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  1. Albert Tatlock

    P.O Strike Begins.

    I hope they're protesting at the sorting office...they'll get short shrift from me...lazy wankers...me having to go way out of town in my time to do their feckin job.
  2. Albert Tatlock

    Has the Ben got new engines?

    Yes I will. Don't forget to post the £20 first though...or I can't guarantee it.
  3. Albert Tatlock

    P.O Strike Begins.

  4. Albert Tatlock

    Has the Ben got new engines?

    Feck off...at short notice EasyJet is the same price for less messing about.
  5. Albert Tatlock

    Has the Ben got new engines?

    The Steam Racket definitely deserve a 'Blue' riband award. Every time I see their ticket and breakfast prices it's...'jebus H feckin christ on a bast**d bike...how feckin much for so feckin little? '
  6. Albert Tatlock

    P.O Strike Begins.

    Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat is a greedy old twat, The public comprehension...of his fantastic pension, Means time's up for this scrounging postie man. ...etc.
  7. Albert Tatlock


    I'd write to my MHK about this ridiculous state of affairs and made up jobs...if only the post office wasn't on strike.
  8. Albert Tatlock

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    I think she'll win 217:130 ish.
  9. Albert Tatlock


    myprom.im? Should have gone for... overdesignedoverpricedoverbudgetoverdue.im
  10. Albert Tatlock

    Riots in France

    Just wait till they screw up Brexit this next few weeks.
  11. Turn to his page..1st April.
  12. Hey...annoying costs are on my hit list too.
  13. Albert Tatlock

    The 'Trans' Issue.

    Thanks. "New balls please" will never sound quite the same for me ever again.
  14. "Juan Watterson MHK was shot in his ceremonial robes" ...police have narrowed it down to 43,871 suspects.
  15. Albert Tatlock


    I thought Rushen's pie was called Juan. Pointless, Inept and Expensive.