board on Strand Street... but not exactly in most people's line of sight!!
  8. Exactly this, they make is so difficult/time consuming to jump through all of the required hoops, that to many people it's just not worth the hassle. On the other hand, it's taxpayers money they're giving away, so would expect some good checks and balances.
  9. Are you suggesting that "Lessons have been learned"? How unusual!!!
  10. Or ensuring the extraction of natural gas in our territorial waters goes ahead with as little red tape as possible and take the developers up on their offer to cap the price at 80p per therm? Whilst at the same time providing energy security for the Isle of Man, the finances to solve most of the Island's issues, and accelerating the path to sustainable, renewable energy generation?
  11. Where are those "Just Stop Oil" crusties when you really need them? I have many tins of soup and some mashed potato I can donate....
  12. Skilled in Role play... wonder if that's ever included Bride of Dracula?
  13. I think it's disgusting they have a whole department dedicated to making furniture. Deckchairs are their speciality, as there seems to be a high requirement for them, replacing the ones that are falling off the sinking ship...
  14. You don't think external cameras on a car are a good thing when it comes to sorting out liability for accidents? I can see why taxi driver may use internal cameras in their car. Not really anyone else though, if that's what you're meaning?
  15. The sort that have to argue with dickhead insurance companies after an accident, when the other person denies responsibility for something that's clearly their fault.
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