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  1. You know full well that I have already posted many examples of the cruel treatment of farm animals on a different topic. Ok lets take chickens ? Chickens are very friendly and intelligent birds, and birds have wings, which have been designed by nature to unable the bird fly and be free and enjoy the daylite and sunshine and fly amongst the clouds , yes or no? So why do keep the poor birds imprisoned in almost total darkness and in really cramped conditions were there unable to barley move about, let alone fly, and as they get little or no excercise and are actually drugged to increase unnaturally massively in weight there legs become so weak ect they oftern become deformed and crippled ect and have to lie down to burn in agony in there own urine as there unable to get up again!!! Chickens are also debeaked causing severe pain at the time and the pain may last for weeks or months after this despicable procedure. But this is only the beginning of there nite mare lives, which can only be campared to being in hell !!! When they are brought to slaughter they are hung up on metal rails and hooks by there legs, which if they weren’t cripped before, there legs are snapped onto the hooks and legs broken, then there torture continues to the next stage, the little birds are dipped into scalding hot water to remove there feathers and they are quite oftern conscious through out this horrible and agonizing procedure., there nite mare finally ends when there throats are slit and even then its not always an instant death sometimes there are in agony for hours before they finally die! THIS TREATMENT OF INNOCENT LITTLE CHICKENS IS ABSOULTLY AND TOTALLY ONE OF THE MOST DISCUSTING TYPES OF ANIMAL CRUELTY AND ITS BY THE FARMING INDUSTRY !!!!! Id asked anyone who has an interest in learning more and to help prevent animal cruelty to check out this site site www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com oh and while im on here this evening enjoying a nice glass of wine, was just about to say and having a nice fag to untill i remembered i dont smoke anymore lol But I wud greatly appreciate it if other members of the forum wud kindly refrain from there unjustified critisism and verbal abuse ect towards me!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trolls have tried to bait me before, many moons ago, and they couldnt prove me wrong then and they certainly cant now! Im much more clever and wiser than they, u see? !!!!!
  2. o please do give on island exsamples of this monstrous cruelty. i await your speedy reply. Saved me the effort When I read it earlier I almost hit reply and entered rant mode... Yes, I would be interested to hear about such cruelty. Certainly it is cruel to use animals for food and milk and the UK treatment of animals is often very dreadful (especially in intensive farms), but 'unimaginable cruelty'? If i was to post all the "unimaginal cruelty" towards farm animals on here, I wud be doomed here for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (deleted the rest of what i wrote) Will have to come back to this later ! But thank goodness there are light workers amongst us !
  3. Assuming this was directed at me - I take no "medictaion" whatsoever for anything! well apart of course, for a little glass of wine now n then! Well gone are the nites of the cider and the accociated "crazy" rants lol, (sorry ! ) but i was only telling the trusth, just like i allways do! ! Have to be honest, the cider DID get the better (or worse) of me, it did! Ive been there done that tho, soes im now in a strong position to help others ! But yes the police have a difficult job and are needed to help those who need help ect, however I stress this again, they sumtimes over step the mark and take things into there own hands when they dont have the full facts ! When they themselves commit wrong doings or mistakes ect (they are only human like the rest of us!) they seem to be Immune to any redress ect Writey o, must go to the other topic of were im needed most ! least im not banned from the forums YET!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. lets not forget that the police shot dead an innocent man and its this that triggered the riots and objections? Theres to many incidents these days of innocent people being killed by the police! The looters were mearly taking advantage of the situation they found themselves in, free goodies for one and all, they were mearly follwing the examples set by the goverment ect who did themselves "steal" when they ripped of tax payers money when making there greedy and oftern illegal expenses claims. Tis theft in much the same way as the rioters / looters were commiting theft! I put the blame for these riots firmly on the door steps of those who goven our society ie the goverment who have created an unfair world which created that what was created! Well im off now, nitey nite!
