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  1. Relax. Might be different next time...first time in a while.
  2. HTP. It's a Hypersensitive Transvestite Penis according to my search. Best advice don't touch it and call in an expert, if one even exists.
  3. Tony cares...he just eats Frosties.
  4. MRSA only came about when Barrie retired. He used to clean the health minister's house amd every hospital in Britain.
  5. Point is...MNH cost an unnecessarily large amount of money each year. Time to consolidate many of its activities...not destroy them...but put MHN into financial reality.
  6. Did the Castletown Highway Patrol get involved too? "Teenager admits stealing two cars and a bag of potatoes" http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=51783&headline=Teenager admits stealing two cars and a bag of potatoes&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019 .
  7. Jebus...two cables come out a hole in the building. People can use their imagination in Jurby. They don't connect anymore.
  8. Hardly. UK science and other train museums have them.
  9. You can live forever on milk and alcohol.
  10. As they won't likely be found there....try the 'food bank', 'Gis a job' or 'Best place to get your socks darned' threads.
  11. How many people would really be required to run it? 20 a day would be my guess. Just need to join ticketing, food, timetables and make it so. ETA: Jeepers...you could even sell helping running it as a holiday package to all kinds of people getting trained and certified (no pun intended) for 3 days and then working on it for the rest of their fortnight here. All kinds of people would snap that up and pay for the privilage. Need to pass tests though!
  12. Sensible realistic politicians dumped the Douglas to Peel and Peel Ramsey lines many decades ago - even in the days of very high visitor numbers. Time to get realistic again. Too many people living in La La Land these days milking the taxpayer. Smaller and more ecnomical.
  13. Indeed, which is why I mentioned 90% not all. So part of the discussion would have to involve shorter stretches. Up to Laxey and the mountain max for trams for example.
  14. You're being silly now. This stuff can easily be shifted to an exhibition somewhere else. As can lots of other things. No one is expecting Laxey wheel or the Tower of Refuge to be put in a warehouse in Jurby.
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