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  1. Government need to overturn this decision ASAP - like today.
  2. Come on people, be fair, he's only had a year so far 😝 Writing a Tynwald speech in crayon can take a long time!
  3. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/8-million-project-to-revamp-north-quay-shelved-after-planning-refusal/ Have you heard the bollox the member of the committee rambles on about in this news report? Complete stupidity turning down this proposal. Who the hell wants to invest in the island if they are up against idiots like this?
  4. Is that Peel Holdings shutting down Sheffield airport? BBC News - Doncaster Sheffield Airport: Holidaymakers 'devastated' after closure announcement https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-63032893
  5. I suspect we are seeing a lot of different and often ridiculous 'marks of respect' because, for pretty much the bulk of us, the Queen has been a reliable and stable constant for many, many years, of our lives. Suddenly she dies and everything changes for everyone...and it perhaps makes us all feel that little less mortal and react in many different ways. We now have Charles - For many older people, unthinkable only less than a few decades ago that divorcees could become king, particularly when in fairly recent history we had an abdication about the very same thing. We've lost some standards I think, maybe even a part of the British Isles feels it has lost part of its soul. Charles and Camilla have a lot to prove, to get anywhere near what we have lost.
  6. Reminder - Definition of a Scottish gentleman : someone who can play the bagpipes, but doesn't.
  7. Just be glad no one's going to be doing your vasectomy with one eye on the telly in the corner of the operating room.
  8. spoiler...you'll have to wait till monday.
  9. Was just comparing recent gas bills with a neighbour...she leaves her heating off but boiler on constantly for hot water. I leave mine off totally...only drawing hot water on demand. My £31 v her £90. Plus she has electric shower...mine's on gas. So basically she's been charged £70 for doing the dishes...keeping the boiler on!
  10. Don't bother...you already know how it ends.
  11. Chocolate keeps for months...the majority of the £1000's of goods prepared for this festival by other traders will last for only days or weeks at most.
  12. Disagree...getting old I always do my spelling and grammer checks on google...saves a lot of embarrassment at work - for which I'm eternally grapefruit.
  13. Never heard of that before.
  14. Coincidently, my Uncle Tony, arguably the world's untidiest and unkempt man, also died last week. His body is currently lying in a state.
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