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  1. We have a gas interconnector cable that T's of one connecting Ireland and Scotland and lands at Glen Mooar and provides the gas for the power station. Crucially, we could export through this. I'm uncertain but I imagine to get the VAT benefit, the gas would need to land here anyway. Granted we'd need a pipeline from north east of the island to the one transversing the Island, but that's very much do-able (old railway line perhaps?)
  2. To me the entire thing has been designed with "traffic calming" in mind. Designers don't want anyone travelling at more than 20mph down the entire length, that's the only explanation for the design. Traffic calming = congestion = slower traffic = road rage
  3. Sorry but you're not reading it correctly at all. And no-one in their right mind would suggest the Government do it themselves (given their track record) IOMG only facilitate the process by issuing (and charging for) the licence, and potentially reap the enormous benefit through hydrocarbon tax & VAT receipts, as IOMG purchased the economic rights to all resources in and beneath it's territorial waters in the early 90's I think.
  4. Fake news. Zero blow jobs increased by 500pc is still no blowjobs.
  5. Ignorance and laziness. Fake news and rumours. Easy to believe and repeat if it fits your agenda. Also easy to research if you can be bothered looking. I highly doubt IOMG would issue an exploration licence if fracking was the extraction method.
  6. I am satisfied gas is there, as this has already been proven but until it's surveyed and drilled you can only work with probabilities based existing knowledge about the quantity. I can understand why it's problematic for the Government to actually invest tax payer funds to find out, so it would have to be a private development but the issue there is it costs £10's millions to survey and drill, and it's difficult to raise those funds privately if you don't have a supportive and committed Government to reassure investors.
  7. Based on the candidates extensive experience in analysis of subsurface geological mapping within the oil & gas industry? The point is, much more information is needed before they can draw that conclusion. It's not even as though Gov't are being asked to spend £10m to find out definitely one way or the other. The world is not moving away from gas rapidly. It will still make up a third of the global energy mix in 2050. Nordstream2?
  8. No probs..I've no idea what Cowin is on about either, nothing has been proven to the south of the Island that I'm aware, whereby it has in the north east. I can't scream it loud enough though, extraction off Maughold would NOT be shale fracking!! The gas is trapped in sandstone deposits, and will flow under it's own pressure and not cause earth tremors. See here for differences No different to what's been done in Morecambe Bay since 1985....
  9. @Keiran Hannifin@Stu Peters I have a question... "Wouldn't it be much easier and quicker to meet our net zero targets with a potential £8bn windfall?"
  10. That transcript says £800 Million?? it is so important not to get Millions and Billions confused! If you do go, tell him the natural gas is 2km below the seabed to the north east of our territorial waters, and estimated to generate in the region of £5Billion to £10Billion in tax revenue for the Treasury over it's 15 year lifecycle. Also, ask all of the candidates this question.... "Wouldn't it be much easier and quicker to meet our net zero targets with a potential £8bn windfall?"
  11. Highly, highly unlikely. A quick Internet trawl suggests maximum lateral well lengths of around 10,000ft or 3km.
  12. Yeah, you posted that 2013 report on iomtoday. Did you read it? To me it says the gas is there, and another test well and 3d seismic survey is required before conclusions can be reached. So how is that "doubtful"?? Quoting directly.... The conclusions are that gas is present in the Permian sands, the prospects are larger than the estimates made by BP, a 3D seismic survey is needed to accurately define these prospects, and reservoir delivery can only be proven with another well.
  13. £800bn is, of course, total nonsense. Between £5bn-£10bn in tax revenue is possible. Which has the potential to be transformative for the Island. Pays for the transition to renewable sources with plenty to spare. None of the climate change lobby coming up with any viable way of IOM financing and paying for the renewables infrastructure we all want. Gas will still be a big part of the global energy mix in 2050. Germans haven't put nordstream2 pipeline in place for a 10 year lifetime. The development of the maughold field would have a 10-15 year life cycle, which would be well within any 2050 target. It's conventional gas extraction, just as has been done in morecambe fields since 1985. Any mention of "fracking" is scaremongering nonsense. Any politician that turns down or is against the potential for this sort of revenue cannot claim to be acting in the best interests of the Island, as this is THE opportunity to pay for renewables WITHOUT having to increase taxes to pay for it.
  14. He needs sectioning. He's a clear danger to all those who are listening to and believing his utter nonsense.
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