  5. The treatment of farm animals and the practises within, is in general, absolutely monstrous and completely engulfed in unimaginable cruelty and suffering for the poor animals! As for the transportation of these poor animals from the isle of man to the uk , its just absolutely disgusting, the animals suffer terrible stress and suffering in transition, Its totally unessacery!!! If I was a farmer, and thank goodness im not, but if I was, Id hang my head in shame!!!!!!!!!!!!! I listen to the farming today radio program sumtimes on radio 4 , about 4.45, and the farmers are utterly shamless in the way they talk about there treatment of the animals, its as if there treatment is “normal” when it is in fact nasty and cruel ! One farmer was trying to move a little lamb into a paddock but it was confused and didn’t know what was be asked of it, so the farmer screamed and shouted “get in there you fucking little bastard” and booted the little lamb full force and smashed its tiny bones and little leg and crippled it! Apparently this scenario is commen practise and most seem to turn a blind eye to it! Farmers in the cattle trade food industry make my skin crawl, really creepy and cruel !
  6. Thanks for your kind thoughts here! But I have to say to certain other members of the forum who have posted here, that I dont think its very nice to make jokes and crule jibes ect about someone who has just died in such tragic circumstances! Its quite shamfull even by the very very low standards we have come to expect from the isle of man forums!!!! Yes of course she should of stuck wiv rehab ect but its sometimes not an easy thing enter and stick wiv ! It can be a complete nitemare to control such a strong addicition such as alcohol addiction!!! But I echo Gladys thoughts entirely (never thought Id say that! ) Amy wine house was a truly amazing talent, her voice was just breathtakingly beautiful!!! She was of course actually so creative and talented she found it quite difficult to cope wiv such an inner sense of her own beauty, and so she turned to drink and drugs for help and comfort ect! . She will be greatly missed here on earth, but she has now gone on to start her next life! Amy winehouse R I P !
  7. Spook Its not strickly nessacerry for me to answer your query ref comparrison of fishing and blood sports,assuming your question was questioned towards me! You have in effect answered your own question yourself ! What a cop out! Ive never "coped out" of any discution on any forum EVER! Its quite unheard of!!!! Dispite what people think of me and dispite the horrible lies told about me, I am a man which is 98.9% honest and I possess a great deal of interity in abundance!!!! (sorry my spelling has completly and utterly deserted me at the momnet! ) I say things or become silent for a reason! There may or may not be a great deal of difference between fishing for food and rearing of animals for food in absoultey monsterously discustingly cruel ways as they do within the farming industy!!!! I have of course been in touch with the RSPA about the way farm animals are treated!!! But the truth to ones own query is found within ones own question and answer!!!! !!!! MEAT IS MURDER!!!!!!!!! - MORRISSEY
  8. Spook Its not strickly nessacerry for me to answer your query ref comparrison of fishing and blood sports,assuming your question was questioned towards me! You have in effect answered your own question yourself ! Awwww akitas Declan? Of course people are welcome to bring them to the fun fair! Akitas love the fun fair just as much as people do! And the kids have a really good time too! Akitas just LOVE children! The Japanese akita is the most loyal breed of dog on earth! I kinda like bull mastiffs aswell there kind little friends too ! Thanks snipaer for your message, your to kind you really are! Its not normally the kind of feed back I get on forums, its quite unheard of! soes its most welcome ! Ps No ive not gone off to use a spell cheacker, from now on im not going to use one! Its totally unessacerry!!!!!
  9. Im unable to answer this at the moment, perhaps someone else may do so! but I will be back shortly !
  10. There's only one person on here who appears to be mentally ill midnight, and it ain't Minxie !! (and please buy a spellchecker, it's bad enough reading the insane ramblings of a lunatic without having to put up with appalling grammar, spelling and punctuation too). [size="4 Im trying to get of the forums as I need to do somthing VERY important! No Im not buying and using a spell checker, not at all, in fact im going to make MORE spelling mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edited this post as some of didnt make much sence, not even to me! ![/size]
  11. Yep I agrea! I do! Im not really liked on here, a bit outspoken for my own good, I know, but I do do it for a reason! But asking for help is a brilliant thing, people have a natural tendancy to help others! Ive asked for help before when I had no one to turn to and I was offered so much! but what else can ya do but to eccept the kindness LOL Thing is tho one good turn will ALLWAYS be returned by another good turn! well its mearly karma !
