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  1. So change legislation to put a cap on the maximum lumpsum that can be paid out, say £75k, and that no more than median island wage can be paid out as civil/public pension p.a. Reduce the amount being paid out.
  2. I thought the SHK objected to removing the verges due to the wildflowers (shasta daisy?) contained therein.
  3. Barrett yes, the internet, not so much. ;D
  4. I find that a very disappointing post Derek. Cheap shot at CM for attending a service (not even on armstice day) to commererate ALL those allies that fell for our freedom.
  5. Glue sales through the roof?
  6. Potential designs/ideas should be being looked at now for renewables as part of a long term plan, yes, I agree. But it makes the report so much easier if the affordability element is pretty much boxed off, which means that it's vital the assumptions are tested at earliest opportunity. You've discounted the idea that tidal actually renewables potentially could be incorporated into the design of a new deep water berth!
  7. Sooty. He's used to dealing with that loud mouth Sweep. (When he's not busy having sexy time with Sue)
  8. There's a tower inbetween the old and the new buildings that they wanted to make into a feature, but then the financing scandal blew up so it never got done. (That's what I was told when I did the power station tour a few years ago) but whether that feature was a waterfall, uncertain.
  9. I'm pretty certain it's on their agenda. I'm not quite as cynical as quilip in that respect. They must realise the importance of this, with the constant pressure from the climate activists. However, I think it boils down to practicalities and cost, as alluded in my earlier posts.
  10. If the Island can produce the majority of it's own power requirements from renewables that it controls/owns, strategically that puts us in a fantastic position. IMO being energy self sufficient could open up a whole world of economic opportunities, and it should be very high up on CoMin's agenda.
  11. They do this already, but it only a small proportion of the overall generation (and profits) Vast majority of power generation is utilised locally. Well, if they were tasked with producing a report with costed options over the medium term for the Island's transition to renewables, then yes. Importing electricity and not having any local generation capacity seems strategically wrong to me. Effectively we import gas to create our own power at the moment, so I can only presume over long term that it is cheaper to do this than to purchase electricity directly via interconnector cables.
  12. Completely 100% agree that's the right thing to do. I would suggest CoMin see 1) MUA debt 2) the remaining economic lifespan of the existing power station. 3) Also they have no easy means of financing the necessary renewable infrastructure required whilst considering 1) & 2) & also with limited scope to increase consumer electricity costs further. They also see a potential hydrocarbon tax windfall (with near zero cost to them) that should be ringfenced to meet 3), but will likely be used in part to repay 1) and to 4) finance PSPD.
  13. Government could make the decommissioning costs part of the license conditions?
  14. No, I completely disagree. It would provide the necessary hundreds of millions for the investment in tidal/wind, which would eventually provide the majority of power for the Island as the CCGT power plant comes to the end of it's operational lifespan. Don't forget, the looking for gas is all privately funded. There is no Government money going in to that at all. So if there is a find, from Government perspective, it's a massive, massive win (hydrocarbon taxes) for no outlay, all they have to do is facilitate by giving relevant permissions.
  15. No. Do you see any gas rigs in our waters? Even the UK's closest gas rigs to our waters are too far away for directional drilling.
  16. Underneath our territorial waters, which we have full legal and economic rights to exploit.
  17. b4mbi


    spend, spend, spend, spend. Other people's money. UK will be bankrupt within 3 years if labour get in and adopt all of the promises he's making. 4 day working week? nationalise rail, post, water, energy? There would be poverty for the many, not the few.
  18. Oh that's interesting. You're an Isle of Man Resident who can be a member of a UK Political Party and vote on the leadership of that party, but not actually entitled to vote for the party in an election?
  19. I travelled back along that road in the dark last night, and they have installed cats eyes, white in middle and red/ green left hand side of road, and have to say they were very, very effective. It was really noticeable when the cats eyes stopped (bottom of fishers hill) how much worse the road visibility/ hence safety at night was, and I don't understand why they didn't install the cats eyes all the way to ballakeighan corner? I think there is a speed limit of 50 in place for the road.
  20. This would be an utter nightmare result IMO. Complete paralysis of parliament again.
  21. Of the 650 seats available I predict 600 seats for labour -35 seats for Conservatives 53 seats for the SNP 35 seats for Others I am Diane Abbott and I claim my £6 pounds
  22. oh. my. god. The painted cycles on this newly installed "share with care" footpath have been painted over. I drive this road twice every week day, and barely see anyone at all walking on the pavement, just let the bloodydam bikes use the footpath,. In my, admittedly uninformed, opinion, the newly refurbished road doesn't quite seem right or as smooth as it should be? They significantly narrowed the road by extending the pavement width on the slight hill up from the Shore Pub, which I think makes the road slightly more dangerous, as it's narrower, traffic going south is pushed further into the middle of the road. Why can't anyone plan and execute anything properly anymore or has it always been thus?
  23. Hence my comments on ringfencing returns for port infrastructure investment
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