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  1. Load of selfish wankers in this thread that wouldnt recognise their own culture even if they'd tripped over it. FO back to where u came from...twats.
  2. Well...u say that...I've now gone from 50% manned wed to 120% manned sat (tomorrow) on the mountain. So bollox. ETA...head mountain for good cookin, racing and fry ups chaps!
  3. All this alledged negavity won't happen. If it came to a worldwide petition..it would end up 5.1 million to 0.2m to ban TT...wont happen. TT will go on at least another 30 yrs. Let's see after that eh?
  4. Actually it will be great. Mixed practice week...but pretty good race week is my prediction...bar the odd shit race day. One maybe.
  5. Stop worrying...500 people will arrive tomorrow...lots will sign up...we'll be sorted. Usual cry for help. Will be fine.
  6. Man! ...somebody actually turned up at the MR studio and actually said all that without actually laughing? A true comedian. Wow...respect.
  7. I suspect it's 40% which is why 10% of people in prison are innocent.
  8. QR code. Queue and Regret what you paid out.
  9. We spent the first night of our honeymoon at the Cherry Orchard...flying out next day. We ecperienced those same shivers too! But asked them to turn up the heating in the room and it was all ok then.
  10. Given the £millions some of them have pissed away over decades...some of the DoE should be doing 30 years.
  11. But he can say all this crap can't he. He can easily say it and get away with it because there's no election for 2 years. The only people that could possibly argue against it - can't - i.e. voters. No voters elected him CM anyway! He's the third CM in a row in a holding pattern...keeping govt salaries and pensions at 36,000ft...while the majority of the rest of us have to fly at 50ft dodging hills and trees. Just another bullshitter...dodging the real issues again. A big fat phoney!
  12. Ask what you want. People will just keeping paying you repeatedly...till they die. ETA...Ah thought you meant your stoopid name on here!
  13. Wasn't he one of the guys supposedly analysing business processes with a view to reducing govt staff numbers? That project worked out well...not.
  14. I was in court the other day...3 months for obstructing the QB roundabout and being overweight with 12kg of kippers. What! I said? 3 months! You should at least given me 6 months! I've seen the documentary.
  15. Odd. I emailed you all about it.
  16. That comment on there sums it up for me... "If this starts...make sure you bet on the Manx Lottery bonus ball each week. Anything involving Skelly delivers a bonus balls up every time.'
  17. Have you stopped thinking in retirement you plonker? Of course it will appear on the list...but not first. NOT FIRST. Wake up and read the post properly before you respond.
  18. Boils my piss that this is BBC headline news all the time these days. It's another country and most of us don't give a flying fig when people who live in that screwed up and broken country kill each other. British news first please.
  19. The idea should not be to have to give up and simply move away from manx.net. Serious pressure needs placing on MT. Hundreds of businesses, some govt depts and many many more individual users all use it - and of course have invested £thousands in business paperwork, signage etc. Manx Telecom should treat it seriously as it is one of those major holes in their business driving customers away. Don't just write on here...drop them an email...errr...ok...write to them.
  20. Ah...open university law defending yourself....I have an aleeby my lord...an aleeby!
  21. I'll be giving this series a miss. In the normal distribution it will be one highly intelligent outlier and everyone else under the 20% region taking part. This series will make us look a like bunch of idiots. Big mistake.
  22. The people and...er...the people.
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