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  1. I appear to have misunderstood also.
  2. Naa. We've got a bottomless pit of cash, remember? If it's true, they would have rejected it because anyone with half a brain can see the financials as presented just don't stack up.
  3. Or read the previous few posts in this thread where same issue is discussed...it was always planned to do this. Just the council objected first time because it didn't look pretty enough...
  4. If this is true, then I'm going to post the rarest of posts. Well done Government.
  5. Get a room the pair of you! Jesus.
  6. Economic activity and more visitors are not compatible with climate emergency policy - so let's erm…. do nothing.
  7. now if only the herring were caught locally!
  8. In this instance, looks like the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee has done it's job well, and highlighted that essentially a long term strategy for harbours should sit above departmental level - DoI are the custodians of the infrastructure, responsible for maintenance and operation thereof, not national strategic long term planners. It's symptomatic of a broader failing of the Departmental system we have, i.e. someone has to do the work of preparing a strategy, so presumably Co-Min put it onto DoI's shoulder (i.e. lumped into a department) rather than a national strategic planning body that would look at the matter not from a day to day operational viewpoint, but from a national viewpoint, which could take a broader cross-departmental view.
  9. Don't let facts get in the way of an opinion. Rob Callister was not on the committee who produced this report as he was conflicted as DfE were one of the sponsoring departments of the strategy. As you would know if you'd bothered to read it.
  10. Exactly this happened to me today as well!!!
  11. Oh wait, I was calling MT. So of course my call was important to them, it was generating revenue for them by keeping me on hold....
  12. In the context of a proposed £100m scheme, £50k is virtually nothing. What have they really done so far? Created a website, held a public meeting and released a few inconsistent drawings done on sketchup backed up with some grand ideas. (Except how to finance it all) Well, without inside knowledge, we're all guessing at what the facts are, but I seriously doubt they've secured any Goverment funding given the hoops they make you jump through (in my experience)
  13. I'd be staggered in they've put more than £50k into it so far. I really can't see government having put any money into it at all so far.
  14. Yes. But a) they don't own the land b) there's no planning application c) there's no credible business plan d) where's the money coming from?
  15. Pie in the sky from the start. A load of noise for nothing. Dilli is right on this and I can believe the latest (unproven) skeet. Can't wait for the promoters excuses about why they have to abandon the project. They will of course try to blame nasty government for not financially assisting or underwriting their scheme to the tune of long millions. The reality being there was never a credible business plan in the first place. Put up the £ or shut up.
  16. Broken link, but holy fuck. Clearly much better to have seaweed rocks and sand strewn all over the newly refurbished prom. It's a sea defence wall but the corpy objected because its not made of diamond (to limit the visual impact) and planners refused because?
  17. THEN ANSWER THE F***ING PHONE and don't keep me on hold for 10 minutes.... FFS
  18. but they've "done additional stuff as well as the stuff from the committee" how eloquent...
  19. apparently not. from the FAQ on myprom.im Are the sea defences being improved? The Department intends to construct a new 500m long sea defence wall, running from the end of the Marina Gardens north, beyond the junction with Broadway and finishing opposite the Empress Hotel on Central Promenade. These works will cost circa £500,000.
  20. to be fair, I think they are putting a sea wall along from the war memorial to around the palace area as part of the works
  21. have to agree, double track totally unnecessary given volume of horse tram traffic. Should have been single track down the sea side of the promenade with 2 or maybe 3 passing places. Would have made road works much simpler and quicker, caused less disruption. A complete nonsense that the walk ways couldn't be shared with the horsetram. They have electrified trams through the centre of Manchester which with much, much higher volume of people and footfall and I can't recall hearing a story about someone whose been hit by one.. I'm sure the vast majority of people could hear/see the slower, noisier horse trams without too many problems.
  22. As I approach 50, are you seriously telling me that I can't be an astronaut, professional footballer, rock star, racing driver & steam train driver? but I'll be alright? Declan, the Dream Shatterer. :(
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