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    Punk Rock 70s style , Roots Reggae & Ska Music , WW2 History , TT Races , Good documentarys .

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  1. This friday i will be doing a Reggae set at Sub Zero , covering early Ska , Roots , Dub etc , serious music to Skank to , deep Bass rythms , free entry 9pm - 1 am . Shaun
  2. This Saturday 9pm reggae from the roots to dub to ska .
  3. To compliment my Punk Night i am playing a Reggae set on Staurday 5th March , from Ska to Roots to Dub old & new , never listened to much Reggae come & have a skank , free entry open till ,late . Shaun
  4. I am playing a selection of Punk classics from the 70s at Sub Zero on Sat 5th March , Clash Pistols etc , done one prior to Xmas very well attended & good fun , come down for something different . Ta Shaun
  5. This Friday 9pm Basement bar free entry till 1am , a night of pur punk nostalgia , be there .
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLbyaNbhHdU . There will be some of this .
  7. Thanks Larna pity you are away but if you can pump it on Facebook etc will be good . Shaun
  8. I will be playing a selection of classic Punk tracks from the mid to late 70s at the Basement bar on Fri 3rd Dec admission if free & open till 1am , as said this is the Counter Cave Re - Union covering the underground scene of the time & featuring The Pistols , the Clash , The Jam , Crass , The Buzzcocks , Magazine , Wire , Iggy Pop , The Ramones , Television & many many more clssics from the era , spike up that hair dig out your bondage trousers & pogo down for a full on pre Xmas rip through time . Shaun
  9. Hi am doing a reggae ska night this friday at sub zero , playing anything reggae related Roots Dub etc etc , this will be on every last friday of the month , free entry , come & have a listen . Shaun
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