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  1. b4mbi

    Pubs closing

    couldn't you buy it, and cross your fingers behind your back when signing the covenant, therefore by the rule of playground law, surely the covenant wouldn't be valid, and hey presto, you could operate it as a pub!
  2. b4mbi

    The budget

    So new Manx State Pension will be £9,575.80 per annum - surely it's much better to quote the annual figure - and folks will then see actually how little they will get, in comparison to a salaried position and be shocked into making their own provisions for retirement. £9,575.80 will likely be the maximum you can receive i.e. with a full 35+ year contribution record into National Insurance pot. No idea what age you can currently collect this at? 67 ? Or is there additional state pension on top of that? I don't know. I've known for 25 years that I can't rely on the state to provide me with a pension that would maintain a standard of living I would like when I reach retirement age, whatever that may end up being... 65,67,70,75.... In my book £9,500 per year to live on is not an awful lot, get saving folks!
  3. b4mbi

    Cut & paste

    I'll have a go at a health care "vision" and a "strategy" Vision Make sure everyone is a well as possible in as cost effective and caring a manner as possible. Strategy & Implementation Move everyone to Wigan.
  4. b4mbi

    Cut & paste

    Ah, you can never have enough meetings to avoid proper work. Embarrassing.
  5. b4mbi

    Cut & paste

    I heard him this morning on the radio, vigorously defending this obvious plagiarism. It's a vision, and not part of the strategy document, therefore not that important...was essentially what I heard. Missing the point entirely that a well paid government worker has copy and pasted significant chunks of someone else's work, and passed it off as their own. Piss poor.
  6. b4mbi

    MUA the subject of whistle-blowing over dangerous failings

    My mama doesn't live in a house. My grannie is already dead, and she wasn't a commionost. My wife is a Pole and it's more likely her driving will kill me in her car. Don't call her rotten either. Not having that. She's lovely.
  7. b4mbi

    MUA the subject of whistle-blowing over dangerous failings

    Has anyone died? No... Are my lights still on? Yes...
  8. b4mbi

    Voting numbers

    I voted one of the 19.1% turnout, but the analysis by @maynragh rings true - nobody really cares, commissioners have so little power, and there is too much representation for too small a population. For instance, 9 commissioners on Port St Mary representing a total population of c. 2,000 ( and maybe 1,750 eligible voters) and they're having awful trouble trying to reduce this to 5 - no wonder nothing gets done! To suggest elections should be run on social media is silly. Many, myself included, are not on social media. Some of the material I saw which was produced by Mr Cronin was quite shocking - it was basically vote for me because I've got a personal vendetta against the Chair of the Commissioners!
  9. This. Very important point distinguishing between right to travel (within a Common Travel Area) , and right to establish/work/claim benefits.
  10. b4mbi

    Premiership 2018/2019

    Marco Silva was one game away from the sack last night. If he'd have beaten City, he'd have been sacked
  11. b4mbi

    P.O Strike Begins.

    From 2016 ---- "Corporatisation of the Isle of Man Post Office is backed by the Council of Ministers and by the Post Office Board. The move was recommended in the 2006 Review of the Scope and Structure of Government and in the follow-up review in 2012. Mr Toime’s report on Governance Structure for the Isle of Man Post Office can be found at http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/Tynwald%2020142016/2016-GD-0008.pdf" But of course it wasn't done - should make plans to do this, then Cannan could put the post office up for sale, with no TUPE over here that may focus minds a little...
  12. b4mbi

    Ramsey Marina

    So the owners of the land couldn't move the boats off it?! Wouldn't an easy way to remedy that be to issue the Harbour Board with a massive invoice for ground rent?!
  13. b4mbi

    Ramsey Marina

    Yes I've looked at the proposal, and realise it's also a property play, but still struggling to see how the figures will possibly work. I fully agree that the Island needs 24/7 non-tidal leisure yacht berthing facilities.
  14. b4mbi

    Ramsey Marina

    In what possible way does it make financial sense?!!!! Don't get me wrong, I agree with the sentiment and like the idea, but at a cost of £100m it just won't fly. Simply speaking:- maximus stated £350-£500 per meter annual berthing fees and his yacht 19m - so if we make some VERY generous assumptions that the 400 berth marina would be full all the time, average yacht length 20m (I fully admit I have no clue about such things) and say a price of £425/m being the midpoint 400 berths x 20 meters x £425 = £3.4m p.a. Marina operating costs p.a. ?? financing costs? £100m at 5% ---> £5m ?? return for investors? It comes no-where near to passing even this back of a fag packet calculation!!! And of course that income can only arise when the thing is built, how are the construction costs financed in the 2/3 year construction time?? However, I do stand to be corrected and would love to be proved wrong...