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  1. From his failed £1Bn go-fund-me campaign.... M. The Sole King of Moraceae NOTES: Constructed for ocean dwelling, Moraceae's E.G.G (Ecological Geophysical Galleon) will be the most advanced habitation system on the planet, capable of circumnavigating Earth and conducting pioneering research into planetary science, particularly Climate Change, Space Habitation It would be complete comedy if he got in - South Douglas Resident: Ian, my street is filled with dogshit. What are you going to do about it? MHK The Sole King of Moraceae (aka Ian) : I will create an Ecological Geophysical Shit Collector, which will be the most advanced shit collector on the planet. Capable of circumnavigating the offending dog's ass before it even knows it needs a shit, so that the streets of Douglas (South) can be forever free of the climate changing pestilence that is dog shit. I will also conduct pioneering research into whether the shit can be used to sustain the growth of the hair in my 10ft effigy of Manannan (currently on display behind Harris fencing in St Johns) SDR: Sounds good. How much will it cost? MHK TSKOMAKAI : £ 1 Billion. I'll raise it on go fund me, so it won't cost the taxpayer a thing.
  2. What was he trying to spell with this one? Celtic Cross-ings
  3. Chris Thomas takes aim with world's biggest nerf gun.
  4. since IRIS. Oh, and no I don't believe Moorhouse, because Baker probably realised a chocolate teapot would be more effective.
  5. b4mbi

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    Do I remember correctly that on one of the side loaders they used to have a kids disco in the lower car deck?
  6. Fishers Hill to Gansey this morning, a cyclist merrily holding up traffic cycling on the road whilst totally ignoring the £861,000 pavement/cycle path OK, not a major hold up, no great shakes, but indicative of either a) cycle lane not fit for purpose b) cyclist being inconsiderate A farce.
  7. Yes, I was thinking exactly this, it looks like they've made the road narrower at the Queens Prom end, which will back traffic up behind the horse trams (again) or perhaps the thinking is to use the horse trams as traffic calming measures. Well, reduce the speed of traffic, certainly won't make held up drivers calmer!
  8. b4mbi

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    Let's hope this improvement in the passenger offering is addressed in the new vessel design! Free onboard wi-fi for the whole voyage would also go a long way to improving the passenger experience...
  9. b4mbi

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited celebrates it's 190th birthday today and is the oldest continually operating passenger shipping company in the world. Originally called the Mona's Isle Company, it was formed after the princely sum of £6,000 was raised! Whatever gripes and moans we all have about it, we should be proud of the consistent service it has provided as the Island's lifeline over all of this time. Happy Birthday! (Can't hurt to have the occasional positive post can it?!)
  10. Would this guy be any good to lead the health and care transformation?
  11. b4mbi

    Black Lives Matter

    I'm concerned for the board games chess, draughts, and go too. Can't possibly have a game pitting black against white (or white against black) Thank goodness for chequered flags - black and white in harmony.
  12. Seatruck own it. IOMSPC charter it, and looks like they've sub-chartered to Northlink.
  13. b4mbi


    This is most likely the problem. Disgruntled staff embarrassing the new minister. I find it very difficult to believe the guys putting the writing down can't spell "CLEAR" Probably difficult for management to have a go at them because of the "are you discriminating against me because I have dyslexia?" angle that no doubt the workers (and their union) would claim. Bottom line should be treat your staff with respect, then you'll be treated with respect back. (hopefully!)
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