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  1. For why? For what reason should the poster move to the post brexit EU. As punishment perhaps? I dont get it. Why does acceptance of free movment mean the ppl who accept it should move to another place.. I dont get the logic of that.
  2. Good point. The star of Bethlehem can be explained in round thing science as being a supernova. In flat earth it would be a ....?
  3. It is officially banned in China for Party members. Even fox did not cover it. Anyway, the hunt comments are just an appeal to the US evangelicals and fox news.. If fox mentions it, trade deals with US to come. If Trump is jailed, Pence will pick up on the UK saving Christians.A win win throwaway comment.
  4. I bet men in sheds would have done it for nothing. A self supporting charity that makes a real difference.
  5. Ownership defines slavery. I have 9 slave goldfish and a slave turtle. I could set the goldfish free at anytime. They are native here and predate me by thousands of years. But the turtle, although smarter than the fish cannot be set free. Invasive species. Turtle must remain in my kitchen sink with sponges ziptied to his feet. But MY turtle, native to florida is a lot luckier flapping about washing dishes in my sink than the fashionable huskey dogs I see being dragged about in 40 degree heat in the summer. I have a mate here in China who runs a dog sanctuary. He rescues food dogs. Pm me if you want his detaiils.! But cats will never be slaves. Bloody cats :-)
  6. About 10 years ago, my first intro to MF was a 'Does God exist' thread. This stuck me today... how can there be any spoken history before the tower of Babel, and given that spoken language predates written, surely year zero in the biblical calander should be the tower of babel. When the earth was flat. What do you reckon? Nobody could talk to anyone.. so who told who about adam and eve? Fun question.
  7. Good point. Do democratic countries have the longest sunsets? Wonder how level earth explains that:-) And Alaska..
  8. And China has a single time zone, based upon beijing. I have mate who lives in XJ, far to the west. His time zone is about 3 hours behind the russian border to the north and the Afghan border to the west. If the flat earth denial is some sort of world wide conspiricy, led by Nasa, why has nasa not persauded China and Russia to have equal time zones?
  9. Sunsets here at 20 north are pretty quick. Last week, the sunset would start at 5:40, and the sun would be gone by 5:45. Now after the solstice, it starts at about 6, and is gone by 6:10. The length of time the sunset lasts will streach out from now to the equinox. At Equinox the sunset will start about 7, and be done by 7:30. I live in a land of very little twilight. Why does the IOM get twilight and I dont?
  10. Yeah. True story. I was asking my boss today(Chinese), about the new tax laws that start here on Jan 1st. I complained about how they were not understanable. The language made no sense. His reply...'China is a developing nation'. I pointed out the 5000 year civilisation claim. He said the first 4940 years dont count because we were a backward fuedal society. My boss is really proud that China is now launching rockets to the moon. Still waiting for answer about how lengh of sunsets vary according to lattitude. Should be simple to answer. It is for round earth.
  11. Merry crimbo all. China told all cadres that any 'merry Christmas' messages on their social media would be detected and reported. I sent every cadre I know a merry Christmas wechat. It all helps with their asylum claims :-)
  12. Found this.... https://www.popsci.com/10-ways-you-can-prove-
  13. In manufacturing, there is a thing called a BOM. Bill of materials. Big companies might have a supply chain that involves a half million ppl. Foxconn makes iphones, and employs 3/4 of a million people. Trust me..,secret chip number x0u5 would be spotted on the Bom. lets get real. lets estimate 3 million chinese working in telecoms. Each and every one of them can get a passport.. and maybe a visa. Indeed , I know lots of Chinese who are senior managers for companies such as flectronics and lenovo. Has a single one claimed asylum? Has the been spilled? Has a single line operator gone to Thailand on holiday and claimed asylum,because they were forced to falsify a BOM...to hide a secret spy chip? This spy stuff is nonsense. Its paranoid cold war crap.
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