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  1. ...and the highest salaries in government on average. Eye watering salaries in there. ETA: Numerous > £250k .
  2. Not so sure...I made this for tea tonight.
  3. He's the same race as I am. If he had a tattoo...well, that's another angle I don't want to even think about...how dare you even suggest anything so heinous 😀
  4. You'll get away with it a while yet Amadeus...just keep saying you were just a guard and didn't know Nuffin!
  5. Estate agents on the island should be ashamed of themselves.
  6. And, what happens when it dawns on many of the people now in their 20s/30s with school age children...who suddenly realise that their kids can't afford to live here when they get to 18? It's already happening. If they are not locals, they leave. If they're locals, they won't see much of their grown up kids after they turn 18. 1000 youngsters under 30 have been leaving the island every year since 2011. Instead, we're importing retirees not workers. The island is currently being financially cleansed of its young.
  7. I remember the days (70s) when most of this stuff was all free and paid for by sponsors. Free badges and T-shirts. These days people seem happy to pay a premium to wear and advertise other people's tat and pay for the privilege. And then also pay £2 for a bottle of water that's free from a tap. Health and safety has a lot to answer for... increasing the amount of idiots there are in the world.
  8. Always found him creepy...never answers a question (I mean, even far less so than most politicians try not to).
  9. I won't ban you for being a dick offshoremanxman...T & Cs have no requirement for an IQ test...you probably need to speak to your father about that... He probably was hoping you'd have become an astronaut or something...instead of wishing he'd himself shot you into space.
  10. And all worn by petrolheads...errr...
  11. Laugh all you like offshoremanxman...T&Cs are clear... ...Don't put yourself or the forums at legal risk and don't be 'overly' abusive. While a few people breaking the rules over the Xmas were banned or restricted for those reasons (most not in the DBC thread btw), only one had a ban in the last 3 weeks for the same (other than around 50 registering and posting spam or porn straightaway).
  12. Stirring it when people were posting copies of allegations verbatim. He's not perm banned. Sod all to to with protecting DBC, just the forum at the time. He'll be back soon.
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