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  1. "fee for wood expected to rise by 199-percent" Jebus! - that's a lot - for 4 vodka and cokes. I hope they're not thinking of taxing chat up lines too.
  2. She'll be gone at the next 'election'. If you piss off 80% of the voters with the one and only thing most voters get ANY benefit out of having DBC - it'll be a cert.
  3. Joe Public and most of his employers were well trained to deal with inconvenience during the pandemic lock downs.
  4. Interesting...though I really don't know what a bunch of DJ's and a couple of talk show hosts would hope to achieve. 😛
  5. You can always tell which ones they are 😀
  6. How's the radar these days?
  7. We need some sensible people on the planning committee. Most of them are retired busy-bodies not even born here...trying to keep the island like it was the 1940s to 1970s. There must be at least 5 of us on MF that could do it. Our heritage is Viking...not Victorian tat. Even the Victorians cleared the old crap here.
  8. I was quite surprised to find out on a documentary this week...that when they found the Titanic, the top deck swimming pool was still full. After all that time!
  9. Going back to the early 2000's, most government consultations are worded how they want the answers. Many do not even include the right questions. Best to use the additional comments section (if there is one, which there isn't always).
  10. ...every cloud has a silver lining
  11. ooooh! ...that must be a tough exam. Q1: Are you happy selling out the island to import a load of old duffers who will downsize and sell up in the UK, buy all the first time-buyer houses on the island while blocking up the health service? Q2: Count to 5 Q3: Spell 'Gazump'
  12. ...or Rob C...naaaaah...shit.
  13. They didn't have coats either...which few people know is the real reason they went extinct!
  14. Mr Rob Edward CALLISTER CMgr FCMI MICA Dip (ITm) MHK HNM HNM...has no medals.
  15. We're definitely not getting value for money. My meter is only about 20cm wide so surely I'm due an 80% rebate?
  16. Tis true...like with many other industries we may eventually end up with one major regulated provider giant...ebay, amazon, facebook, google. ...probably Binance. Next 3 months will filter out several other small fish.
  17. Luckily I pulled out last November (year ago) when things started going south. Was doing some automatic trading with some scripts, but am looking for an exchange with much lower fees than Binance (was averaging 30 trades a day between various pairs). Binance fees turned the return of what should have been 90% with reasonable fees to 10% 😒 Plus of course several UK banks won't let you transfer money to Binance, though you can pull it out. Anyone know a decent low fee exchange to 'eventually' likely head to when this shit storm ends?
  18. Far too many lazy sods on this island taking up the slots that many old or disabled people need. They really need to reinvent their system.
  19. Been down for many days now - they say they are fixing a bug.
  20. Saw them advertising on facebook... ...no pic upload allowed in their comments section there though...so I'll post it here for Amadeus. Bins already nearly full after 1 week!
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