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  1. A rare thing, a fella admitting he's crap at driving.😉
  2. WFT is a Change and Engagement Manager? I'm sure they're all lovely people, but these are just non-jobs, what on earth can they do on a day to day basis? total waste of taxpayers funds IMHO.
  3. Well they have painted on tarmac for one crossing heading north after broadway and it stands out much more clearly than the block paved efforts..
  4. I've briefly looked and there's nothing in Manx highway code about unmarked crossings that I can see. It seems to think that pedestrian crossings are either zebra or light controlled. If it's not one of these, then it's just road decoration. At least that's what I'd be arguing - how is it different to those fecking stupid celtic cross designs in St Johns, that were eventually removed, but tragically too late.
  5. Yeah, the problem is drivers/pedestrians don't know who's right of way it is on unmarked crossing? Zebra crossing is clear, drivers have to wait for pedestrians. Unmarked? Anyone?
  6. Can't handle his drink.
  7. Just embarrassing, in such a small airport there really is no excuse what-so-ever for the hold baggage not to arrive within 15mins of the plane arriving on stand. It's not like they have miles to travel. It's one of the two main ports of entry, how difficult can it possibly be to make arrivals a smooth, pleasant and welcoming experience? First impressions are so important....
  8. Difficult one this, but for Government to clear and re-wild the site would cost the taxpayer a few million surely? First have to buy the site from the owners , then demolish/remove asbestos, and then landscape. Now their plans have been frustrated, it will sit derelict for another 10 years, which IMHO would be worse than it being developed, under different proposals.
  9. Look forward to trying to book my car on Loganair. What a fucking stupid comment from Jez. Weather (especially fog) effects planes too dickhead.
  10. It's so late in the day with so much spent that they have no option other than to approve it. I'd be gobsmacked if they don't.
  11. It will accelerate the move to renewables because the funds will be available to invest in them and won't have to be borrowed or taxation raised to pay for it.
  12. Correct. Government are not being asked in any way, shape or form to fund this. At the moment all they're being asked to do is to extend a licence they've already granted for 3 years by another year and half, due to the extenuating,:extraordinary circumstances during those 3 years. That's it.
  13. 20pc for extractive industries.
  14. I agree with your sentiment, but my understanding of the mechanics of how it works is the gas would be crogga's (they retain the economic interest) but government A) charge them a hydrocarbon tax on the volume they extract B) recieve income tax from any profit the company makes C) are able to raise VAT receipts on sales of gas that has been cleaned on island (hydrocarbons are excluded in the Vat sharing agreement, so IOM keeps all revenue) Separately to that, the government should be able to put conditions on extraction license (e.g. EIA required, carbon neutral, decommissioning costs etc) and could perhaps also contract with crogga to supply mua at a favourable discount rate to market price.
  15. Ffs it is there, the let's find out means let's find out how much is there.
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