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  1. Maybe ask to speak to these guys... https://www.gov.im/categories/home-and-neighbourhood/emergency-services/fire-and-rescue-service/business-fire-safety/flat-fire-safety/
  2. I've been banging on about this for years now... On 1/15/2013 at 6:54 AM, Albert Tatlock said: The real issue is licencing. The communications commission issue licences, so why were 2 additional licences issued instead of 1 when it was likely that they would effectively cost the taxpayer money by loss of advertising revenue for Manx Radio? In other words why were things not looked into properly in the first place? There needed to be a decision made on whether to maintain MR as a national broadcaster, or outsource to a third party. This is what licence issuers are paid well to do or at least advise on. And how long are licences issued for? Forever, or can they not be renewed for, say, one of the stations? I think many of us are missing some fundamental points in this debate. Now we are faced with three options?: start revoking licences after a certain time has passed, decide to outsource or keep the national broadcaster (the corporatisation debate) and sack the fuckwits who did not think all this through properly whilst being well paid to do so. But no way IMO in this debate should those in private business who have effectively wrecked the overall model by diluting it be given any taxpayers money at all.
  3. Manx Radio have attempted suicide this week. Nearly succeeded. Let's get down to the cause. Who's the fuckwit making these changes at MR?. WHO?
  4. Indeed. We've made a fortune on loopholes over 30 years...but unfortunately employed an army of civil servants to piss it all away.
  5. And after the Scots get independence bring back that kilt law when we could stab them on the beach....but just leave out the word 'kilt' this time.
  6. http://www.isleofman.com/news/details/79223/fox-sighting-sparks-speculation
  7. I dunno. The irish did a reasonably good job building some of our roads before the DOI screwed them up.
  8. She was on after the 7am summary. And yes...sounded gabbled. It sounds like between 7.30am and 9.30am MR has been outsourced to Ballakermeen's year 1 Media Studies class.
  9. Because Manx Radio abdicated their responsibilities to the public for providing any decent or reasonably expected depth of news coverage to the island this week? These changes to MR news programming are a serious attack on democracy via failing to address the accountability of politicians, individuals and organisations on the Isle of Man. Whether such an attack is down to incompetent management within or from external influence...the result is the same. My major fear is it is a combination of both. Their taxpayer funded subvention should be immediately put on hold. Any decent-minded politician should be addressing this matter as urgent.
  10. "Dave's diggers"? "Pointlessly shifting seaweed up and down the beach"? Acme chewing gum removal company? Carpet cleaning company?
  11. I suspect, overall, this idea of advertising will get dumped.
  12. Watched 'The Last Battle of the Vikings' on BBC4 last night...including the IOM. Worth a watch.
  13. That's no way to talk about your missus.
  14. Average to sort out flood damage is £30k per house according to RICS. ETA: based on 3--bedroom.properties.
  15. At least it's expensive shite. If you're gonna fuck up regularly...may as well do it properly and big style.
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