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  1. That's all the suckers paying for the American dream.
  2. Could be because DBC used to run the power station and Douglas Electricity Dept...equivalent of 70% of what is now the MEA.
  3. I highly suspect you're confusing advanced technology with the fact that most of our MHKs fathers should have shot their offspring into space.
  4. I'm sure your doctor can sort that for you...better still the practice nurse 😀
  5. At the last election, practically every manifesto had reforming government and affordable housing at its core...all forgotten again.
  6. At 25 stone...my XXXXL "Save the whale" T-Shirt gets me plenty of attention.
  7. Maybe consider wearing your favourite charity or cause 'fashion logo' instead and paying more for that then? That's where the 'vogue' money will be better spent....and not go to fat cats.
  8. I have never understood the stupidity of people paying a premium to advertise companies...just so they can be 'in fashion' with their mates. It's a sales tax on the inept...going straight to the brand and its shareholders.
  9. The unemployment rate might be 0.7% ...but the unemployable rate is a constant 1.2% Around 500 unemployable wastes of space on this island...at any one time.
  10. Too hard to dismantle though and don't fit through the drive through window.
  11. Not really for a bus that can turn on a sixpence
  12. Arguably, yes, it pretty much is rocket science.
  13. Alf will pay it all lip service...nothing more.
  14. Let's wait till the inquests shall we. There's more facts than speed to come out.
  15. Seen a couple of idiots driving buses in the past 2 weeks...one jumped the lights heading up Peel Road by the railway station...I was behind him and slammed my horn on as he pulled away with traffic coming down from Athol St...which he then pulled his window down and started shouting at! Another idiot this morning at Lord St...'not in service' pulls out without looking, then stops in the middle of the road with a lorry parked on opposite side...gets out...talks to another bus driver bavking up the traffic and then gets back in and drives off...and by railway station pulls out right into other lane not looking and turns down Railway Hill. Guess they've dug deep and found a lot of bus wankers to make up their shortfall.
  16. KFC - Kill a Feckin Chav - it'll be full of them for the first 2 weeks, as will be Peel Road and surrounding areas.
  17. ...add in the UK train strikes wow factor this week...and it's chaos. I've put off a trip this week.
  18. Having attended - these inquests are very thorough and will identify that information if it exists - other than apportioning blame on specific individuals or departments (which would be the subject of additional actions or courts if required). Inquests can often also result in recommendations (sometimes highly specific and technical) to minimise the chances of the same set of circumstances arising again.
  19. Reasons. We need to wait for the inquests before jumping to any rash conclusions.
  20. "Granny farming" is the more correct term 😀
  21. Hmmm....there may be something to this flat earth theory after all...
  22. Unless we get a high pressure system sat over the island for 2 weeks I can see this being quite a punishing schedule for marshalls. It's almost inevitable the weather will disrupt this schedule at least to some degree. Lots of wives and partners will not be impressed with this schedule also. We'll also likely struggle for marshals early and late on in the program big style next time. https://www.iomttraces.com/racing/page/2023-schedule/
  23. Most humans don't understand risk and probability. You can say the same for smokers, heavy drinkers and drug users too. Everyone is indestructible...until something happens to them. Similarly for anyone spending money on the lottery - 99.999% are overall losers over time.
  24. By the sound of him...obviously for copyright infringement reasons.
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