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  1. "Mr Quine, a former pilot..." Yeah, I suspect it won't be too long till he lands on his arse.
  2. It's a lot better than going there without it.
  3. The placebo group got to wear red outfits...the actual vaccination group green...and they all got beamed to the planet Zorg.
  4. Pot holes and potholes. I'm pretty sure the Derby Square/Road area has a lot of both - with quite a few arseholes living in the shit-holes that are the pot holes...often tripping over the potholes as they head home to their pot holes from the pub.
  5. Might I refer you to my previous post an hour ago? Facebook...innit?
  6. They do need to seriously police these 'returnees'. Especially those arriving weeks commencing Mon 6th and 13th in the build up to xmas. Two infected people out and about in those weeks could cause carnage and a lockdown in January...ironically when the vaccine starts rolling out. I can see that lockdown needing to happen all down to complacency. There's a £multi-million economy at at stake here Jan to March.
  7. He's just been caught doing what 80% of Facebook do and get away with...all inference. You can see similar with Trump's followers. Social media...the lynch mob...more nits than knitting this time around though.
  8. Lots of strange new faces appearing on island now. Only a matter of time IMO. Too many leaks to avoid a lockdown. I was talking to a German, a Scotsman and an Englishman new over today. No joke there though. Tick fuckin tock. ETA: Plus an Irishman now. All out at the pub.
  9. Anyone recommend a good current Sunday carvery?
  10. It'll certainly prove whether 'mummy and daddy love you'...that is if they haven't already moved since you went away.
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