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  1. Having said all that, if they can somehow make it work (without substantial government cash) I'd be all for it!
  2. That indeed was my assessment. Laughable the hysteria about this from the nimbys. The promoters don't even own the land, haven't put in for planning permission and haven't issued a credible business plan with financials that stack up!! The only way this is happening is an exceedly wealthy benefactor who doesn't mind burning £75m for no return. I can count the number of those around on the fingers of Jamie Lannister's right hand. Private equity won't touch it unless promoters prove they can make 12%++ p.a. And Government won't throw endless millions at it either. They may facilitate it perhaps somehow, but definitely won't underwrite it financially.
  3. Surely, can't do wright for doing wrong!
  4. You clearly don't understand how numbers work.
  5. And according to mua chairman response to MHKs in the link you didn't read, it could potentially last till 2050 - another 30 years.
  6. Reducing our already insubstantial greenhouse gas emissions further will make no difference whatsoever in a global context. Of course I support sustainability initiatives like beach buddies, reducing plastic usage, recycling etc The power station is good for at least another 15 years.See here
  7. So still £100m then. And good luck with planning. The isle of man has zero power or influence on the international stage which is where issues like climate change could be addressed. So quite what we are supposed to do other than sit around and try to live as sustainably as possible within our limited means, I have no clue.
  8. All very well saying the Island should be proactive and a world leader in environmental issues, but specifically in what? How would it be done? and who funds it? The point I'm making is our emissions are already negligible and to reduce them by 80% would require enormous sums of taxpayers money to be spent on massive infrastructure projects. For example: 93MW installed capacity - 11 wind turbines in Aberdeen - reported project cost £300m - producing 312GWh of electricity annually. Approx. Isle of Man consumption 360GWh from page 19 of MUA annual report 2017/18 here. And how do you balance that load when wind doesn't blow? more £££ Further, there's £430m of debt outstanding in MUA (£262m to bondholders and £165m to Treasury) (page 49 of same report) (and that's after Government writing off £95m of what it was owed), which so far MUA have saved £59m towards the bond repayments in 2030 & 2034. And there's your answer about why we won't be building any windfarms soon - unless the Government generates sufficient revenues via hydrocarbon taxes associated with exploitation of the natural gas fields in our waters.
  9. By going on the ferris wheel ? by knocking some coconuts over?
  10. Hmm. Isle of Man (from CoMin report) 47,000t CO2 annual man made emissions Combined EU from top 10 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47783992 = approx. 185,000,000t CO2 man made emissions (presume annual, but BBC reporting standards don't go that far) However, looks like ALL contributory greenhouse gases are measured by CO2e (CO2 equivalent tons output per annum), the Island's 1990 levels of emissions of which have been extrapolated backwards from a 2015 consultants report at 616,000t (para 1.9 here) Equivalent figure for EEA in 1990 here 5,720,000,000t 0.01% of EU greenhouse C02e emissions - on extrapolated data in 1990 Global estimate for 1990 CO2e emissions 38 Gigatons (IPCC report p42 here) or 38,000,000,000t Isle of Man 0.0016% of global CO2e emissions. - well worth getting our knickers in a twist about.... and bear in mind IOM emissions from 1990 were probably inflated, as most of our power was generated by diesel oil then rather than much more efficient and less emitting CC Gas Turbine Generators we have currently.
  11. Went past Groudle wheel 2 weeks ago. It looks decidedly unfixed, and in fact like the whole wheelhouse structure is imminently going to collapse into the river.. Rotten timber and rusty, buckled ironwork supporting it... Imagine if that happens, Onchan will have to declare a global environmental emergency (like Braddan just have...) and the blame game will start spinning it's circular arguments again. Why not install an electricity generator in the wheel that powers some lights down the glen and the railway lights/buildings? DEFA have done a pretty good job of reinstating the pathway down the glen. Why is it so difficult to get things done?
  12. A bit vain, I know, but I'd like to quote myself from the other thread... Isle of Man currently contributes 0.00013% of global CO2 emissions....a 50% reduction in our emissions (at cost£££??) would take us down to 0.000065% I think most people would agree we should look to sustainable energy generation in the future. We should be radical and a shining example of how to run a country sustainably in terms of energy/agriculture/plastics etc. But the big question is how to do it? It will need paying for, and renewable sources are not on-demand, so you also need some form of energy capture/storage. The gas in our waters is the only way Govt can get sufficient funding required to invest in renewables (tidal/wind) whilst managing our own energy requirements during the transition phase.
  13. Dante's inferno - the ninth circle of hell- complex fraud. Yes, I know about Louis group....
  14. Get some help. This is bordering on mental illness.
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