  12. Ive mearly made the observations minxie that bull fighters and fox hunters share the very same characterists and traits as phycopaths assuming if you accpet my difinition of a phycopathy, the origins ect of blood sports is actually irrelevant! The bull worship and sacrice (even tho was terribly wrong) is NOT what mordern day bull fighting is about! The modern day bull runs is purley for killling for pleasure, thats it, its nothing to do wiv any relgious sacrifice which wud try and excuse this tourture . Im not to familar wiv hinduism, I mainly study, practive learn and teach, Jeet Kune Do, and healing therapies (in all its many forms, wiv the asistance from those from the other side and from those on a higher level and wavelenght here on earth! ect) But yes the habit of eating beef is barbaric due the way cows are kept within the farming industury and killed in the abitior, its causes unessercery sufferng wich cud be avioded, these animals suffer terribly thru out there lives, forcebly kept pregnant so forced to produce 4 or 5 times the natural amount of milk they wud noramally produce. Excess feeding is forced on cows to produce 60 lites of milk per day Cows are naturally designed to produce about 15 litres per day . Cows would naturally calve every 2-3 years. Dairy farms artificially inceminate them every 11 months to keep them pregnat to produce milk Hormone enriched feed The feed they are given is enriched with artificial growth foods. these are always made with cattle meat protiens. All bulls are killed at 1 week old. They do not keep any back for breeding as they bring in new blood lines. In the UK we don't use dairy bull calves for veal anymore. killing the cow at 7 years old Cows can naturally live to 20 years old. Production dairy cows are killed after 4-6 births so are never kept after 7 years old. Dairy cattle have been bred to have grotesquely large udders to increase milk production and these udders comenly get mastitis a painfull condition. Calves are taken away from there mothers at birth the cow screams for weeks wiv the yearning for its lost baby. This is mearly the tip of the ice berg of how cows are kept! You decide, is this right or wrong? Yes of course declan ,, all rights of people and animals alike should be honered and repected, no one should have to remain in an unhappy marriage, of course they shouldent! thats what im saying!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the seperation ie divorse, should be done for the right reasons, the truth, NOT because of LIES in court! Sorry about the spelling mistakes, not used a spell checker this time!
  13. And just to add, seeing as its been touched upon, yes bullfighters and fox hunters ect are indeed mentally Ill, they are basically, by definition, psychopaths who have an immoral desire to inflict pain and suffering, combined with a lack of any empathy towards another living creature! These people need help to ! Going round slaughtering beautiful and innocent animals for nothing other than sadistic pleasure, its just WRONG!!!
  14. I can fully understand accpet and agrea declan, that mental Illness can result in unreasnable behaviour, however as john write has rightly pointed out, mental Illness itself is NOT unreasnable behviour and is not grounds for divorce! I do not accept in any shape or form that unreasable behviour caused by a mental Illness can be classed as "unreasnable behviour" and be grounds for divorse on such grounds! If the mental Illness is causing the parter great distress and suffering ect then yes the mental Illness is grounds for divorse but it should have a proper title, ITS NOT UNREASNABLE BEAVIOUR!!!!! I fail to understand how an illness not of ones own choosing, such as alcoholism for example which is a form of mental Illness and the affects to others of this Illness can be labbled "unreasnable beaviour" by advocates and the court!!!! People with mental health problems, alcoholisim, drug addiction, depression ect are very oftern treated with the utmost disrepect by the police and in legal cases and are given an unfair ride in court, and its just not on anymore!!!!!!!!!!! These people with mental health problems are Ill and need help NOT punishments !!!!!!!!!!!!
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