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  1. Let's see the true running costs for this year, including all the extra overtime just to get the track in place this year.
  2. Ooooh...watch this. Or search 'Michael Jackson sidecar 360' on youtube if it doesn't rotate.
  3. Our sun will expand out too eventually. Before it does it will become so hot in 1 billion years that the oceans will boil off. So don't make any plans for that Wednesday afternoon.
  4. Mind you...you wouldn't want this guy near your nadgers during a vasectomy if he'd been smoking that shit in his break.
  5. Seems the talks with labour are faltering. Apparently Teresa May is now in talks with Manchester United on how to quickly get out of Europe.
  6. Total waste of time, money and probably a career. A warning would have sufficed.
  7. Don't worry. The school kids are helping chip in now with their bus fare money. Cregeen will probably get more of their lunch money off them next too. Seriously though, with people in pain waiting long times for hospital treatment...this all stinks.
  8. Onviously innocent. He was probably just telling everyone how tall Hitler was and pointing to where he lived.
  9. I bet your FBI badge is fake too.
  10. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/union-boss-slams-unprecedented-breaking-of-trust-at-ronaldsway/ Sounds like changes are afoot. About time too. Keep them coming... we're all fed up paying well above market rates for government workers.
  11. Albert Tatlock

    TT 2018

    He's gone very quiet these past 6 months. Which means his next major cockup is likely to be even more expensive than his last one, the one before that and the one before that too.
  12. Albert Tatlock


    Why were you wearing dog shit brown?
  13. I've experienced a lot of conflicting information about international driving licences around the world, coming from govt websites, car hire firms, worldwide AA equivalents and other websites. IMO it is best to get one. If there's anyway to attach blame or fault, including a technicality, someone will try.
  14. It's working. His voice is so whiney that only dogs can hear it.
  15. Show us again Mr Houghton...this time from the inside!
  16. Albert Tatlock

    TT 2018

    The report should be published, names redacted perhaps. Marshalls need some reassurance and clarity here as to liability and insurance etc. I remember the debacle of the 26th milestone incident in 2007 all too well.
  17. Since when did a 'saving' become an increase in fares?
  18. Liz needs to stand up and stick up for the 52% and dissolve parliament and sort this. That's it folks. Move on. What have we a Queen/monarch for otherwise? Come on Liz!:Sort it
  19. Time for Elizabeth II to step in now. No deal Brexit and start all systems up again.
  20. I put the Walker brothers on the juke box yesterday oddly enough. I think I'll put 6 Worzel songs on tonight.
  21. Excellent voice and tunes.
  22. These implied plans sound like at least £20m in stealth taxes in the making. Ironically, training locals properly, encouraging the right kind of industries, lowering house prices and the cost of living - instead of trying to add 30% to the population - are far more efficient and desirable solutions to reducing emissions here.
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