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  1. Thats the best I can do. Get jabbed you cunts. .
  2. Me ok hun..you stupid idiot. Check my post count and dates. If I post here.. from china.. telling ppl to get vaxed.. and they agree with me.. you hun.. are why I am posting.. you.. as in you... you need to fuck off.. not me... fucking you. full stop... you nutter cunt. If I am wrong... pray tell me why.. go on you fuckwad.. you tell me my I am fucking wrong.. go on .. tell me..
  3. ScotsAlan


    China Glad.. 12 years. I was 12 years in manx land.. many thousands of posts. Thanks for the welcome back 👍. Can I post here again...as a hobby 👍😂
  4. What I dont get.. boomers in their cheap houses uh.. telling their kids to buy cheap houses. Cos that helps put prices up..cool. Work hard.. learn to build.. put brick on brick.. 4 quid.. an hour. Your 4 pound an hour bricks are worth more in tax ....
  5. I hate the term boomer. But as a gen X.. accused of being a boomer.. feck me.. hard work. Gen X are semi boomers ?
  6. c, I shop in chinese wet markets. .. trust me.. get vaxed.
  7. Honest to fucking god. My daughter was a victim of chinese fake vaccines, then out of date vaccines.. google it. And there are idiots saying thats ok? Fuck me.
  8. And WTF.. STU peters is an MHK.. How the fuck did that happen. Ok.. we all saw geoff boot being a knob.. thats democracy. But manx anti vax... on MF... no fucking way. Let me set all the anti vax cunts straight...if you dont want it .. f you.. send it to us . 👍
  9. I have been asking for months.. jab me. 12 years in China.. jab me. Wife.. her job is to jab.. Sister in law.. her job is to jab..Me.. not allowed. Heart attack last year.. Blah blah. What the fuck is the issue. You knobs have free non political jabs. Go anywhere.. get a jab. Me.. not allowed. Cos china says no. Go get your jabs you stupid fucks..
  10. ScotsAlan


    Yup.. Fuck me.. thats fucking hard work to get a new password. I have no idea what it was..random taps... test post.. anyone remember me 😂😭🤬👆
  11. Such is the post truth age. Maggie took us post industrial, Blair and Brown took us post service industry, now Boris says just trust the posh ppl. We know best. Post truth. On the plus side, at least the conservatives have battled and beaten their own moral values to support the tax beak guy. Yeah... Corbyn Corbyn. Jesus.Corbyn No.
  12. Chinahand... I cant thank you enough for posting that photo.That was the 'I have the Brit baby photo' I suggested it is the we have a Chinese daughter who can change things.... daughter in photo can be brit anytime.. mom wants sooner than later.. I am happy with work visa. I want my daughter to change China, Chinese have no desire to change China
  13. Spot on China.We had good fights.. you anti party, me pro, but how things go strange. Everyone is still pro party here of course, but that is default. Massive anti west sentiment is on the go here. Has been for 3 or 4 years. It is helped by Trump and his fake news rhetoric Trump is mao to the power of 3. Does the red scarfe count. Fuck me.. so proud me when daughter got hers.. superb. I thought it would mean she could strut about with a cane, smaking ppl over the head. A lefties dream. Nope, it means 100% score is average.. an AAplus score needs payment to the teachers friend who has an afterschool. I am confused about protesters. How can they afford to protest? I get the point of 2 million ppl, same day, same time, lose a days wages. I would lose a wage for that But I would much rather be campaing in china against the houkou education system.. but I cant.. visa. But China... thanks for the photo. An awesome reminder of how solid MF is.
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