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  1. So it's been confirmed in Tynwald the solution for disposal of the silt in Peel Marina is going to cost the taxpayer £4m. £4m to dispose of 40,000t -----> £100 per ton. How much to dispose at sea? £10 per ton max. would be my guess Do DEFA (due to our geology) have the ability to set acceptable level of contaminates to dispose at sea? or do we follow the UK guidelines like sheep, thus costing £3.5m more than is necessary? But it's only tax payers cash eh? who cares. 40,000t of silt dispersed in the Irish sea is effecting nothing, where's the common sense gone? It will all end up in the sea eventually anyway!! Madness.
  2. Hi Chris, whilst you're in an explanatory mood, who invested in and owns these bonds?
  3. me too! Maybe let's put Kush in charge of the Kushty number that is head of IOM Transport.
  4. Here it is! Prof Curran's report. it's recommending £25m p.a. be thrown at the issue. The Island's estimated CO2e emissions for a year is 0.8Mt or around 1 week's worth of one Polish coal power station CO2 emissions https://sandbag.org.uk/project/ets-emissions-2018/
  5. b4mbi

    Manx Tunnel

    I'm concerned a tunnel may disrupt HM Sole's £1bn plans for the planetary E.G.G. ('Ecologial Geophysical Galleon') Unfortunately the go-fund me page is now deactivated, so I couldn't check if he got the additional £999,999,900 he needed. I didn't see a planning application, so I assume he didn't. Just think though, we could have 15 E.G.G.'s for the price of a tunnel. Or with that sort of money, a mobile felt museum incorporated INTO the monorail. Would get my vote.
  6. b4mbi

    Student Strikes

    Saw this , which got me questioning, don't you have to be employed to strike? What is a child's obligation to attend school? Or does it fall to the legal guardians to ensure their children attend school up until the age of 16? For wilfully missing their taxpayer funded education, as this is no different to "bunking off", what sanctions does a school have? Can it fine the guardians?
  7. If I had to guess it would be to protect them from FOI requests requiring them to disclose information about who and what evidence has been provided to Committee's With the new law, they can now turn round and claim parliamentary privilege precludes us from disclosing.
  8. So change legislation to put a cap on the maximum lumpsum that can be paid out, say £75k, and that no more than median island wage can be paid out as civil/public pension p.a. Reduce the amount being paid out.
  9. I thought the SHK objected to removing the verges due to the wildflowers (shasta daisy?) contained therein.
  10. Barrett yes, the internet, not so much. ;D
  11. I find that a very disappointing post Derek. Cheap shot at CM for attending a service (not even on armstice day) to commererate ALL those allies that fell for our freedom.
  12. Glue sales through the roof?
  13. Potential designs/ideas should be being looked at now for renewables as part of a long term plan, yes, I agree. But it makes the report so much easier if the affordability element is pretty much boxed off, which means that it's vital the assumptions are tested at earliest opportunity. You've discounted the idea that tidal actually renewables potentially could be incorporated into the design of a new deep water berth!
  14. Sooty. He's used to dealing with that loud mouth Sweep. (When he's not busy having sexy time with Sue)
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