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  1. Such is the post truth age. Maggie took us post industrial, Blair and Brown took us post service industry, now Boris says just trust the posh ppl. We know best. Post truth. On the plus side, at least the conservatives have battled and beaten their own moral values to support the tax beak guy. Yeah... Corbyn Corbyn. Jesus.Corbyn No.
  2. Chinahand... I cant thank you enough for posting that photo.That was the 'I have the Brit baby photo' I suggested it is the we have a Chinese daughter who can change things.... daughter in photo can be brit anytime.. mom wants sooner than later.. I am happy with work visa. I want my daughter to change China, Chinese have no desire to change China
  3. Spot on China.We had good fights.. you anti party, me pro, but how things go strange. Everyone is still pro party here of course, but that is default. Massive anti west sentiment is on the go here. Has been for 3 or 4 years. It is helped by Trump and his fake news rhetoric Trump is mao to the power of 3. Does the red scarfe count. Fuck me.. so proud me when daughter got hers.. superb. I thought it would mean she could strut about with a cane, smaking ppl over the head. A lefties dream. Nope, it means 100% score is average.. an AAplus score needs payment to the teachers friend who has an afterschool. I am confused about protesters. How can they afford to protest? I get the point of 2 million ppl, same day, same time, lose a days wages. I would lose a wage for that But I would much rather be campaing in china against the houkou education system.. but I cant.. visa. But China... thanks for the photo. An awesome reminder of how solid MF is.
  4. A shill, elected to office for the sole purpose of taking bribes.
  5. totally agree. I have an mate in xj who sends stories about shops closing every day. He cant buy petrol without his wifes ID card etc. 3 million at last estimated count. Fox and Breitbart love it.Suggest the west should do the same. Its not about sharia. Its culture, and sepratism. Good luck with finding an army to go fight a fight to let muslims be muslims. You know.. religious freedoom and all that. China is in the wrong. No doubt War.. ?
  6. I bet chinahand can find the photo of this girl from 7 years ago on his pms. Such was my respect for him at the time. If you find it China.. please post. Total respect to you fella.
  7. I am a straght down the line commie. I believe in it.. fuck off to China they said.. I did.Imagine my pride.. 7 years on from me sending you a photo of my new born..
  8. Chinahand. Do you remember 7 years ago, I pmd you a photo of my newborn?
  9. Chinahand.. I can get bbc via vpn. No idea about FT, but london stock exchange is not blocked. post some blue links, I will let you know if they open non vpn. The point I making is, the Mainland Chinese ppl dont care about the HK protests. It is totally blocked news, but those who do know about it dismiss them as uncle toms. They consider them race traitors. The only way to beat the west is to have a better way. A planned way. Yellow is right.. white is Devil.
  10. My wife and 7 year old daughter both have HK and Macau entry cards. As a family we could go to HK every weekend if we wanted to. The entry cards are automatic to GD houkou ppl. But nah..If I wanted to be treated like dogshit, I would prefer to pay the airfare to the Union in Castletown. The place where nobody marries below themselve.. get the point.
  11. But they have scored a massive victory against their own legco, and an even more impressive victory against the party. I applaud them for that. Fucking superb. Beijing is clueless in how to respond. They have never been beaten like this. Fucking superb. HK has the upper hand. It wins.
  12. But lets be honest.. HKrs hate mainlanders. I know. They call mailanders cockroaches. I dont like HK. My last trip their was 2 years ago altough its only 2 hours away. Officious entitled cunts, is how I would explain HKrs based on experience in HK. Dare I even say racist cunts..
  13. My mates wife, in HK, While this was going on, had no idea it was going on. I had a short chat with my chinese boss about it,showed him guardian articles on vpn. He said American propaganda. Foreigners trying to destroy China.
  14. Chinahand.. you need forgive me.. I.am replying wechat style. I know you understand that.
  15. But here is the brutal actual reality. A good mate of mine, a Canadian, lived here ten years in west GD is having a break from his chinese wife.. he is in the phillipines, his chinese wife is with GD family in HK. Been there for 2 months.
  16. Superb result in the other place. China does not know how to react apart from do an almost total web block. Twa million on the street. Twa being the scottish word for 2.. gotta be carefull of word combinatations behind the fire thing.
  17. We lost BBC earlier in the year. No prob. Then Breitbart went because they support Trumps tarriffs, then HK happened, again.First to go was wikipedia, then guardain, fox vanished for a few days.. Daily mail is gone forever it seems. CNN, off and on. But MF seems to be immune. I have to be carefull to avoid key words, posting here non VPN.
  18. Good call Chinahand. My posts from 2014 are gonna be a bit different from now. I am still in GZ.. on the outskirts. Thats an important point. I dont live in an expat enclave.
  19. Rather than a speed limit, how about a slight change to right of way laws? That is, if you are on a highway, making progress, and a 'thing' enters onto the highway, encroaching your passage on said highway, if you hit it behind the windshield, you are at fault. Its a blameshift thing. Right of way is the issue. It has taken precidence over common sense. It is my right to do 150mph round this corner.. it is your problem to see me as you pull out. I have right of way.
