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  1. We'll get our own Russian nuke specially aimed at us now...despite Douglas looking like one has already landed on it previously.
  2. At least it will be another question for the 'Pointless' question setters.
  3. He won't reform...he said so 2 months ago...declined a voted review.
  4. It's all about two career politicians.
  5. Given the bread shortage...probably they should best spend the last week baking instead.
  6. This obviously explains why religion and the lords prayer...'give us our daily bread' is in severe decline. Oh Jebus...help us Jebus.
  7. Think so...her son living at home till his 40s maybe.
  8. They can be used to advertise the new 3m pier..."Ramsey B.....y the Sea".
  9. Don't you know...running a £multi-millions health agency is just like running a hotel? ... ...Fawlty Towers.
  10. Yet another company ran into the ground by spoiled grandchildren. Business idea...come up with something everyone needs every day despite unemployment and recessions...and run it efficiently and keep your eye on the ball! Hardly rocket salad is it?
  11. I couldn't believe it when he made his mum the mayoress a few years ago. What the?
  12. Such a review this term was already rejected by Alf Cannan 2 months ago. 5 more years of even much worse to eventually have to sort out....with a lot of sudden pain.
  13. As was said many times by many people on here when Manx Care was first proposed...we all look forward in 5 years to the enquiry about why Manx Care was first proposed. Every 5 to 10 years we look into failing social care and health systems here...and learn...nothing.
  14. £70k...And they get hand rolled by a Cuban beauty too?
  15. How many people not employed by IOM Govt have even heard of Will Greenhow? ...probably not much less than those people employed by IOM Govt.
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