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  1. No one said access to said public register had to be free. £1,000 admin fee per access request should do it.
  2. ? They'll be in the middle of the road halfway down the prom terminus to Broadway, then still on but to one side for the rest to sea terminal. On the road all the way! The sensible option of putting a single line with passing places mostly along the walkway and seaside of the prom was not taken up.
  3. b4mbi

    Fairy tales?

    It's a marvellous book, thoroughly recommended!!
  4. but they also sell tickets to locals?
  5. And positively A1 fantastic, compared to south regions of Ukraine. And terrible compared to Norway.
  6. Interesting. The net spend on "transport services" in DoI section of the audited accounts 17/18 is £17.1m Per that tynwald written answer link @Roger Mexico gave, the net spend is just shy of £10m for bus and rail. (Net spend for rail only to plug into my figures was more around £4.5m) Ah. Bet the airport counts as "transport services" who would be surprised if that was a net spend of £7m......
  7. It just doesn't make sense to look at the horse trams in isolation - they form part of a wider heritage transport network, which in turn forms part of the whole Isle of Man as a tourist destination offering. Wouldn't it be better to take a top down approach and look at overall government accounts. What % of our total tax income are we as a community prepared to spend on attractions which support making the Isle of Man a tourist destination. This maximum % should then be allocated across all heritage/tourism assets - 10%? To go into the minutiae of the profit/loss of individual "tourist" assets is missing the broader picture. Do the entry fees for Castle Rushen cover the staffing/upkeep/maintenance of the Castle? - sure as hell not Do the fares for the heritage railways (incl. horsetram) cover their costs - sure as hell not Do the entry fees for the House of Mannanan cover the running costs - sure as hell not Who picks up the tab for running the Manx Museum? All tourist assets will have cost. So my back of a fag packet calculations based on blue book 17/18 - £233m was collected in Income Tax (not NI, not VAT or any other Govt income) by IOMG. £4.4m of net spending was made on Manx Museum and National Trust (MNH) £4.9m of net spending on Motorsport (within DfE accounts) £0.5m of net spending on Villa/Gaiety (within DfE) £1.3m of net spend on Tourist development/tourist events (within DfE) £0.4m of net spend on Wildlife Park (within DEFA) £17.1m of net spend on Transport Services (within DOI) - but this must include the buses & horse trams - it is not broken down further, but that must be most ££ due to number of bus staff. (£10.0) buses net spend cost guess. total £18.6m = approx. 8% of Income Tax receipts spent on tourist economy. - is that reasonable? Clearly, I've not considered the relatively high capital costs in maintaining the railways, but all other tourist attractions must also incur capital expense.
  8. b4mbi

    Fairy tales?

    About 6.495million specific visits with the sole purpose of visiting the slightly weather worn/vandalised fairy houses. Such sightings/visits can easily be assessed by completely making a number up. Can I have a job at DfE?
  9. Yes, but they are substantially abbreviated accounts and are by no means the full statutory audited accounts that include all the notes to the accounts that usually contain the interesting information... As it's now owned by iomg, would expect that would be difficult for the govt to wiggle out of making public the full statutory audited accounts for iomspc.... I'm sure the executive of iompsc will welcome the disclosure of the banding of their remuneration packages!!!
  10. Must have heard the horsetrams weren't running the full length off the prom, so decided to stay away.
  11. no change for Manannan, it already runs on 2020 emissions compliant MGO. Ben, they won't put a scrubber in, likely they'll wait for bunker manufacturers to LSHFO which will meet new emissions limits. Yes, will be more expensive, but not as expensive as MGO. Maybe they will put another "fuel surcharge" on, but might be restricted on doing so through new sea services agreement.. I think can probably say with certainty that fares won't get any cheaper though!!
  12. What a shock to see a certain ex-douglas councillor and convicted drink driver at these protests. What sort of negative individual feels the need to protest against about every issue under the sun? Find something creative to do!!
  13. No need to be confused. We bought it to gain control of an exceedingly profitable enterprise that can now be run for the benefit of the whole island, rather than the shareholders of a Portuguese bank. This agreement now allows iompsc to refinance itself (at a low interest rate supported by government backed guarantee), pay back the loan to treasury £76m and have sufficient funds to invest in a modern fast ferry. It is definitely, defintely not a failing business! Approx. £15m p.a. ebidta.
  14. £3 per pint of Bushy's and £4 for a warm can of bud light on Saturday...
  15. Was up there recently, looks like some of it has taken quite well, but other parts not... no idea which trees thriving, but didn't see many oaks....
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