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  1. Albert Tatlock

    Planning Appeals

    Especially since meters can vary by so much...
  2. Albert Tatlock

    Cut & paste

    Sacking is surely the only option?
  3. Albert Tatlock

    Plans for lord street

    Worra tit. Will probably fill his pub up every day.
  4. Albert Tatlock

    Looks like the burglars are back!

    A taxi driver said something scary to me. "That'll be 33 quid" Feck me...half that in uk.
  5. Albert Tatlock

    Looks like the burglars are back!

    Still think they were linked to some 'insider' at steam packet and/or airport last time. Not convinced this time yet...seems a bit amateurish by sounds.
  6. Albert Tatlock

    Basic Maths?

    Yet he only has a jacket worth £97 and £1 cash and still owes mum and dad (£2) £1 each...which totals £100. Accountants trick?
  7. Albert Tatlock

    Basic Maths?

  8. Albert Tatlock

    £400K to seduce immigrants

  9. Albert Tatlock

    Vision 2020

  10. Albert Tatlock

    £400K to seduce immigrants

    Most recruitment of skilled IT is done online these days. The jobs are already there. Work permits are no longer required in many cases. Recruitment people already spend thousands to advertise and all people need to do is apply. Skelly's job is to get the house prices down here, the infrastructure fixed and build up the leisure facilities and night life to attract people to stay here. And get the cost of living down. This spend is simply an admission of major failure on that front. Lots of people have come here from abroad and moved elsewhere within a few years, many that have stayed are struggling to afford to live here. The IOM recruitment model is bolloxed. ...simply because the island is run by spendthrift wankers who don't understand the private sector at all.
  11. Albert Tatlock

    The crash is coming.

    There's always a crash coming. The best way of coping is to buy your big purchases when they have just happened and plan your retirement between them.
  12. Albert Tatlock

    P.O Strike Begins.

    Roses are red Violets are blue We've gone on strike So fuck all of you
  13. Albert Tatlock

    Pubs closing

    No. Buy stuff and be allowed to let it rot? Just to get a financial result and win? When planning has said it's a pub not some private housing development. Forced sale. Brewery get the f**k out. It's a pub. Sell it as one and disallow any covenants.
  14. Albert Tatlock

    Liam Neeson racism controversy

    It's his own fault...explained it the wrong way. In these days of social media you really have to think before you speak. That's why we got Brexit.
  15. Albert Tatlock

    Pubs closing

    Yeah...time planners got a grip and did a forced auction. F*** these brew*** tos*** Times up.