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  1. Why doesn't someone just nick it? How would he know it was missing?!!
  2. Sweepstake on Howardism's for the 11am presser Odds for: Foot-teen days - 1/4 Gold standard - 1/4 Would you like to take this, David? 1/2 For fuck's sake Paul, stop asking about Rachel Glover, destroyed letters and testing capabilities. 10/1
  3. As JW points out, she says he turned up at her house at about 1pm.. uh oh.... 15miles walking from Ramsey to Douglas would take around 4 hours, especially with a heavy rucksack.... Also, the Scottish coast guard contacted him on his mobile, so he did have it with him. What time did they contact him to ascertain his whereabouts? Let my Dale stay.... FFS. if he's that great, move to Scotland with him, and his two kids that he's abandoned at Xmas.
  4. Shockingly selfish behaviour then. Perhaps the authorities didn't clamp down hard enough on offenders like ours did. Harking back to our case of the guy who broke restrictions, got locked up (if released shortly after), make national headlines, and sent a very strong message that situation was serious.
  5. Jersey just hit over 1000 active cases. Over 600 are symptomatic, its in their schools, 30 in hospital and over 60 cases in care homes and sadly 6 more deaths over recent weeks taking their toll to 38. Anyone else quite glad we stuck to our guns with the border policy? Unfortunately their gamble appears to have backfired, but of course hindsight is always 20/20 vision. Hope they can get control of it, iom and guernsey have shown them how...
  6. It's not a hole, it's a void.
  7. But that's accurate enough to ascertain whether he was in Scotland when he set off, and his approximate path across the sea to his arrival at Ramsey, all with time stamps - which potentially rules out the a) he was here all along b) he got dropped off by a trawler theories...
  8. Presumably the guy has a mobile phone, so why not check where he was on that? Sure plod have considered that....
  9. Wow, that's a mere £16,500 for each of the 10 times they've been used!! Bargain!
  10. A crack team of commissioners preparing for an RPG assault on Cosy Nook?
  11. Then clearly that different country is a shit country, with shit people and shit healthcare professionals, who know jack-shit.
  12. Didn't want to be outdone by the concrete so thought it'd have a crack to?
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