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  1. Now, there's a thread all of its own. Are you talking about the Palace? Lloyds Bank (ex RBSI) on Victoria Street? The flats on Withington Road would take some beating...
  2. Ivana is trans. Feckin' complicated this gender business nowadays eh?
  3. I can recommend the great Russian physician "Ivana Lobabolokov"
  4. Quite shocking. £56k to a third party for "security and supervision costs" which apparently weren't needed pre-covid. £7.4k income. WTAF? eta Watterson, where the feck is your "Auditor General" ? there's £50k saving right there....
  5. Agree. The better speed, size, power and athleticism of men would more than compensate for the women's better technical skill.
  6. I am hugely enjoying this thread de-rail! Rugby is a game played by men with odd shaped balls.
  7. The license includes extraction provided conditions along the way are met. It is not the end of the story....
  8. According to the business owner, they had permission from Laxey Commissioners to use the area for the last 15 years. A fuss would have been made long before now if that wasn't the case.
  9. That you can't understand it's a stupid idea? Seems over 3,000 people can though. Commissioners backtracking saying plans for "enhancments" not finalised... Idiotic way to approach the whole thing, getting advocates involved ffs. What a waste of ratepayers money. Then appearing to make decison on the back of one disgruntled email from someone in port st mary!! Looks like orchestrated smear campaign. Let's see all of the multiple complaints the commissioners have recieved about the cafe...
  10. You mean like they could have done in the blocks next to the Shed??! Put an external showerhead on the gable end of the building if it's really needed. Love an epic rant
  11. Can't have people furthering their own business. That'll never do. Aggressively and rudely? Other rivals products? Give me a break... There's a reasonable expectation and public assumption that the shelter IS part of the cafe, all the furniture in there is maintained, cleaned and provided by the cafe, not the ratepayer. Would you expect to be able to eat a scone from the Laxey Beach Cafe in the seating area by the Shed? Surely both are leased from the commissioners? The Commissioners should just include the public shelter within the lease of the cafe, more ££ and liability on the cafe insurance. It's an overall good thing for the beach that the cafe is there, if the commissioners have a beef with the tenant, then put it out to tender at the next lease renewal. Utterly ridiculous.
  12. Yes. He was there yesterday and it was lovely, to enjoy that with my coffee and cake
  13. Yeah, I spoke to her yesterday in the cafe, and she had to be excused due to obvious conflict of interest. She said the others privately said to her they thought it wasn't necessary, yet unanimously voted for the motion that the cafe should remove the benches. Wtf? She said she put in an FOI request to see the minutes from those meetings as they're not public. As a lonan resident, I think my first trip to the commissioners could be coming....
  14. Garff commissioners want the laxey cafe to remove all the benches in the public shelter (and outside it?) that the business provides at their expense. After two years of covid, on the face of it this is the most ridiculous decision/proposal I've heard. What could possibly be their reasoning ? It seems massively small minded and petty. The cafe provides blankets, cushions and makes the tables very presentable with fresh flowers and flower boxes, and does the best cream scones on the Island! The cafe launched a petition against this, which I was more than happy to sign.
  15. Hey David, you're not anymore. Update your LinkedIn.
  16. definitive proof you are Manx....
  17. IOMSPC is a very profitable cash cow and will remain so in my opinion. What effectively has happened from the company's point of view is that the borrowing for the new vessel has been made at the cheapest possible interest rate. Rough figures iirc from their published fin stats from c. £60m turnover p.a., c.£15m cash is generated p.a. it's off the back of that & the sea services agreement that the debt can be serviced.
  18. Whoops.. Why would they dump it near a scallop fishery?? there must be other deeper/less sensitive places in our territorial waters.
  19. "Toxic" only because it was allowed to build up by lack of dredging and maintenance so it became concentrated. Naturally it would have ended up at sea anyway, and surely dumping at out at sea dilutes the concentration sufficiently??? Should change the regs in our waters to account for Island's specific geology then regularly dredge and dump in the sea at area of least impact. By far cheapest and most effective way to deal with it, rather than the nonsense of dredging, drying it out, then landfilling.
  20. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck. 😀
  21. Pretty sure extractive industries taxed at 20% income tax. Further, in this case a hydrocarbon tax applies The licence fee may vary also in accordance to volumes extracted. Of course the actual agreement is private, but with all of the noise around this project, government will actually in this instance have negotiated a good deal, I'm sure. Though completely understand the pessimism!!
  22. Something we have no power what-so-ever to change. However we do have the opportunity to put the Island on a stable financial footing with a sustainable, secure energy supply into the long term. Which is manifestly in the best interests of everyone on the Island.
  23. Have you ever worked in business?
  24. In my understanding, at the end of the day the government would get around 50% of the value of the gas it owns.
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