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  1. A lot of generals tended to do that in the first world war.
  2. Know what you mean...I gave mine up years ago as it played havoc with me piles.
  3. Isn't he in Battlestar Galactica?
  4. Killing trees? ...not for me...I can't stand the sight of sap.
  5. Boot is apparently negotiating Fri...I can hear his excuses for taking his eye of the ball to the electorate already...
  6. Health and care workers 100%? Find that hard to believe...there are at least a couple who are anti-vaxxers. What does the small print say?
  7. That's quite a selfish attitude when we have a large number of people who for a variety of reasons cannot take the vaccine or have not had it yet. Of course we have to move forward...but why didn't we wait till at least the schools broke up? Or even consider breaking the schools up earlier?
  8. The reality is though, with 2000 signed to visit in the first groups allowed back and UK infection rates running around 500 per 100K and increasing - then we are pretty much guaranteed that at least 10 of that group alone will be bringing it here with them - likely more as there will be couples and families travelling together infecting each other on the way. Add that to that the mix of schools still open and no social distancing at all here etc. and lots of people here still yet to be second jabbed, then I suspect we will be up to 300 cases relatively fast. I still think they went a month too early - I'd have waited till the schools broke up and far more of the over 50s (and over 40s) had been second jabbed - particularly not having any distancing rules in this interim period. The schools are where it will spread fastest.
  9. Pupil at St Ninians has it now...here we go. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/st-ninians-pupil-tests-positive-for-covid-19/
  10. Not permitted sorry.... ...overqualified.
  11. Sleep walking into yet another disasterous 6 weeks. They've done all this a month too early...all too many over 50s not even 2nd jabbed yet.
  12. In reality you're talking about 60 to 80 candidates for each general election. Where the heck does anyone start with that many manifestos?
  13. They clearly launched tonight.
  14. The bulk last time were declaring in May - nearly July now. However, I still think there are a few to come out of the woodwork yet...and Tynwald is yet to dissolve. The next few weeks with the borders 'open' will be interesting...could make electioneering difficult if we start getting hit with quite a few more cases (serious or not). Whatever people say, there will still be a lot of vulnerable people around who can't get jabbed who will be very wary - or people just wary generally - especially older people. That might even discourage some e.g. in their 60s from even standing. Interesting times.
  15. Especially when you're visiting the Netherlands next.
  16. Don't know why...considering he's a bit of a plank himself.
  17. You need to lookup the definition of homelessness.
  18. That was when he was in Special Branch.
  19. I thought it was about 'safe access' for a farm...not seen plans...is there another potential solution? e.g. access via another's land or connecting other fields and access etc.
  20. Luckily for you tomorrow the 5 year waiting list for appointments aligns with the 5 year waiting list for parking. You picked the best day for it.
  21. I'd support a car wash service with Bristols.
  22. They even have tablets for that these days.
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