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  1. So true. With people like Johnson, Trump, and Rees-Mogg around - the show won't likely need as many sketch writers.
  2. I think as more and more online and verified training and examination takes route - a lot of Universities will die out over the coming decade in the their present form - many already have online courses available. Of course there are topics such as medicine where hands-on will still be required, but for the vast majority of subjects (and even many theoretical medical courses) online will likely be the route people take. Online will also mean more choice and cheaper options. This is most certainly the case for many IT degrees currently, but numerous other disciplines will follow quickly IMO. It's a digital revolution that many chancellors and academic teachers are choosing to prefer to ignore currently - and are wriggling about - but it is already beginning to overwhelm them. Covid has done nothing but to speed that revolution up.
  3. Not strictly true that for next year!
  4. The IOM will just tail onto what the UK gets...same customs area so same rules. In that respect we will not be seen as separate from the UK. Moreover, no shippers will want to double handle goods even if the opportunity was there.
  5. "Takeaway deliver driver jailed for breaking isolation laws" https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/takeaway-deliver-driver-jailed-for-breaking-isolation-laws/
  6. The simplest way to reduce these waiting lists would be for those on the list to have to reapply - and on the application have to spell the name of their doctor correctly. All too many idiots have already been avoiding death unnecessarily through excessive Health and Safety legislation - so this would be a suitable intelligence filter. Wouldn't you agree Dr Right?
  7. Getting a little pissed off with my current provider. Anyone experiencing a good domain purchase/hosting company currently - and can recommend one to use (UK or IOM)? Thanks
  8. Albert Tatlock


    I think you mean O'Reilly.
  9. It was uneconomic when we had 10 times the number of visitors we have now. People like you live in La La Land.
  10. Boats cancelled today...so how does social distancing work when they have to bring back 2 or 3 times the number of people booked to come back when the boats resume? Anyone know?
  11. To me, this looks like they are set on level 4 currently, but in practice are working based on level 3...
  12. Not the business case no...but the nut case yes...Longworth.
  13. Easily confused with that other radio programme "I'm sorry, I haven't a clue"
  14. They've already got 'Why High' on the loss accounts.
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