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  1. Easy. It's well known that heroin is an ass A drug and cannabis is ass B.
  2. Oooer no. I obviously shop in different places than you.
  3. Jebus this means I'll have to wait another day for my order of candles and a new alarm clock. No deliveries to my postcode today either...IM1 C4.
  4. A lot of very clever people have gone bankrupt over the years...especially in the world of football.
  5. Paying travel costs would be an enormous cost. There's a raft of staff that travel with a team. It couldn't be feasible IMO without sponsorship from an airline (who only operate from a limited number of airfields) or heavy government support. The costs and logistics are extremely complex for opponents dotted all around England/Wales. There will also be a much lower turnout of away team supporters and lower gates, another cost to consider. I estimate the cost of bringing professional away teams here (league 1 upwards) would be closer to £10k per match and might involve in many cases 2 overnight stays getting here and back...not including postponents due to weather issues. This could only be potentially achieved with govt support IMO...and the 'tourism' case. Very dodgy economics in my view and not well thought out. The cheaper and better logistical option would be to share a ground in Lancashire or Liverpool way and just send our team over, sponsored by the racket.
  6. IOM apparently on NW News about Green issses after the BBC 10 o'clock news tonight.
  7. Piss poor judgement. What did he expect people to say? Begs the question, what else next.
  8. Jebus. He must have a helluva dossier on a few of our elected plonkers allowing this.
  9. 8000 years ago the island was still connected to the UK by a landbridge, so quite a few species are actually still quite 'native' here despite being found predominately in the UK these days. I've seen both an adder and a grass snake, several decades ago mind. I'm pretty sure if people did a detailed search they might still spot them here.
  10. Even when you generate your power using renewables you still need a power station to cover at least 20% of the time and quite a complex grid monitoring system. No one has invented a 60 megawatt battery that can last 24 hrs yet. ETA: So if not thought out properly, as is the usual case on the island, it could end up costing us a bigger fortune than the last one. Most options would need to include the cost of a "two way" cable to the UK IMO. .
  11. A whichfinder general would do better. "Which idiot wrote the cheque for this?"
  12. We actually need less but more efficient and realistically priced accountants.
  13. Parents can be fined if their little darlings miss school I understand? Unless it's a forthcoming teacher's strike of course.
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