  20. I think its wonderful. And I totally agree with what Chinahand said. The protestor managed to get into a private (prob taxpayer paid) meal, shouted, and the MP threw her out. Good on them both. She went to disrupt. She was thrown out. What did she expext. The fact that an elected MP can be subjected to such a protester without the protestor being gunned down is a thing to be celebrated. The MP frogmarching her out.. superb...good on them both.. Compare that to the Mayor of Beijing visiting the town next to me a couple of months ago. Total shut down. Factories closed, production lost. All movement banned. That the UK can have MPs and other officials go for meals without an area police shutdown is a thing to be celebrated. He has to be allowed the right to defend himself. And protesters need to accept lines.
  21. Anyway. Page 3, and nobody has mentioned universal basic income. Automation needs a paradigm shift to address the corporate greed for short term gain, the search for low cost bases, skills required, reduced manual labour, and.. exponential population growth. Automation and AI is a self feeding technosystem. Cost down on everything. From the rare earths used in stepper motor magnets, to the cheap alumimium and other metals produced in automated mines. There will come a point where there is simply not enough jobs for everyone. High wages in the west for programmers will go, as India has already shown. 10 years ago, a five axis robot cost 60kGPB. Now thanks to cheap labour manufacturing tech, a copy of that robot costs 10k in China. But its not actually a copy. Its made to the same open standard. In response to this, companies such as ABB are making more sophisticated robots, that cost more, China and Taiwan (both China) are making cheaper robots, simpler. As a result, lets call it the Amstrad effect, required capital investment in manufacturing in the east is going down, in the west it is going up. Put it another way. Western companies are spending on 3d printers.. tip top of tech.. and charging top prices. Asia is making robots cheaper..Amstrad style. We need a worldwide universal basic income. Otherwise, we will see abandoned countries and humantarian crises as never seen. Lets toss in climate change in at this point. Ouch edited spelling.
  22. 'Automation engineer' is on my CV. I survived redundancies on the Island, am now in China, (guess what company.. dont say). I saw lines shipped from the isle of man, producing 12k product per shift of 28 operators, to the same lines in China with 50 ops making 7k a day. I was not involved in that to a great extent.. I am not a boss. But 3 years ago, I was involved in a new product design, my input was manufacturing techniqiues, and I proposed robots to assemble it. Its important to understand.. stuff has to be designed for automation. Forget Asimovs 3 rules. I can program automation and robots. It does what you tell it to. The last line I designed. 6ops, 14k per shift output. Kicking myself for not demanding loyalties on my patents. lol.
  23. Here is the thing for me Manxy. I sort of get the flat earth thing. Its a rebellion against 'clever people'. Its a stupid rebellion, but if anything, its a demand to simplify science so everyone can understand. But no matter how simple the evidence for round earth is presented, the flatters will get more and more wild. Their last defense being personal attacks. Lots of historical precidents for this. Mao was the same. Not a flat earther, but anti science. He feared the scientists, but he had the added problem of stupid superstision. The scientist problem was easy for him. He killed them. The superstision not so easy, so he got other ppl to kill them. I live with unreasonable superstition every day. From drinking cold water will kill you on the spot, to Ying and Yang hot foods and cold foods, eating cat in winter warms you, if you paint your apartment you need vacate it for 6 months, new mums cant wash for a month after birth, its unlucky to move a bed. Being of a scientific bent, I can recognise your anti 5G passion and slot it into my filing cabinet of superstision. In the top drawer of course. That is, she has a point, and some might be true. Not written off, needs investigation by other ppl. Clever ppl. Drinking cold water will kill you, thats in my bottom drawer. But yet I have had that said to me pretty much weekly for 8 years now. And I dont partake in cat hotpot in winter to keep warm. Think about that Manxy. If your MIL insisted you go eat cat in winter to keep warm, how would you react? Would you do as I do, and suggest buying a scientifically designed electric heater to heat the house rather than eat a furry animal on the basis that being furry, its warm? Anti science. How would you react, if you were in South China, temp 32 degrees today, 90% humidity, and someone told you that the iced water you were drinking would kill you on the spot? See the connection? So please keep posting manxie. Post your 5G stuff. Its easy to fully or partially debunk. I cant debunk deadly cold water. Apart from me not dying. But trust me.. my wife and MIL want that.. they just bought an ice maker.. the MIL cant wait. Ha ha. Note.. I said partial debunk..
  24. Thats amazingly unkind. I get this regular in online chats. Personal attacks I mean. Though in this case the target is John, it makes me wonder how you will attack me. Anyway.....as sort of promised Manxy, I passed by the road where they have been cutting back the trees, similar to the images you posted. I am normally on a bus when I pass, but tonight on ebike so I can take a photo, unfortunatly it is dark here. Last week, they were cutting the tops off the trees, so could be construed as 5G victims. But today, you can see the digging out has started. These trees are to be replanted. The road is to be dug up to lay a metro line. The point I am trying to make is, pollarded trees are not evidence of environmental distruction for 5G. This photo is straight from my phone, after cropping.
  25. My point Manxy.. you might have a point re 5G. But dont get hijacked by these knobs.
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