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  1. b4mbi

    Not happy

    Oh. my. god. Bee's is standing for Keys! With a manifesto like that, you're a shoe in!!
  2. dunno, but perhaps a letter addressed c/o HMP might reach her.
  3. But who's right? If two wrights make a wrong, do three wrights make it alwright? Brain melt....
  4. They changed the name of Opal Fruits? Utter Bastards. They better leave Marathons alone.
  5. b4mbi

    Town Raid

    In lockdown? With everything shut? Some bollards in Castletown that have been used maybe twice since installation?
  6. b4mbi

    Town Raid

    Yeah, something along the lines of "I'm gonna have you for ham baps"
  7. It's a T short of brilliant
  8. Should lock their velux's then?
  9. Read the notice carefully. It says the provision exists to exempt , not that they are exempt automatically.
  10. Hmm in order of things likely to happen: Americans giving up their guns Hell freezing over Return of Jesus Christ Moorhouse being the next CM The promenade being finished Humanity being around to see the heat death of the universe This tunnel.
  11. The booming property market? Number of enquiries from UK? Would that significantly increase sales prices?
  12. Hmmm. I'd speculate there are other reasons for withdrawing from the contracts....
  13. I think possibly he's crowdfunded the remaining £999,999,900 for his Ecological Geophysical Galleon and lives there, just off scarlett. Or he's been demolished by JCK whilst trying to save the Castle Mona bowling alley. Or he's completely disappeared up his own R.Sole.
  14. Boobs. Definitely.
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