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  1. IOMG also appear to have selected someone who provides the right answers for the people of the Isle of Man, which is what we entrust them to do. Inevitably there's compromise between what's right to do for the people and what's best for the planet, and this short term compromise to get to a longer term sustainable energy solution has to be in the best interests of the people of the Island.
  2. @Roger Mexico but you understand how they both got to that point? Norway, by using revenues from hyrdocarbons to fund the investment in renewables. Scotland on the back of redistributed UK govt subsidies on the back of hydrocarbon revenues from north sea. That is the pathway. Yes, there is a power station to pay off, but that is fuelled by Natural Gas. Cheaper input costs = cheaper local energy prices, whilst the significant majority of gas would be exported for the £££ for renewable investment. Win-win.
  3. Guru speaks. Wow, finally someone with a grown up, mature attitude to the sustainability debate. It's so obvious the exploitation of the gas in our territorial waters is the right pathway for the Island to providing the necessary finance for the significant investment required for renewables to be the primary energy source for the Island in years to come, and thus achieving low carbon energy sustainability. Our carbon emissions are a complete red herring in this whole debate, as they are so vanishingly small and insignificant in global terms any increase or reduction of them will have no effect whatsoever. It should need just one person with an ounce of common sense to see the above, and hopefully Professor Curran is the man to deliver this. It really is about time someone changed the narrative on this whole issue. In the meantime CM confirmed to Tynwald (page 10) 24 people (14.5 equivalent full time) working on this..... Really?? Hope they all are empowered with wellies, a spade and some saplings.
  4. He didn't perform very well, but I think it's a little much to expect the CM to gain within a day (due to the pressure to respond to the ultimately unfounded allegations) detailed knowledge of the operation of something as complicated as VAT on business jets.
  5. Well done Max Interesting timing releasing that when Brexit fever reaches crescendo ...
  6. b4mbi


    £200 BILLION If this lot of fantasists get anywhere near power, then last one out blow out the candles.
  7. Are you saying "lessons will be learned"?
  8. wow, 1000 pages, and Brexit still not sorted
  9. If he want's to get off his arse, lug himself over 40 times up the side of a big hill, rearrange some stones that are there already to create an "art installation" which generally celebrates the Island he loves living on and is his way of giving something positive back and he wants to paint it white, so what?! I find it extremely hard to see how anyone can view this as offensive (OK, it's "art" and I realise that's subjective) Do you object to the stone "nipple" on top of Cronk-ny-Arry-Laa ? It's not harming anyone or anything, isn't offensive, hasn't cost taxpayer anything and certainly provides a talking point. We should all be thanking our lucky stars that DfE have had nothing what-so-ever to do with this. I think it's ace. Good on him.
  10. god almighty, a bit of perspective here. It gets painted white, and then there's a "maintenance issue", paint gradually flakes off, eventually goes back to stone colour. Big deal.
  11. oh come on slinky, don't be so miserable! I think this is great, good on him. He got no support whatsoever from anyone, so basically him and his family and friends did it. Didn't sit around and whinge, just got on with it. No harm what-so-ever in showing a bit a national pride and he didn't spend £24k on it... and now I've watched it... even better. Well done that mann.
  12. How is permanently securing our ferry access to UK crazy? It's crazy not to!! And you expect not to pay? Hello? If peel paid for the new berth (Lord knows why they would) but if they did, how do you think they'd recover their costs? And we'd have f all to show for it. Plus if it's ours, we could potentially charge berthing fees to other operators? Long term strategically for the island, it's exactly the right move.
  13. By censured, do you mean "replaced"? Preferably by someone that is polite, engaging, capable & media savvy. I wonder what he gets paid to be that obnoxious?
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