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  1. Might I suggest using a knob lock?
  2. Not if he has been here longer than 5 years it ain't.
  3. Ask a stoopid question...
  4. Because the airport would rapidly become a left luggage depository, doss house, a nightmare for security, with queues at all facilities and lots more bored drunks. Airports are generally designed by taking into account the number of flights operating from them and the associated passenger volumes and processing times for those flights.
  5. Seems Ms Reynolds is hardly or ever mentioned...or even comments...these days. What the heck is she doing to earn her money or even keep that job? Especially given that supposed deficit.
  6. The high street pay a fortune in business rates and rent...and then the Corpy charge a fortune for parking. It's a no-brainer why businesses are closing down or moving out of towns. For many, it's their last stand against the internet. Traffic wardens - business prevention officers. Corpy...bunch of overpaid robbing spendthrifts, here to serve themselves not Joe Public. Some of the salaries in there even for the likes of secretaries are obscene.
  7. My Grandad has managed 80 years so far.
  8. They'll probably mop up 2000 customers just on the xmas party doo trail.
  9. Wow...appearing in blue is such a dream.
  10. The profits dont just work out at guests * no rooms* 365. Add restaurants, tax breaks, weddings, funerals, guests and all kinds of events youve not yet even imagined. A business that never sleeps.
  11. ..and prob £3m into the local community for food and drink supplies.
  12. Surely - detailed high def sonar, cameras, divers, sampling and other modern technologies can detect what is/what is not going on down there these days in fairly quick time? Though I know a good few divers that consider that many of the beds down there have been pretty much raped and dredged to oblivion these past years. No survivors.
  13. I think you probably meant cool there. ...though probably not very bright?
  14. Anyone know? Do Amazon deliver frozen goods to the island?
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