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  1. Albert Tatlock

    UK Petition: Ban all ISIS members returning to UK

    I think stripping a person of citizenship sets a very dangerous precedent...that could be applied in all kinds of bad ways in the future for all kinds of political based/biased decisions. Needs to be thought through properly. She was a kid when she left and still is a kid in all too many ways. She should be dealt with by the UK courts on the actual evidence against her.
  2. Albert Tatlock

    Cut & paste

    'It doesn't matter that we copied the text' Says Manx health minister Matt Hancock http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=45771&headline=Why we copied and pasted our health document&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019
  3. Albert Tatlock

    Cut & paste

    It's really simple... plagiarism and breaching copyright...sacked...that's the only option. That's it. Go.
  4. Albert Tatlock

    Pubs closing

    Ok. Law needs changing to protect buildings and give others a chance to run things how they should be run.
  5. Albert Tatlock

    Pubs closing

    Planning need to start fucking these covenents off. If you can't run a pub properly...get the fuck out and give someone else a go that can
  6. Albert Tatlock

    The budget

    You're a funny guy
  7. Albert Tatlock

    The budget

    Worst coverage ever of the IOM budget on MF for 22 years. We need less aledged comedians and more thinkers.
  8. Albert Tatlock

    UK Petition: Ban all ISIS members returning to UK

    Better to come back here where they can be monitored. Strange situation, people went out fighting for Kurds and don't need so much monitoring, ISIS and they broke the 'law'. Neither side was our war...there was no war declared.
  9. Albert Tatlock

    Planning Appeals

    Especially since meters can vary by so much...
  10. Albert Tatlock

    Cut & paste

    Sacking is surely the only option?
  11. Albert Tatlock

    Plans for lord street

    Worra tit. Will probably fill his pub up every day.
  12. Albert Tatlock

    Looks like the burglars are back!

    A taxi driver said something scary to me. "That'll be 33 quid" Feck me...half that in uk.
  13. Albert Tatlock

    Looks like the burglars are back!

    Still think they were linked to some 'insider' at steam packet and/or airport last time. Not convinced this time yet...seems a bit amateurish by sounds.
  14. Albert Tatlock

    Basic Maths?

    Yet he only has a jacket worth £97 and £1 cash and still owes mum and dad (£2) £1 each...which totals £100. Accountants trick?
  15. Albert Tatlock

    Basic Maths?