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  1. There were a couple busking in Strand Street on a piano... ...across from this dog ...so maybe ask them?
  2. Now read his manifesto and let us know which of any points in there he actually achieved? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.marown.im/filemanager/Howard%20Quayle%202016%20Manifesto.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiZtpyMmJXxAhV0mVwKHXxTA_UQFjABegQIDhAC&usg=AOvVaw1sO2O7kQcZA67aPWtRUNnu
  3. Snap! ...McGee...Cannell...were private. Horrible people...I was convinced they had been trained by some evil ****er.
  4. Try being a teacher these days though - tough gig. All you need is one or two disruptive kids and the whole class can, and often does, go to hell in a handcart. No real power or even facilities to deal with it - and the disruptive kids know it. Like they say, it is easier to negotiate with terrorists than some kids. Worse still are some of the parents who don't even care, which is a major problem not to be underestimated. All damaging to teachers' mental health and the education of the bulk of kids. An innovative replacement punishment system is well overdue to protect the well
  5. Hmmm...if we are pitiful brainless loons - and he didn't even make that grade to stay on here - what does that make him?
  6. They will have results by now I suspect. Probably waiting until Boris cancels and use the genomic results to sh*t on us all at next Thursday's inevitable press brief.
  7. ...and ironically the prom looks better.
  8. 1st vaccine = 33% protection 2nd = 66%. They've not dented the 2nd dose yet of 50 to 59 yr olds yet - plus it takes 2 weeks for the 2nd dose to protect. That age group is large proportion of those suffering in UK.
  9. Who's boyfriend was it?
  10. The money's on him not going for it. Delta variant is doubling weekly.
  11. Just been on the BBC news... ...I'm on ITV 4 now, watching the Tennis.
  12. MIne was renewed 2 years ago - no part 2 and no address.
  13. Especially when it gets up to around nine candidates. It can be a bit of a lottery. Couple of good candidates lost out only by a few votes last time. Did DE get the best representation last time? Only time will tell.
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