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  1. It's an example of a HNWI allegedly not paying for things, maybe learn to read between the lines?
  2. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/4-3m-vat-evasion-accused-in-court/
  3. Yes, because as we all know no one is ever murdered in America.
  4. Fairly accurate description of everything the leave campaign said.
  5. Welcome to Late Stage Capitalism, you must be new here.
  6. Considering she wasn't on the scene until after it was complete I'd say that's quite likely.
  7. I read that as meaning the Fire and Rescue salary is in addition to the Airport staff figure so an average of 61,327 per person based on 110 employees. Considering ATCO are on up to £80k with at least one on £90k according to current vacancies that'll skew everything higher.
  8. Another good point! People with vested interests will be upset so that'll make it even harder, just think how sad the NRA would be too and how will Trump cope with out the $20 million+ he's had in kick backs from them. Probably best to just give all school teachers a gun and hope they don't accidentally shot little Timmy in the head while trying to to stop an active shooter. Maybe they could use the process enshrined in the Constitution to make amendments to the Constitution like they did 27 times before, they've even used that process to add an amendment (21st) that repeals a previous
  9. This is a good point it's hard to do and wont stop 100% of gun crime so it's probably not worth doing anything at all. While we're at it almost all crimes still happen to some degree so we should probably just get rid of all laws because they don't stop 100% of crime, then at least we can save money not having a legal system.
  10. I've had a much less positive experience than this. Ignoring the abysmal service in store to sign up that left me sat for over an hour waiting to be seen. First day I got it set up was getting 28ish down 8 up which seemed fine, better than the, at best, 9 I get from Wi-Manx, but the second day I was down to 6 with pings near 200 and that's where it stayed all weekend. PvP matchmaking on Destiny 2 was taking 15-20 minutes on Friday night and on Saturday morning it threw up a "Strict NAT" error so put it in a DMZ to see if it was restricted ports issue, still had a "Strict NAT" but also
  11. From the AppleCare terms Weird as I currently have it on 2 iPhone 8s and a Macbook Pro, and had it on my last laptop and 2 iPhone 7s last year. Both laptops bought online, phones collected in store on launch day. I've never had to claim on it though so god knows if they would have honoured it or not.
  12. Maybe some one who needs to take high dosages regularly and doesn't want to spend half their life in Tesco? Assuming a prescription of 100 x 400mg tablets 2 to be taken 3 times a day, that's 50 doses or nearly 17 days worth of medication at 7.7p a dose. Want to do that through Tesco the most you can buy at once is 2 boxes of 16 x 200mg at 37p each, meaning having to take 4 pills at once to reach the same dose, giving you 8 doses or just over 2 days worth of medication at 9.25p (£4.62 for 50) a dose, now you might be happy enough to go to Tesco every other day potentially for the rest
  13. Yes. I use Ad Guard on iOS, which I believe is also available for Android although it needs side loading. Or you can use the Opera mini browser which has an ad blocker built in.
  14. LG G5 from Manx Telecom:£45/month for 2 years = £1080 LG G5 from Virgin Media: £26/month for 2 years = £624 Cheapest Manx Telecom Sim-Only contract £15/month for 2 years = £360 Return flight to Manchester = £69 Total = £984 Flight was leaving Thursday 1st Dec, returning Saturday 3rd Dec. Wouldn't it be simpler to just buy a SIM-free phone off Amazon? https://www.amazon.co.uk/LG-G5-32-SIM-Free-Smartphone/dp/B01CDZYXXE/ref=sr_1_4?s=telephone&ie=UTF8&qid=1479403327&sr=1-4&keywords=lg+g5 LG G5 : £400 Cheapest MT PAYG £15/month for 2 years: £360 Total
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