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  1. Maybe a more definite reply as to what you mean?
  2. I am convinced now! Big time! I am out as well.
  3. Manx_Mus


    Time to move on. Thanks for everything.
  4. Old... is what your pointless threads are quickly getting. And you still keep on reading them and replying.
  5. Manx_Mus


    Yes. Kind regards, Manx_Mus
  6. This true but it does not mean you should or must jump. Grab onto the foundations and pull yourself back up. Stop dangling.
  7. How old is old and what is young? I have been wondering a bit about this question for some time now. I mean how do you measure this and from what perspective should one begin?
  8. Yes. Has to do with birds flying as well.
  9. No problem just beware of the calories in a coke.
  10. No.This is about diet and obesity.
  11. That is almost exactly what she said. How on earth did you know?
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