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    Regardless of what you might think, having a birthday on 31st December is really not that great!

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  1. ~~ HELP NEEDED ~~~ If you know anyone who purchased a Westie puppy on the Isle of Man in May 2013 (puppies would have been born at the beginning of March) can you please advise them to get in touch with Sally Ann Cracknell. She will guarantee absolute discretion. She can also offer practical help and advice. Her mobile number is 456567 and her email is scsallyann@manx.net. Thank you.
  2. Half baked and chaotic? At least someone is doing something about this awful situation. I know the know the girl whose puppy has died. She says she has received nothing but kindness & support from these people, bonkers or not. You're correct Gladys, it is the job of the MSPCA but they have not done it!!!
  3. I can assure you it has nothing to do with a personal dispute.
  4. We recently lost our 12yr old cat to illness and we are now looking for a kitten. We’re desperate to introduce our remaining moggy to a new kitten before she develops any delusions of grandeur and begins to enjoy life as an only cat! Please pm or comment if you can help. Thanks ='-'=
  5. That's them. I have never heard of them. I'm in the process of determining who passed on my details to them & have narrowed it down to two possibilties. Feckers! :/
  6. Yes looks dodgy but that doesn't explain how they get the bank details because company A would be breaching its licence by passing on the customer's payment details to company B. That's the biggest NO NO in the book. Absolutely. The company I dealt with has passed on my card details without my authorisation and without my knowledge. I have received a refund and have cancelled my card. Just waiting on confirmation which company it was that passed my details on.
  7. Never heard of them until I saw the amount taken from the account and rec'd the brochure. I never agree to 3rd party referrals or services when buying. I have received a refund but my goal is now to determine which company gave them my details in the first place. Just interested to hear if anyone has had a similar experience with them.
  8. Have you or anyone you know received a mailout from 'Leisure Time' and had an unauthorised amount of £99.99 taken out of their bank account recently? If so, please pm me or leave a comment. Many thanks
  9. Either you were not there or you are telling a damn lie. "The road closed itself as people didnt even turn down the street when they saw the people there" Firstly cars DID turn into parliament street, the narrow point by the crossing was the worst, are you completley stupid to make a comment like that. Cars even had to reverse back out of parliament street because of the bottle neck created. And it WAS absolutely the responsibility of the organisors to ensure safety and adequate crowd and traffic control. there is not a single excuse or reason to justify the complete shambles and total lack of organisation. I sincerely hope you are not either an organisor or associated with them if you think it is acceptable for a road to 'close itself', which it DID NOT! and if you continue to press this point i know of at least 5 other familes who have photographs of the cars trying to get through. If the commissioners were not the organisers, then they are totally irresponsible for allowing a bunch of unorganised 'business owners' to use their premises. Nothing to do with the organisers. Don't think it is acceptable for a road to "close itself" but fact is it happened and the majority of cars avoided the area totally. Not saying that it is right to put motorists in that position but for 20 mins Ramsey had a bit of a crowd problem and the whole world comes crashing down. The kids with me were held very tightly and were not allowed to roam. We were not stood on a road but on a walkway. Parents made their own choice to stand on a road. No one forced them and certainly no one advocated the roamfree attitude that some empowered their toddlers with. The situation was far from ideal but ffs a bit of perspective on the situation. My children were my responsibility. No one elses. I believe they are talking about a Road Closure Order for next year so lessons have been learned. They are not ignoring the fact there was a problem. Just dont feel a need to totally berate them for putting something on which attracted by their own admission more that the usual 30 strong crowd. Ok , so you say you are nothing to do with the organisers, DO NOT BELIEVE YOU, you seem to be aware of ‘beliefs’ very soon after the event, which would suggest you are in an inner circle of communication with the organisers, especially given how quick you could state these beliefs! And regardless of what you say, the ROAD DID NOT CLOSE ITSELF, that is actually a physical impossibility, to close a road you need human intervention (which there was none), but I digress. Also the organisers WERE absolutely aware of the potential turn out, a letter was sent home with the pupils of both primary schools, every day for a week! The children with me were also held close BECAUSE OF THE DANGERS ON THE CONGESTIOED ROAD, I agree parents made their own choices, but I’m damn sure they did not expect to be put in danger, which WAS the case. I don’t think there ever was a roam-free attitude; there was simply no choice but to use and stand on every square inch available. As for your ‘argument’ and I quote “ffs a bit of perspective on the situation”, you did not actually quantify that with an explanation of your point, so we can disregard that. Also looking at your contribution history on these forums, evidence would suggest you are of the same age, if not the same social circles as the ‘organisers’ Steven Bevan and Chris Blatcher, who were seen and documented as being the organisers of the event that night. Now Mr Bevan is an elected Ramsey Town Commissioner and also, I will be corrected if I am wrong, the secretary of the Ramsey Chamber of Trade (without actually having a publicly accessible business in Ramsey) so bearing in mind the Ramsey Town Hall was freely used as a focal point, my question is who exactly were the ‘organisers’ of such a shambles? You also say there is not a need to berate them on here for putting on an event. I disagree, there absolutely is, as the visible representatives of this failure of a public event, either Mr Bevan or Mr Blatcher need to be held accountable for the actions of whichever organisation they were representing. The RCT and also RTC and Rotary Club have completely failed in their civic duties with regard to Christmas events (and safety of events) in Ramsey, it is also worth noting that the only advertising banner to appear on the balcony of Ramsey Town Hall is, Britannia International, also the sponsors of the tree!!!! do they really want to be associated with such a failure?, I would suggest that you communicate a ‘belief’ that the people of Ramsey feel let down by the organisation of Christmas events this year and it really does not instil confidence in other things they do. If the elected representatives of Ramsey and also the business owners truly listened to what the people of Ramsey expected and wished for, there really would not be as many pointless vanity projects. This is beginning to sound more and more like a personal attack on Mr Bevan & Mr Blatcher. If you're so upset and disappointed by these events, will you be first in the queue to help organise future events in the town? Who knows you might even do a better job! Are you up for the challenge?
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